Exploring The Evolution Of Online Slots


Nowadays, online casino games are ubiquitous. You might regularly see shiny online gambling ads on your mobile and computer. The first online casino is now 30 years old, created by software developer Microgaming in 1994. There has been a lot of progress in that domain since then, but one thing remains: punters go to online casino sites to have fun and

How far has the industry gone since the early nineties? It’s interesting to see how technology has improved the gaming experience. From old computers to smartphones to Virtual Reality headsets, casino games are now more than a novelty, but a complete and enriching experience. From the first to the best online slots in South Africa, here are four definitive milestones of the evolution of online slots.

From The Traditional Reels To Epic Themes

It’s notoriously hard to know which one was the first online slot machine. We all know that Microgaming, an up-and-coming software development company, created the first online digital casino in 1994. Remember that the internet was a very niche technology at the time and that the connection speed must have been very slow.

However, it was already time for developers to get creative and offer a different experience than the old brick-and-mortar slots. From the 2000’s we have seen a rise in popular slots that showed different themes such as Pirates, Fantasy, Sports, or even Music. Slots are also filled with sounds and music that make them enticing to customers and get them to play more. Whoever you are, you’ll always find a slot machine that tickles your fancy and gets you coming back for more.

Because traditional slots only offer winning lines on 3 to 5 reels, online slots could do much more than this, with the implementation of different winning combinations such as 243 ways to play or even progressive jackpots that have changed the industry. The biggest names in the industry are still standing now. Titles like Mega Moolah are still widely popular as they can offer high rewards.


Banking Methods For The Win

One of the main reasons for the success of online slots is that it has become increasingly easier to deposit money in online casino accounts. E-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill have profoundly impacted slot games because, at the beginning of the internet, people were extremely doubtful about using their credit cards to make a payment.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to wage on slot machines, thanks to the advancement of banking methods. Features like Autoplay are important for players who want to wager for a long time without pushing a button. The diversity of wagering amounts ( from 0,10 cents to 500 $) has always made slots more exciting year after year.

The Rise of Mobile Games

We’ve come a long way since the inception of the first iPhone, and it is very important to consider that smartphones have changed the way people play casino games and slot machines in particular. It’s estimated that over two-thirds of players play on their mobile phones. They eventually get a more accessible and pleasant experience than playing on their desktop computer.

Slot machines are widely available on Android and iOS systems, and even though many casinos lack a dedicated app, they still have a mobile version where you can play the classic slot machines such as Fortune Tiger (PG Soft) or Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play).

Playing on mobile has every advantage you can expect, meaning you can play everywhere, at any moment. Of course, you need a good internet connection to keep these reels moving, but there is good coverage all around the world.


Crypto Slot Machines and The Provably Fair System

The last decade was arguably the decade of crypto-currencies. Starting with Bitcoin, a digital currency based on algorithms and computerised power. The link with online casinos and slot machines is obvious: you can wager crypto-currency on numerous crypto-casinos. The money isn’t traceable, and depositing money on these sites is anonymous.

However, the Provably Fair system is a bit more innovative. Since slot players always want to know if their game is rigged (or not), they need to know if their spins can make it to the jackpot. With the Provably Fair system, they can precisely indicate their chances of winning at every spin, using complex algorithms with the same features as crypto-currency systems.

To conclude, online slot machines have come a long way. They now have distinctive features that make them unique and set them apart from the rest. However, the excitement of playing slot machines has been the same for many years. It isn’t going to change for a long time.

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