DiRT 5 Review (Xbox One)

The first DiRT racing series came into being in 2007 when Codemasters dropped the nickname Collin McRae Rally on a treadmill after his untimely death. The first DiRT game was released in 2007, while the name Collin McRae was used once after his death with Colin McRae: In 2009, the developer/publisher officially withdrew the nickname DiRT 3. The DiRT racing series is a driver who focuses exclusively on rallies, which take place on public or private roads with specially adapted vehicles.

DiRT 5 is a mix of arcade game and race simulation. Driving is not as difficult as in typical racing simulations, but it does not require careful handling when cornering or when stuck in a car wrap. The Bread and Butter game is a career model. The unique layout of the game allows players to choose between two different schemes, as it is designed as a branching route. If you have reached the last chapter of the race, you must have reached at least the 3rd place. Take a seat to unlock the next round. The DiRT 5 career mode is divided into five chapters with a total of more than 130 events.

In Career Mode, players take part in traditional races in which they earn XP, reputation and money regardless of their position; of course, the higher the position, the greater the reward. You also have a sprint race where you have to reach the top of the peloton and the finish line before the race.

In addition, each career event has additional and optional objectives to be achieved. Objectives can range from simply changing paint with other vehicles to save 2 seconds of air time or passing two opponents in 10 seconds. Destinations are displayed on the left side of the screen and unfinished destinations are displayed in white.

As you progress in Career Mode and overcome various events, you’ll eventually unlock adverse events by completing sideways quests. These contests are individual contests with the participants of the World Circle. Competing with the best of the best will be a more difficult challenge than the usual career or arcade mode activities.

The Codemasters, known for their diversified portfolio of races, have done an excellent job. Each type of attraction is treated differently and requires a spontaneous adaptation of the players. Each race has a performance and agility score, so players can make wise decisions before the start of the race. For example, it is clear that if you choose to drive with a B rating for controllability, driving will not be as easy as driving a car with an S rating.

In addition to the career mode, players can jump online to challenge other players or even create a locally split screen. There is also an arcade mode that allows players to try out different gameplay patterns with different settings, such as time of day and weather. In my opinion, the number of tracks seems impressive, but often the same tracks are present twice (normal and vice versa). In arcade mode, players can also earn XP and money and unlock new health points for the attractions they buy. There is also a playground mode where players can create their own patterns or try out other players’ creations.

The only mystery I have encountered while working with DiRT 5 is the use of driving aids. As it was my first DiRT race and I wanted to try it for a deep dive, I chose without hesitation the driving aids normally intended for beginners, but strangely enough I actually lost the race. In the next race I came back to the middle and in the end I felt better than every now and then. What I’ve also noticed is that when you’re at the top of the field, it’s quite comfortable to stay within the first three machines, but when you’re at the bottom of the field and you’re trying to overtake them, it’s more difficult.

The overall presentation of DiRT 5 is solid and closely resembles EA’s previous Big Games: bright, colourful and boring, borderline speakers. He is also one of the most beautiful drivers of this generation of consoles; from the races to the circuits, everything is beautiful. In addition, you can choose between image quality and frame rate when you start the game. When it comes to the sound of things, everything is solid, although the soundtrack can often be muffled by car engines. Advertisers between races, trying to advance their careers, are boring and bring a really solid sound in the presentation. Besides, Troy Baker’s one of them, so it won’t do any good. The biggest problem is the long loading time between runs. But I think it will be significantly reduced on PS5 and S/X series Xboxes.

How can DiRT 5 best be described? Think of it as a rally version of Forza Horizon without the open world attitude. It is easy to learn and play / difficult to master this kind of racing games where beginners do not feel pushed into oblivion and the return of the players is a great challenge. In addition to its long loading times, DiRT 5 is one of the most fun and beautiful racing games. If you buy a racing game this year, make it DiRT5.

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The promoter: Codmasters Publishing : Publication date of the Codemasters
: 6. November 2020. Platforms : PlayStation 5 platform, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stages
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