Immortals Fenyx Rising Review – PS5

Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of those games that come out every hundred years. A game that has nothing to complain about. At least for the PS5 version. I think it’s sad that Fenyx Rising came out then and that Ubisoft didn’t invest a lot of money in advertising. Of course, we knew it was there, but in the end, this game isn’t the right time. Although it was released a week ago, it will inevitably have to compete with all the hits of November, and the 2077 edition of Cyberpunk is enough to reduce sales. Let’s get to what most people miss.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open and functional role-playing game that essentially resembles a caricature. Personally, I don’t go for games with this look, but this game has taught me that I can’t use it anymore as an excuse to convey the game. Fenyx Rising may not have the realistic look that I normally want in a game, but everything about this game captivated me from start to finish. With elements from games like The Legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter to name just two, this game provides an ideal environment with simple gameplay mechanics that become a little complicated over time, but the transition is simple. The rebellion of the immortals has a great history, told in such a way that interesting things are preserved. You can concentrate on the main task, but there’s so much to do and you’ll find it easy to get distracted and do some side tasks along the way.

The story was originally told by the Greek god Prometheus. He tells his brother Zeus the story of the phoenix. Throughout history, the gods talk to each other a lot when they see you playing from above. I thought it was a funny story, well told, and it had a great ending! I mean that the ending can be difficult and sometimes quite normal, but this game has a great ending. I loved it, and it was a surprise for me because I didn’t expect to have so much fun. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Graphically, this game is great. Nothing to complain about. The artistic style chosen to create the world and the characters fit well with the story and the way it is told. It’s a game you can take seriously and have fun at the same time. After all, the cartoon style gives the game the charm I wanted so much, and I don’t think more lively action would make the game better. The sound in this game is really good. The music that is played is often adapted to the scene. When I played in an open Greek world, full of mythological creatures and mysteries, I often felt that my personal orchestra was being treated. I often noticed that when the music was playing, it caught my attention, and sometimes I thought it was relaxing. The sound effects just seem great. They’re pretty tenacious, and I haven’t noticed any delays or distortions.

The game doesn’t have a multiplayer option, but I don’t think that’s really necessary. This game can compete well with the others without the need for an additional optional mode, but I think that the co-op would be a great option. It would have been nice to end it all with a friend, but it’s good enough without him. My first walk lasted 38 hours, and I couldn’t complete all the secondary tasks and puzzles.

The puzzles and side missions are a bit repetitive and a bit frayed, but there is no reason to complain. Each puzzle has its own kind of clue or answer, and sometimes it is so simple that it can be difficult for you to solve. Sometimes they really make you think. Every test has a reward, and it’s fun to do them. This is victory here. The Skills and Weapons Update offers a reasonably robust menu. You can choose between sword, axe, bow and divine powers in battle or upgrade. Different weapons have different advantages, but what I like is that if one axe has advantages that I think I should use, but another has a soft skin that I want, I can match the skin of another axe that I already have. Have I made things too complicated? I think I can say it better than that, Lol.

I must say that if I had recommended the role-playing game that we have now, it would be the Immortals of the Phoenix Rebellion. I can easily score this game with 10 out of 10 points. I don’t often give up such a prestigious result, but I can’t ruin this game. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed it. My 13-year-old son loved it. It’s a game designed for every real gamer who still loves to play games for all that should be fun!

Have you ever played this game before?

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