How Bingo has Evolved in the Online Gaming Space

How Bingo has Evolved in the Online Gaming Space

Once among one of the most popular social games to play at the weekend in places like the UK, bingo has since evolved from its venue-based roots to a widely accessible online platform. Now, the virtual bingo rooms can be as packed, if not more so, than the classic halls.

However, the online bingo experience isn’t merely the game of numbered balls that rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s; bingo has evolved tremendously. Utilizing the range offered by being internet-based, the evolution of bingo has led to it being more expansive and innovative than ever before.

Here’s what to expect if you fancy a round of bingo online.

Expanding into New Themes, Prizes, and Jackpots

It used to be that bingo’s range constituted a different number of balls, often 70, 80, or 90. Now, bingo for real money online ranges several themes ticket prices, and some have jackpots attached. The Crystal Room, Cash Cubes, Deal or No Deal Bingo 90, the Diamond Room, and Rainbow Riches bingo all vary not just in the number of balls, but tickets range from 0.05 to 0.50, and jackpots climb well into the thousands.

How Bingo has Evolved in the Online Gaming Space

Better still, the rooms can fit well over 150 people at a time, meaning that games are essentially multiplayer experiences, with the rounds going by at a good pace thanks to the number of players. With there being a new game in a different theme from the last every minute or so, players can freely jump between, and your favourite type of bingo is never too long down the line.

Much More than Bingo on the Platform Now

It was never uncommon for bingo halls to boast rows of mostly low-cost slot machines, even the odd classic one-armed bandit. On the internet, slots have become the dominant force in gambling, per the gross gambling yields, so the bingo platform integrated hundreds of the latest and most popular titles, including Big Fish Fortune, Beez Kneez, and Fruity Burst. To fit the bingo atmosphere, plenty of more specialized slots have also been included.

How Bingo has Evolved in the Online Gaming Space

Befitting the jackpot-centric bingo rooms, a haul of jackpot slots have joined to offer more high-prize gaming options. Top of the list is Temple of Iris 2 Jackpot, which features the mythological demon of chaos, Apep, from ancient Egypt. Another eye-catching feature is the Slingo section. These novel games combine the random number draws of bingo and bingo cards with a spin of a slot game. So, each spin will actually give you around nine spin-revealed sets of numbers; if you have the numbers, you’ll get to tick them off to create bingo lines.

Being an online game has enabled bingo to spread out a great deal without needing to worry about floor space or providing refreshments. So, online bingo players can play with more people in more regular and varied games and even dip their toes in the accompanying jackpot and Slingo slots.

How Bingo has Evolved in the Online Gaming Space

Online bingo has evolved well beyond the reach of its origins in halls, with it now being more accessible and broadly appealing than ever before.

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