10 Videoslots inspired by famous video games

10 Videoslots inspired by famous video games

Video game enthusiasts can be found among workers in various industries. They often transfer this love to the projects they are working on. Thus, more people learn about their favorite game. This trend has not spared the gambling industry either. These industries are quite closely intertwined, so it is not surprising that many slots are based on well-known gaming titles. We offer you a look at ten video slots, the creators of which were inspired by video game masterpieces. 


This slot was launched in 2006, right after the release of one of the best games in the series Blood Money. It is an official slot developed by Microgaming under the license from Eidos Interactive. In-game symbols include the murder weapon, the game’s logo, and 47 himself. When the feature is triggered, an animation starts with frames from Blood Money.

10 Videoslots inspired by famous video games

Although the game was released a long time ago, it still looks good and can please the Hitman fans.

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

In 2020, the most popular developer of online gambling games, NetEnt, released an excellent slot based on Street Fighter 2. It instantly gained wide popularity, playing on the nostalgic feelings of gamblers. Those who played Street Fighter in childhood on an arcade machine or console can now see their favorite characters in adult entertainment. 

Just like in the original game, here you can choose who to play as. Each character will launch unique features during the game. The developers have not forgotten about the car smash stage as well. 

The slot is released under the official license from Capcom. 


If you grew up in Europe in the 90s, then you probably know this cute troll named Hugo. He first appeared in Denmark as a cartoon character in a unique TV show, where viewers could control him in the game using their home phones. The show became an incredible hit and quickly spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. 

In 2016, Play’n Go company brought its fans back to their childhood by releasing the slot of the same name. The game looks very cute and has been warmly received by the fans. In addition to Hugo himself, there are other characters in the slot: the witch Scylla and her minion Don Croco. 

Zuma Slots

If you are an experienced gamer, then you are probably familiar with the puzzle game Zuma. 

Based on this game, in 2015, the Gamesys company released a video slot. Just a standard slot that doesn’t have much to say about.

Worms Reloaded

Apparently, in the Blueprint company, which released this slot, someone is a fan of the Worms franchise. We cannot explain the fact of choosing this theme for the slot in another way. 

But in 2016, the slot was released and was well received by the players. It has a colorful, cartoonish design and many attributes from the original game. Plus, you can win a good jackpot here.

Plants vs. Zombie: Wild Gargantuar Slot

Another adaptation of the video game franchise in the form of a slot from Blueprint. And we have to admit the adaptation came out great! It has great graphics, a bunch of unique animations, and a lot of attributes from the original game. The bonus levels of the original game have been perfectly adapted to the slot’s features, and a progressive jackpot has been added! Perhaps one of the best slots based on computer games.

Tetris Super Jackpots

This slot was jointly released by Tetris Holding and slot developer Bally in 2018. The design of the slot mimics the appearance of the late Tetris games. The main feature of the game is the Tetramino feature. Thanks to it, the playing field can randomly expand upward, as if imitating the growth of your structure, as in the original Tetris.

Many people can easily find out which game Top Trend Gaming was inspired by when creating this slot. It was released in the wake of the popularity of the latest game in the Legend of Zelda series: Breath of the Wild, in 2017.

The design of the slot uses many easily recognizable attributes of the series: rupees, triforce, and master sword. And although this slot was not released under the Nintendo license, it looks much better than many licensed slots.


The legendary MOBA also has its own slot version. It was released in 2019 by SmartSoft Gaming. If you do not intend to let go of DOTA even for a second, then this slot is for you.

10 Videoslots inspired by famous video games

The design of the slot is very colorful, and the characters are familiar to all the heroes of the game. 


One of the most popular arcade games in the world is now available in slot format. This is a very colorful game developed in 2020 by Triple Profit Games. The slot immediately attracts attention due to its unusual perspective, which creates a pseudo-3D effect. Among the symbols, you can find ghosts, Pacman himself, and various fruits. We definitely recommend it to all fans of the original game.

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