Crown of the Magister – A Brilliant DnD5e RPG

Crown of the Magister – A Brilliant DnD5e RPG

Crown of the Magister is a new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure for 5th level characters that takes place in a forgotten realm of the Forgotten Realms. Within the realm, dragons once ruled, but now their kingdom lies corrupted, their warriors scattered and their treasure hoarded. In this place, a young hero must learn to wield an ancient magister’s weapons and learn the magister’s secrets of magic to survive.

Crown of the Magister is a 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons game that is a mashup of two of the most popular systems: Dungeon World and Dungeon Master. It’s a game that gives you the best of both worlds. The game has a familiar feel, but is hybridized to work with the rules from Dungeon World and Dungeon Master. It also has a great system for combat, which is simple, but also allows for a lot of great choices at the table.

Crown of the Magister is a new Fantasy RPG, inspired by the world of Dragon Age and combining the best elements of DnD5e and Hackmaster. It will have classes, races, feats, spells, and other components familiar to DnD5e players while also including cool DnD5e innovations like Heroic Abilities and the Omen system. It will also be a product of careful adherence to the 3rd Edition and DnD5e Open Rules, which makes it a great option for both new and experienced gamers.

Crown of the Magister – A Brilliant DnD5e RPG
Developed by Tactical Adventures, Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a brand new tactical role-playing game based on the DnD SRD 5.1 rulebook. Technically, Solasta: Crown of the Magister is not a new game, as it has been in early access for some time, but the developer has finally released version 1.0, making the full release of the game a reality. Based on the classic dice-rolling game formula, Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a brand new virtual space adventure with Steam Workshop support for endless dungeon hunting. Here is our test report on Solasta: Crown of the Magister, in which we play dice and let luck decide our fate in the world of Solasta. Before you begin your adventure in Solasta: Crown of the Magister, you must first create your group of four characters. You can use ready-made characters in the game, or use the excellent character creator and create your own character for the game. I highly recommend creating all four characters yourself for a more personal experience. In the character creator, you have seven tabs to customize your character, from class selection to bloodline, spells, skills and personality. Each of these elements has a huge impact on the character, his fighting style and his character. Solasta: Crown of the Magister is set in the world of Solasta, which is full of treasures, monsters, enemies, NPCs, factions, and towns, dungeons, and outposts that you can explore. Your journey begins with meeting the characters in the tavern, from where you begin your journey into the world.  This is probably my favorite aspect of Solasta: Crown of the Magister is how the developers created the game’s tutorial. Whether you choose a custom or pre-created character, depending on your class, you will have a unique training mission that allows you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a specific character in a controlled environment. For example, I chose the wizard, wanderer, fighter and hunter for my group. Because I wanted to try out a character designer, I created the four characters myself. At the beginning of the game, the four characters meet in a tavern and talk about their journey. You get sucked into the story and can relive it as the game teaches you the basics of how to use this character in combat and other varied scenarios. I loved how the game made each character alive and full of life through their backstory. As far as I can remember, this is the best tutorial of any RPG I’ve played.

Crown of the Magister – A Brilliant DnD5e RPG

The game told me how to best use my hunter, wizard, wanderer and fighter in different scenarios. After the tutorial portion, the first few hours of the game are still an introduction to the game as you get to know the people in the world and begin to complete tasks. Another interesting aspect of the game is the design of the level cards. While moving from town to town doesn’t feel like an open-world game like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, the levels you can explore are very detailed and there is enough activity to fill the levels with life. In the towns and villages you will find many NPCs to communicate with. The dialogue is fully narrative, and each party member gets a version of the dialogue based on the character you chose when you created them, or that the game chose for characters you had already created. The scenes of the story are not fully animated and are presented as the pages of a narrative novel. To travel to the world of Solasta, you simply choose where you want to go, and your party travels on their own, setting up camp, gathering resources, and performing other tasks as needed. You can give them tasks to do during the rest period.

Sometimes your group is attacked during these trips. In this case, your journey will be interrupted and you will not be taken to a map, but to a full level for the fight. This is where the combat element comes in, and you can choose your tactics and defeat your enemies before moving on. Combat is also one of Solasta’s good mechanics: The master’s crown. It is turn-based and dice-based, according to the DnD SRD 5.1 rulebook. For each move you or your opponents make, the dice are rolled first, and the result determines the outcome of the move. The spells and throws in the game are very solid and powerful, and the melee battles are just good. The game also emphasizes using the environment to your advantage. You can throw rocks or push sticks to kill enemies instantly if you get the chance. Sometimes you can also use the element of surprise to perform quick sneak attacks. The inventory management is typical, but I like that you can equip almost any character at a time with ranged and handheld weapons and that you can easily switch between them during combat, so you don’t have to keep diving into your inventory to switch weapons. You can also use two different types of spells. One is called Cantrips and is a minor spell that does not require a spell slot, and the other is a basic spell that can be used in basic spell slots.

If your characters are injured during a fight, you can repair them with a short or long rest. Some tasks can only be done during a long camping trip, for example. B. the manufacture of spells, crafts and other articles. Crafting is also based on dice rolls, which depend on the difficulty of the item and the skill level of the craftsman. Almost all the main actions in the game are based on dice rolls. Successful throws will allow you to complete the task easily, failures lead to resignation and sometimes to evil if you cannot dismantle the trap. Besides, your party divides the wealth among everyone, so you have to decide what to buy. Besides the main content of the game and the many side missions you can do after completing the main story of the game, there is another feature that will keep you coming back to Solasta: The Master’s crown for a long time. This is the Dungeon Maker, which allows you to play custom dungeons created by many fans of the game. Because the game has been in early access for so long, Dungeon Maker has a lot of content to explore at launch, and once you play the main game, there are even more maps and dungeons to choose from.

Crown of the Magister – A Brilliant DnD5e RPG

Except for the dungeons, Solasta: Crown of the Magister also supports custom campaigns, meaning you can even play fully developed custom campaigns after you complete the game’s main campaign. The developer of Tactical Adventures plans to add more campaigns once the game hits the market, but until then you can always count on the community to try out custom campaigns. I haven’t played any of the custom maps or campaigns yet, but I’ve downloaded some good, highly rated maps on my PC and may be playing them soon. That said, there were a few things that bothered me. The very first point is that the visual customization of characters in the game is not top notch at all. As much as I enjoyed playing with their stats and classes, I hated the visual design of the characters. There is still work to be done to make the characters more realistic and integrate them into the world. The game world is very pretty, but up close the characters are not very pretty, especially during the cutscenes. The facial animation isn’t very good when the characters are talking either, so a little more work here would be nice too. Something else the game currently lacks are classes.

While the game’s starting classes are decent, they are still far from what other DnD RPGs offer. Additional classes like half-orc, dwarf, dragonborn, bard, wizard and mage would be very interesting. New players won’t be confused by the number of classes in the game, but if you’re a DnD pro, you’ll be saddened that you can’t choose from many more classes, and if your favorite class is missing from the game, it will be an instant disappointment to you. I really wish the developer would add more classes to the game if they plan on adding more campaigns to the game later. This will only give players more reasons to play this great role-playing game. Overall, Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a complete package for RPG fans. It’s nice to see developers continue to maintain the classic DnD formula in video games. Solasta: Crown of the Magister shines not only in its solid gameplay and RPG mechanics, but also in all its other aspects. Version 1.0 is very stable, and I can’t recall any crashes or slowdowns while playing. I’ve spent over 30 hours in the game so far, and there have been no glitches, crashes or other game-breaking bugs. I remember one time the face of one of my characters was a little disoriented and missing a few pixels, but otherwise, solasta: Crown of the Magister seems to be in a very stable position for the 1.0 release.

Final decision:

I’ve wanted a good RPG based on DnD for a long time, and although I’ve had a review key for a while, I purposely waited until the full release to write a review of the game because I was very curious to see how the game would turn out when it was fully released, and I wasn’t disappointed. I played in Solasta: Crown of the Magister over the past two weeks and not a single day have I been bored in the game. The game grabs you right from the start, from the beautiful character development screen to the final story scene and beyond. The DnD SRD 5.1 rules are very well integrated into the game, and I am sure that role-playing fans of all levels will enjoy playing Solasta : The master’s crown. The visual design, sound design, and robust turn-based gameplay are all top-notch and will appeal to classic DnD fans and modern RPG fans alike. If you’re waiting for Baldur’s Gate 3 or another decent tabletop RPG, Solasta: The game Crown of the Magister is already here and will keep you busy for hours with its beautiful design.

Final score: 8.0/10

I’ve been really enjoying DnD 5e lately, and had been playing (and re-rolling) a wizard up until 2 weeks ago, when I took inspiration from a blog post and created a new character as a Lawful Neutral magister. While 5e’s wizard-y elements are all well and good, I decided it was time to take a break from the arcane and focus on my rogue for a while.. Read more about solasta: crown of the magister walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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