Xivu Arath, her benefactor, the raid, and a theorized location of Savathun’s throne world.

The explorers on the planet Impiltur believe they have found the location of Savathun’s Throne World, the original home world of the Savanti on the planet Arath. They call themselves the “Dawn of Destiny”, and they are looking for adventurers to help them make the final push to the throne world.

While I don’t usually write entries with titles that are too specific, the game I’d like to discuss is  Xurath, Aeon of the Past,  a mobile only game I’ve only ever heard of by accident, and my introduction to it was by seeing an essay posted on the Undergrowth website, which you can find here .  The game is something of an homage to RPGs of yesteryear, with role playing elements like levelling, turn based combat, and crafting, but adds a couple of twists to make it stand out.  You play as a small purple character called Xivu Arath who has to gain the trust of the people of Aedyr, which is a large

For years, it’s been theorized that the strange and generally hostile world of Savathûn’s Tomb, which is located in the furthest reaches of the Deep Frontier, is the Hive Fleet Leviathan’s lair. However, the only proof to this has been an agent of the Imperium who has been sent in to scout the area and report back. This agent is the Rogue Trader Xivu Arath, and he and his crew recently returned from an expedition to the Tomb and to its environs.

Xivu Arath and her troops are assaulting the Dreaming City in Season of the Lost. We’re not clear why she desires Savathun. This is something I’d want to speculate about.

the behalf of someone else.” We are battling not just Xivu Arath’s Hive, but also Taken and Scorn in Season of the Lost. This is intriguing since Xivu Arath should not have any authority over any of these armies, yet she does. Maybe she doesn’t, but she knows someone who does. Allow me to explain.

The Scorn aren’t explicitly said to be working for Xivu, but the fact that they’re in Astral Alignment and creating a warrior culture via “trial by battle” AND the reality that they’re nothing more than puppets for the Darkness leads me to believe they are.

By proxy of Quria, Savathun had authority over the Taken. The Taken should’ve grown more chaotic after defeating Quria, yet they’re still as structured as before. There are, according to Mara,

Oryx merely “borrowed the Taken,” as he put it. All of this points to a Darkness being directing the Taken and collaborating with Xivu Arath.

The Scorn has come to Xivu Arath’s aid. The Scorn are basically flesh puppets for whomever is in charge of them. The Fanatic was the source of this influence in Forsaken, but the Darkness has lately become more influential. The Darkness was speaking through and manipulating the Scorn in Presage—the Darkness was even reviving them (not “resurrecting,” since they were already dead, so their getting-up-again doesn’t violate Sword Logic, but “resurrecting” is the best term for it). This season, the same thing is occurring, and I believe the Scorn is being controlled by the same Darkness entity that is working with Xivu Arath. It’s just natural!

Let’s speak about the raid for a moment. According to the Bungie website, the raid takes place within a wrecked Pyramid spacecraft. We’ll be facing the “old menace imprisoned inside” throughout the raid.

Savathun’s royal planet didn’t have a pyramid ship, so how did she acquire one? Please bear with me while I speculate about this for a moment. We’ve been exposed to the idea of bleed-through this season. Sto7BiCHBLw - Xivu Arath, her benefactor, the raid, and a theorized location of Savathun's throne world.

“Ascendant Plane echoes steadily seep into our reality.” A throne world is an enclave of the Ascendant Plane, as we all know. As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that a Throne World might invade our world through bleed-through.

Savathun’s Throne World seems to be covered in a black web of some kind. This is extremely similar to the black web visible on the darkness?highlight=darkness - Xivu Arath, her benefactor, the raid, and a theorized location of Savathun's throne world.the Destiny 1 The Darkness grimoire card. I’m willing to bet Savathun’s Throne World is surrounded by Darkness, which makes sense as the Darkness is outright hunting her down, shown through Xivu and her Darkness entity benefactor.

Okay. If you thought that was a little spinfoily, wait until you see what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a big statement, and you’ll have to bear with me for a moment: what if Savathun’s Throne World is located inside the Mars anomaly, particularly on Mars, wherever it is in the anomaly?

  • On the Throne World, there is a pyramid, much as there was on Mars.

  • The Ascendant Plane may seep into our world, which is why Savathun chose Mars as the location for her Throne World. In terms of story, I believe the mention of bleed-through is a Checkov’s (not schrodinger’s! ack!) gun—we’re only learning about it now, only to have it fire in the Witch Queen.

  • On the director, the Witch Queen logo is in the same spot as Mars—we know that logos indicate destination locations (i.e Shadowkeep and the moon).

  • In the WQ trailer, Ikora’s board has a map of Mars on it.

  • Her royal world being on Mars would explain the Darkness webs that encircle it, since Darkness is the oddity. Because “orbital measurements of Sol’s bodies remain intact, gravity is unchanged,” we know Mars is somewhere in there. – If the mass is the same as the gravity, then the mass is the same as well. It’s surrounded by darkness, like a blanket of emptiness.

  • What if Xivu is pursuing Savathun because she has the benefactor imprisoned inside the pyramid on her Throne World, and Xivu wants to set it free? This is one theory about the Hive ships circling the Mars anomaly (they might be Savathun’s hive, but they’re more likely Xivu’s). And, since the Darkness donor can command the Scorn to aid Xivu, it’s reasonable to assume that the Scorn onboard the Glykon, which was also orbiting the Mars anomaly, was controlled by the same entity. Scorn may also be found in Savathun’s Throne World, indicating that Xivu is interested in visiting Savathun’s Throne World.

TL;DR: A being of the Dark is assisting Xivu, and it’s conceivable that that creature is located inside the pyramid on Savathun’s Throne World, which may be Mars within the Anomaly.

P.S. This is an excellent article. Take a look at it.

This blog is where I keep a journal of my adventures in Azeroth. This blog is going to be slightly different from my normal ones. I’m going to be writing the story of the raid of Savathun’s Tombs, written from the perspective of Xivu Arath, the raid leader, and her benefactor, the mysterious figure who financed the raid.. Read more about xivu arath vs savathun and let us know what you think.

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