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here is to know – How to Complete Destiny 2 Challenge The Shattered? How to Find Toland?

Next generator

The next generation of enhancements have been introduced for the Xbox X|S series and PlayStation 5.

Characteristics Series Xbox X PlayStation 5 Series Xbox S
Resolution 4K 4K 1080p
Framereut 60 frames per second 60 frames per second 60 frames per second
Support crucible 120-Hz Allowed*. Allowed*. Unsupported
Fields of view of the cursor control Yes Yes Yes
Fast loading Yes Yes Yes
intergenerational play Yes Yes Yes
Free Next Generation Update Xbox Smart Delivery Yes Xbox Smart Delivery

General Information

  • An advanced update is automatically downloaded from the Xbox X|S series website.
  • On PlayStation 5, players will need to download the advanced update manually.
  • Added the option for a configurable field of view (FOV) in the Settings > Video menu.
  • The 120 Hz mode option has been added to the Settings > Video menu.
  • The updated controller vibrates on the DualSense controller.

Destination guide App


  • Players can use the Destiny Companion application to receive rewards from Destiny 2 merchants.
  • Bonuses can only be received if the players are offline, in orbit or in the tower.
  • For more information, see the reference article.


Exotic armor

  • The problem that the architects showed that they were killed in a necrotic socket has been solved.
  • Solved a problem where players in the Gunnlet Fortress couldn’t block super damage with swords despite optimizing the statistics of the exotic guards.
  • Improved readability of visual effects when another player wearing a Bakris mask moves directly towards you
  • The Bakris Advantage Bar has been updated to correctly describe the damage bonus, which only applies to fighters and affects all arch weapons damage and all damage from delayed or captured enemies.
  • In addition, a bug was fixed that applied this damage bonus to players who were delayed or captured in Crucible and Gambit.

Standard skills

  • Fragments of
    • Adjustment of the Bond Whisper to deliver a super energy of 2.5% per trigger.


  • Duality
    • The duality symbol did not match the correct symbol on the gun rack.
    • An error fixed when the modified ADS beeper of Duality did not play.
  • Shouting
    • The crying symbol did not appear correctly in the crucible feeds.


From the world campaign

  • Beyond Light Exotic missions now display the recommended power level correctly on their map nodes.
  • Credit is not reborn until the players have completed the previous assignment.

A new light

  • Corrected a problem where veterans could not enter the tower while the Advent mission was still available.
  • Problem solved with the New Light subclass search where the caviar crossing was removed.
  • Solved a problem where the Cinematic Descent did not play during an Opal Strike.
  • A bug fixed that prevented veterans with two characters of the same class from buying their subclasses.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when a step in the search for the New World did not yield any experience.
  • The problem where cancelled queries were not available in the tower of the query archive provider has been solved.
  • Solved a problem where players who missed the shotgun in the M0 would not receive special ammunition when the shotgun was issued.
  • Fixed an issue where players could ask for a Riskrunner again during a Riskrunner mission.

Deep stone crypt

  • He solved a problem where Tanix could have entered the hellfire phase earlier, before a member of the fire brigade could collect supplements.
  • Solved a problem where the players did not get the third phase of DPS during the second soak cycle of the four cores.
  • An error was corrected when a short circuit was not possible.
  • Solved a problem that could have caused an involuntary deletion on the second Hellfire casting.

The final incursion of desires

  • A bug fixed where the loot was not rewarded for the victory at the last meeting.
  • The problem that occurred when Cally was teleported from the environment after the disk was captured has been resolved.
  • Correction of different network behaviors observed during meeting transitions.

Attack on the Garden of Salvation

  • Fixed a bug where the text messages were not displayed at the starting/ending of the puzzles by the players.
  • Solved a problem where lichens could not properly interrupt the boss’s work under certain circumstances.
  • Solved a problem where the conscious mind would drop its Minotaur at the beginning of an attack.


  • Solved a problem where the projection volume of the Ghost Lamp did not have the effect, making it difficult to navigate through the passage without light.
  • Solved a problem where players could collide with the rear windows and the hard windscreen wipers in between accidents.
  • Solved a problem where players can be killed when moving from one area to another.


  • The prophecy is available again.
  • Powerful rewards can be received on a weekly basis at each checkpoint.
  • Players can visit the dungeon once a week to receive a prize at the top.
  • The previous prices for weapons and armour are available again.

Lost sectors

  • Master and Legend Lost Sector tools are easier to understand.

Tasks in case of standstill

  • Aspect
    • Solved a problem where the tectonic harvest during crystal destruction did not allow consistent fragmentation generation for the allies.

Nightmare hunt

  • The stiff sweeping and simultaneous defeat of the boss lets the players hunt after a break.

Exotic Quests

  • Repairing a bug that would cause the first line of the dialog to be muted at the beginning of the quest when the quest starts would affect the inequality.

Crucible and iron plume

  • Correction of the situation where the survival medal could be awarded to players who were defeated during a turn.
  • A situation in which the Untouchables Medal could not be won was established.
  • Updated the clemency rule for Control and Clash to prevent it from being activated too early in the game.
  • Problem solved when working intrusioninematographically with maps outside the combat zone.


  • The problem that criminals are no longer born at night has been solved: Ordahlia.
  • Solved a problem that occurred when Lurkers did not reproduce after hitting the counterweight in the Sacred Cave of the Hide Woods.
  • Solved a problem where the SuperEnergy was merged when the Overseer took off.
  • He solved a problem where the guards could not rest if they died very quickly when a proteon, the modular intelligence, was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the counterweights to fall off when a player died after being depressed.
  • Solution to the problem of the fighters who suddenly disappeared when the Guardian decided to speed up the strike in the Holy Grotto, while others had tried to end hostilities in previous clashes.
  • Solved a problem where a tank fell during an attack by an arms dealer while trying to enter another combat zone.


  • Problem solved when an expensive target arrived too early.
  • The problem of recalling wood planks too quickly after the expansion has been solved.
  • The problem is solved when warriors sometimes don’t move away from the spawning grounds.



  • Correction of a rare case of Conflux custody at a public hearing for Empire Hunt: A technocrat can become untouchable forever.
  • Solved a problem where players with a full inventory of quests could still buy the Fallen Empire and quests for Varik’s weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where you could see snow spots when playing with a PC with multiple GPU settings (Crossfire/SLI).


  • Addition of created target material.
  • Addition of identification material to the vaults in the cosmodrome area.
  • Solved a problem that occurred when the water cannons were not restarted during a public event Clear version of the spider shell.
  • Fixed an issue with flashing grass transitions when playing with a PC with multiple GPU settings (Crossfire/SLI).


  • Fixed a problem where some of the fights were not properly provoked.
  • Solved a problem that would arise if fewer players than expected could meet in certain areas.
  • Play bus terminals are indicated as deactivated, even if they are active.
  • Solved a problem where the toll no longer appeared when players moved away from the totem to complete the action.
  • Problem solved when expensive targets have forgotten their names.
  • Names now appear above high quality destinations.

The City of Dreams


  • Fixed a bug where there was no description text for a half-empty patrol on Nessus.

General Information

  • The problem that the memory of the fragment collection, the drone and the ghost story was still present in some directions has been solved.
  • Solved a problem where the crystal shields of the basket could cause an accident.


General Information

  • At the end of the strikes, Europe and Cosmodrome allocate the materials intended for the destination.
  • The Moon Phantom Package no longer appears as an erroneous warning from space when it opens.
  • Exotic armor awarded in the various Lost Sectors of the DEP is now on the elimination list.
  • The misleading time limit has been removed for Devrim Kay and Failsafe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Rahool icon from blinking when Beyond Light bonus items were available.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some of the new booking mods to have an incorrect source code in the collections.
  • Fixed a bug where a dodge raider bonus sometimes didn’t work when switching to the mod in the middle of a meeting.
  • A bug fixed where the description of the ice jacket did not mention the slow field it generates when activated.



  • A problem with erroneous unlocking of the result list has been solved.
  • Solved a problem that occurred when players didn’t get the right triumphs after beating a fanatic.

Lost Light Monument

  • Corrected an error where the route point on the Exotic Archive player would always blink for players who have all the exotics in their possession.


  • With the symbols and harnesses in the collections you can choose the right class of player.
  • Fixed a bug where after viewing an article in the collections, the user would forget which page the reader was on.


  • Aspects and fragments in the Stasis subclass screen are now displayed accordingly when applied to a different location.


  • Removes reversed colors in some dark areas when playing HDR.

The source: Original reference

  • Lot 2 Update 2.9.2

Source: Gambit Activity Fixed an issue that caused players to freeze when spawning in Gambit. Dungeon of Prophecy: Solved an issue where enemies could stop spawning in the hexahedron by blocking the player’s progress. Resolved an issue with Nightfall that would occur if enemies stopped responding to players while playing in the game.

  • Lot 2 Update 2.9.1

Source: Contact Event Problem solved where players could pick up and drop off 15 motorcycles before unlocking the gift of Shadowbending II to the Prismatic Recaster. The tests have improved the price of mica in the Osiris tests. Nightmare Hunters solves a problem where nightmare hunters can award more prizes than expected during the arrival season…

  • Lot 2 Update 2.8.1

Source: Fighting Correction of a problem where Dawn Ward didn’t make the ball of light. Solved a problem where you couldn’t activate dawn with the sword in your hand. Solved a problem where the launch of the Nova bomb did not consume your ability to harmonize with hunger. Emblems and Scouts…

Update 3.0.1 for Post Destiny 2 game.

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