Destiny 2 Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration & Upgrades

Destiny 2 players have been experiencing a bug that prevents them from calibrating their Wayfinder’s Compass. In the meantime, Bungie is offering a temporary solution to help players get back into the game.

Destiny 2 Wayfinder's Compass Upgrades

Season 15 has ushered in a new narrative, and you’ll need the Wayfinder’s Compass to navigate through the Season of the Lost’s events.

The Wayfinder’s Compass is a tool created by the Awoken with the purpose of guiding the user in the right direction.

Players will not only discover the correct route using the Wayfinder’s Compass, but they will also acquire skills that will aid them in navigating the Shattered Realms.

Calibration of the Wayfinder’s Compass

As you accomplish seasonal tasks, the Wayfinder’s Compass will improve, allowing you to rank up your Compass Calibration.

You may earn seasonal gear and unlock new improvements by ranking up the Compass Calibration, which can be bought at the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M.

Upon the conclusion of Season 15, your rank progress will be reset following the start of the next active season.

Wayfinder’s Compass is being upgraded.D2WAYCOM0409-2

When it comes to the many improvements that may be bought for the Wayfinder’s Compass, there are three categories.

Wayfinding, Envisioning, and Harmonizing are the three categories that assist with the Shattered Realms and Astral Alignments.


  • Barrier Breach – Allows you to get past obstacles.
  • Astral Efficiency – Lowers the cost of bounties that may be repeated.
  • Astral Abundance – To access Astral Alignment Trove, use Less Parallax Trajectory.
  • Increase Parallax Trajectory obtained through playlist activities with Astral Harvester.
  • Champions vanquished in the Shattered Realm drop significant ammunition when equipped with Opportune Arms.
  • When overcoming barriers, Phase Breach grants temporary invisibility.
  • Enhanced Breach – The length of the barrier effects has been extended.


  • True Sight – Hidden passageways will now be visible via lanterns.
  • Parallax Focusing – Ascendant Anchors may provide additional Parallax Trajectory.
  • True Sight distance and duration have been enhanced in Sight Beyond Sight.
  • Parallax Trajectory drops more often from Guardians and bosses with Vision of Splendor.
  • Ascendant Sight – In the Shattered Realm, more Ascendant Anchors will emerge.
  • True Sight will highlight nearby Ascendant Anchors in Unveiled Eyes.
  • The Shattered Realm’s secret caches are now revealed via Frequency Echoes – Compass.


  • Safe Passage – Fields of Strife are no longer a hindrance, but you may now draw the notice of Xivu Arath’s troops.
  • Overcharged – In Astral Alignment, there’s a chance to get more stuff from the bonus chest.
  • When opening a bonus chest in Astral Alignment, you have a 10% chance of not consuming Parallax Trajectory.
  • Trailblazer – Weekly Shattered Realms chests’ seasonal monetary wards have been raised.
  • Unburdened – After deactivating a Field of Strife, get overshield and health restoration.
  • Astral Focusing – Each week, each initial Techeun you rescue drops a Tier 3 Focused Umbral Engram.
  • Safe Passage length enhanced with Astral Attunement.

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Season of the Bounties That Were Never Found

By interacting with the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M., players may pick up bounties that are available.

These bounties may be bought with Glimmer and are only available during missions with specified goals.

Getting more bounties and completing them will enable players to advance quicker in their Seasonal Level (not to be confused with Compass Calibration) and earn prizes more quickly.


  • To rapidly acquire access to additional upgrades and, later on, better gear, it is essential to stay with Season of the Lost’s primary narrative.
  • Completing the Seasonal Challenges will advance your Compass Calibration, as well as your Season of the Lost level, enabling you to gain access to additional prizes and improvements.
  • When concentrating on Astral Alignment and Shattered Realms, it’s a good idea to visit the H.E.L.M. to collect bounties for additional prizes.
  • Keep an eye out for modifications in the Wayfinder’s Compass, since they may be helpful for some of your existing gear and setups.


There will always be some sort of development that players must go through, just like there was in past seasons.

To make the most out of the season and cultivate Parallax Trajectory and other goods with the Wayfinder’s Compass, you must engage in events.

Focus on the Seasonal Challenges so you may continue playing Season of the Lost without interruption and make regular use of your Parallax Trajectory for upgrades or the Prismatic Recaster.

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