Genshin Impact is filled with many quests and hidden areas, including the closed area of Sal Terrae. When you reach the location and communicate with the gravestone there, a note appears: The salt seals the ruins inside, no one can enter without an invitation. So how you get hit at Jenshin Impact by Sal Terrace Seal? We’re here to answer that question. In this guide we give you detailed instructions on how to get to Sal Terrae.

Before you go into the guide, there’s one thing you need to know. There’s no legal way to enter a restricted area. However, if you wish, you can do this by using the glitch found in the game. Beneath the sealed area there will be two coffins with common rewards, and nothing special. So it’s up to you.


How to get from Sal Terrae to Genshin Impact

There are two different ways to get under Sal Terrae’s seal on Genshin’s impact. One with Venti or Bennett with their basic skills, and the other with each character in your team. We’re going through each of the tracks separately. With Venti or Bennett you’ll be underground faster than the other way around.

Either way, it’s obvious you have to come to Sal Earth first. The area is located southwest of Mondstadt or south of Dawn Winery. The exact location of the sealed area is on a small island, marked with a blue circle, the seal. The assistance is provided as shown in the figure below.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

Use of Venti or Bennett to seal under the seal of Sal-Terrae

With Venit or Benette, you can use camera mode to print. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Long press for basic skills
  • Escape the skill immediately after casting.
  • Switch to camera mode and activate the Character Hiding function.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

  • The camera will be covered by the seal

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

  • Wait until the camera is under pressure and then turn off the cover.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

That’s right, do it, and you’ll be approved by Sal Earth.

Use any font printed by Sal Terrae.

Once you have a hero on your team, go to your place and follow the instructions below.

Climb the rocks east of the seal and pass Fake Mountain.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

Now go to the east side of the seal and find some rocks. Climb the rocks to reach the top. At the top of the rocks there will be a mountain. As you approach the mountain, you will find cracks that are easy to penetrate.

Use a seed to go under the seal of Sal Terrae when you encounter Genshin.

If you find a crack beneath you, use the Stone Orb’s power if you have a hero. Now all you have to do is use the ball made of stone to go underground. Or you can keep trying to get into the crack.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

Keep going down until you find a triangular slit in the stone wall. Climb and slide down until you find the water area. Once you’re on the surface of the water, turn around to see another such area. Go to this area and walk to the rocks at the other side.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

Find another piece of water around the rocks and swim in. At some point there will be a mud wall, we’ll jump over it and climb to the top. You’ll find several pillars now, just climb them to get under the waterproof zone from Sal Terrae to Genshin Impact.

How To Get Underneath It (Walkthrough)

That’s all, if all you have to do is plunder the treasure chest to get the reward you deserve after such a journey.

Now you know all about how to get under the seal of Gesnhin Impact Sal Terrae. So go out and collect rewards, but make sure you always have the endurance bar at its maximum. However, you can read our tutorials here to get the different elements necessary for fast progress in the game. Where you can find bird eggs, a small lawn light and Jueyun peppers, you can read about Genshin Impact.

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