Fifa 21 Title Update 9 Patch Notes Today, Volleyed Shots nerfed, and Flick Ups (Jan 27)

Fifa 21 Title Update 9 Patch Notes Today, Volleyed Shots nerfed, and Flick Ups (Jan 27)

EA Sports has released the Fifa 21 Title Update 9. The update is now available for download on Origin and Steam for PC. Fifa 21 9 patch title update available. At the time of this writing, updates may be underway for the Xbox One and PS4. So if you’re a console gamer, you can stick with this article because these changes will be implemented on all platforms, check it out.

Fifa 21 Title Update 9 Patch Notes Today, Volleyed Shots nerfed, and Flick Ups (Jan 27)

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Fifa 21 Title Update 9 is released today and PC users can download this update from Origin and Steam. Update 9 will be available for PC users and console users will receive the update after a while, but don’t worry if you are a console user, we will keep you updated, just keep visiting.

The Fifa 21 title update brings many big changes to the gameplay, and here are the sections that will have changes and bug fixes, check them out:

  • Gameplay problems are solved.
  • The team has posted the issues that have been resolved.
  • Correction of some major problems in the game.
  • Some bugs have been fixed and changed in the career mode.
  • Volta Soccer has also received a number of bug fixes.
  • Some problems in the professional clubs have been solved.
  • Some general issues related to audio and video were discussed.

We now move on to the detailed patch notes for FIFA 21 Update 9, check them out.

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Fifa 21 Title Update 9 Patches

Here is the full list of changes and release notes for Fifa 21 Update 9, check it out:


  • Fixed an issue where the trajectory of the ball became less regular when performing a skill move that throws the ball in the air.
  • A problem in which the trajectory of the launch balloon is reduced if the launch takes place immediately after the skill sequence has been established.
  • Corrected a problem where the pressure applied during the run with the ball was less constant.
    • This effect is most pronounced when the ball carrier is moving at high speed.
  • Fixed an issue where shots at the end of the flight were less effective when fired at 10.67 meters or 35 feet.
    • This effect extends to 16.76 meters / 55 feet. This means that tilted volleyball shots are less effective when you go up to 16.76 meters (55 feet).
    • Volleyball flips shot from a distance greater than 16.76 meters are twice as effective as those shot from 10.67 meters.
  • Fixed a problem where the referee’s chances of announcing the end of the game on a potential scoring opportunity were greatly reduced.
    • This may extend the duration of the injury somewhat.

The ultimate FIFA team

  • Question: If the opponent still selects a jersey on the league selection screen, the stopwatch of the player who confirmed the selection can be blocked.
  • Fixed an issue where the bid status icon was not displaying when opening the Transfer Market tab on the team screen and viewing search results in list format.
  • A question where
  • During a friendly match, the ball currently in use was not displayed correctly on the match settings screen.
  • has been corrected.
  • A question where
  • The Real world team stadiums theme is not always applied correctly to the billboards in the game, this is fixed.
  • A question where
  • The FIFA match limit message was not displayed until the limit was exceeded twice.

Career Mode

  • The manager wearing the team jersey has been corrected in some matches.
  • Fixed an issue where the user doesn’t come back up when I change the sort order on TransferHub and Squadhub.
  • In the player’s career, virtual professionals sometimes do not receive offers for loans or transfers.

Volta Football

  • Fixed an issue where the Next Steps section handled cases where VOLTA SQUADS could not find matches.
  • Fixed an issue where the match lobby could be temporarily suspended during a particular AI thread and thus not filled with the maximum number of players.

Professional Club

  • When the captain changes the game plan during a ProClub match, some AI players may have accidentally chosen a different seat.

General audio and video problems

  • All audio and video issues have been fixed in the Fifa 21 title 9 update.

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I hope you enjoy our post on the Fifa 21 Title Update 9 Patch Notes Today, Volleyed Shots nerfed and Flick Ups (January 27).


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