Inside the Vault: January 2021 Updates

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Welcome to the warehouse! This week we’re introducing a new video we’ve created to let you know about the inventory improvements that will be made on Tuesday with the next game update. There are also ingame events this weekend where you can get double XP and some bonus caps! Read on for details.


Tuesday, November 26 In January, we plan to release our first update of the year, which will include several quality of life improvements in the area of inventions. If you want to refresh your memory about the changes being made, we’ve created a video detailing the changes to the game so you can stay tuned before next week’s update.

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In addition to the improvements we’ve already shared, we also customize the outlines that appear when building your C.A.M.P., shelters or workshops. In the future, when you find the right place to place an object, its outline is displayed in light blue instead of green. This should help some of our colorblind players more easily distinguish between valid and invalid placement when building their latest and greatest C.A.M.P. creations.

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Then we read many of your comments about the frequency of rewards for high-level daily work. We want to make sure your efforts are always rewarded when you complete the daily task fast enough to reach the senior level, so we are making changes to ensure this. You can still only reach the Elder level once per day, but from now on you will receive a reward from the rare reward pool each time.

If you’re playing Fallout 76 on PCs through, you still have a few days to get familiar with these improvements on the Public Test Server (PTS). We expect the PTC to be operational on the morning of the 25th. January, so log in, take a test and let us know what you think on the PTC forum.


This weekend we’re going to have even more fun by hosting a few in-game events to get you ahead faster and get extra caps from the vendors along the way! Over the next few days, Double XP will allow you to earn double experience points during your adventures in all game modes.

At the same time, we are hosting a Caps-o’-Plenty event, which doubles the number of caps available from Appalachian suppliers from 1,400 to 2,800 per day. Vendor ceilings are reset in real time every 20 hours. So be sure to move the extra equipment and items you find at your nearest dealer each day this weekend to build your pet collection. Check out the event schedules below to collect as many XPs and ceilings as possible.

  • Events : Double XP in all game modes, plus double the usual daily vendor caps.
  • Start time: 12 hours. AND 21. January
  • End: 12 hours. AND 25. January

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Send it to the vault: January 2021 updates for Fallout.

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