These Are the Best Ways to Get Ammo in Fallout 4 –

These Are the Best Ways to Get Ammo in Fallout 4 –

If the game you’re playing requires a machine gun, you probably need something for that weapon – ammunition. Foulout 4 is no different from any other game in this respect. Without ammunition you will often die, because the enemies are often better armed than you.

However, the ammunition of Fallout 4 can be much more difficult than in other games. Finally, there is the post-nuclear apocalypse. Ammunition is very valuable and generally well protected. You’ll have to get your hands dirty.

Fallout 4 – A quick and easy guide to this massive RPG!

At the beginning of the game you’ll probably notice that you’re using melee weapons because ammunition is hard to find. This is a well-informed strategy that will be useful in the main campaign.

However, as the game progresses, you will be on your own in situations where collecting enemies remotely is the only way to complete the mission. It takes a lot of ammunition. This article is intended to help you find your way in the right direction and show you the best ways to get ammunition.

Killing many enemies

That’s the most obvious advice. On your way through the city of Boston and the surrounding area you will encounter many different enemies. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, and they’re all trying to kill you.

Due to the number of enemies in certain areas, you often end up in large shootings. It may seem uncomfortable, but it’s an easy way to get ammunition. Simply put: If you go through a big firefight, make sure you steal all the enemies you’ve killed.

That you may not realize that even unarmed enemies can still carry ammunition. These include those nasty ghosts and scary club mutants you’re dealing with.

Anyway, it’s always a good habit to search every body you come across. Even if you vaporize them with a laser weapon, check their ashes.

Key location search

The post-apocalyptic world of Boston and surrounding communities such as Lexington, Concord, Diamond City and others is rich with abandoned (and some less deserted) homes, shops, attractions, train stations and much more that you can find.

If you want to find something like Nuka-Cola and Sugar Bomb, don’t be afraid to go to a gas station or grocery store. Just like these places had the same things before the war, these things are still available (although you’ll probably have to fight for something or someone).

Ammunition can be found in exactly the same way. Make sure you search every inch of places like police stations, military bases and underground bunkers for those bullets and missiles you need so badly.

In the arsenals of these buildings, boxes and jars of ammunition are often simply placed on the shelves or next to them. Inside you’ll find many different bullets and explosives. Make sure your memory lock is ready, because many are firmly locked.

Do something to get a little

Throughout the game you will encounter a variety of weapons and weapon models. Part of improving your game is understanding which weapons and mods are best suited to your style of play.

For example, a pipe gun that shoots a .38 is quite common, because it is used by many factions of subordinate thieves and some super-mutants. So a .38 is a lot.

However, when you go to a higher level, the weapon that fires a .38 cartridge becomes extremely accessible. That’s why you’ll probably find that you give up or sell all your weapons.

Don’t forget the 38 cartridges that go with this relatively useless weapon. If you don’t have a gun that uses a .38, there’s no reason to have a .38. So go trade it in for a gun you use a lot.

Don’t forget that Diamond City is open early and all its stores have a number of suppliers. You will probably be able to complete all your transactions there (including items other than ammunition) without depleting the vendor’s resources.

Improve your skills

There are two skills you can use to find ammunition in the first place. The first is to break the locks. Opening locks is extremely important when searching areas where most ammunition is found.

Although this was mentioned, places such as military bases and police stations would have a larger share of ammunition than other places. However, most of this ammunition is under lock and key. This involves the art of picking locks.

Each level of lock breakage found in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perception tree allows you to select more and more advanced locks. Make sure you invest in this area before looking for ammunition.

Don’t forget that Kate can also open locked items. If you’re in an area where you don’t have enough lock burglaries, don’t be afraid to call them.

In addition to being able to grab locks, it’s a Scrounger bonus. The demolition bonus affects the amount of ammunition found in containers (such as cabinets, boxes, cans, etc.). The ammunition found on the bodies is untouched.

The moocher bonus can be found under the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Asset Tree. With each level of the Scrounger bonus you increase your chances of finding ammunition in different containers.

When you reach the last level of Scrounger, you also have a chance to get ammunition when you shoot the last round in your gun shop.

Although it may not seem like much, these two benefits will greatly enhance your ability to get ammunition out of the world around you.


Hint: This method requires the DLC Contraptions workshop. If you have trouble finding ammunition, the ammunition supplied is worth it.

If you wish, an ammunition factory can be built in your colonies. It’s a great passive way to get ammo, because it works all the time while conquering the desert. All you need are resources and space in your facility to build it.

Building an ammunition factory is not cheap, but it’s not as expensive as you would think – 2 schemes, 3 gears, 4 rubber and 10 steel. This requires 8 electrical devices.

In addition, you probably want to have a conveyor belt storage system connected at the end. It is also cheap and requires only 8 pieces of steel, 1 screw, 2 rubbers and 1 sprocket.

To fill all this, you need to connect it to a terminal that needs 2 rubber, 2 copper, 2 schematics and 4 aluminium. Here you can enter the type of ammunition to be used. Even if it seems expensive to you, the dividends will really pay off.

Of course you need ammunition. The patterns can be made out of different combinations: Fertilizer, lead, copper, steel, oil and plastic.

The types of ammunition you can use are: 10 mm, 2 mm EC, .308, .38, .44, .45, .50 Cal, 5.56 mm, 5 mm and shotguns. As you can see, some of these tricks are quite rare in the game, so the ability to make them is a big advantage. This also saves you a few corks in the long run, as rarer cartridges usually cost more.

It is important to note that some of the more advanced firearms require advanced skills, such as Gun Nut and Science, so be sure to invest in these weapons if you notice that you are shooting these rare weapons.

Once you have received all documents, open the menu of the terminal. From there you can check the ammunition factory. Select the cartridge you wish to produce and you will be notified of the resources required. Give the munitions factory the money they need, and there you go! They’ll have their own stable supply of ammunition.

If you set everything right, you will see that the top of the ammunition factory moves during ammunition production. From now on you have 10 bullets per 10 seconds, as long as you save energy and have enough resources to produce bullets.


As the old saying goes, there are many ways to skin this cat. If one is more active and needs more skills than the other, you’ll probably find a way to get as much ammunition as your heart desires or needs your weapon.

Whichever method you choose, it’s a good idea to have different methods to increase the amount of ammunition. I mean that you must have a passive method, such as creating or increasing your own profits, and an active method, such as the habit of plundering everything. This will greatly increase the amount of ammunition you fire during the game.

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