COC: How to Win Hog Mountain Challenge | Get 3 Star Easily in Clash of Clans (Feb 2021)

The Pig Mountain Challenge is a tricky battle between the clans’ military bases to win. It seems like an easy win, but there are hidden dangers as well. So here’s our guide on how to win the Hog Mountain Challenge or get 3 stars in the Hog Mountain Challenge Clash of Clans.

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After the Winter Challenge, all Clash of Clans players have been given a special challenge because of the moon update that will be the same for all players. The base you attack in this challenge is very difficult, it doesn’t matter which TownHall you have, TownHall 8 or TownHall 12. They will all have the same base. If you want to know how to win the Pig Mountain Challenge or how to get 3 stars in the Pig Mountain Challenge in a clash of clans, follow the instructions.

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Troops on the attack: how to win the Pork Mountain contest?

  • Controller
  • The king of the barbarians
  • Queen of the Archers.
  • royal champion
  • Healer
  • x5 pigs
  • x6 Goblins
  • Out of anger
  • x4 Freezing time
  • Invisibility spell x4

First of all, there is no single strategy to get a 3 star Pigheaded Challenge. You have to try many different strategies and tactics with different troops and spells in your army. If you have a lower town hall base, it will be very difficult to defeat this base because the troops are very low, which is similar to this difficult base. We tried to get 3 stars on the Hog Mountain base and seriously, it was not an easy challenge at all. We tried 2 or 3 times to get 3 stars but we failed, so we changed our army and our tactics and so we got 3 stars on Hog Mountain base.

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First of all, we’re not going to tell you what kind of army you need to train to get three stars on base, we’re just going to tell you about our strategy that worked for us. To start, place the Great Supervisor in the Building hut to the left of the Spell Factory and use all the Healers (5) on the Great Supervisor and hold it.

We want to take down Hell’s only tower, for that we used 2 spells, the first is anger and the second is an invisibility spell. When Hell starts hitting the Overseer, use the Anger Spell and the Invisibility Spell. With any luck, you can use the Great Overseer to bring down Hell’s tower without using his gift.

Place your barbarian king in the magic factory. We used 5 orbs and placed them where we placed the king. Use the stop spell in the spell factory, you also need to use another stop spell and use the king’s skill there. Also use a rage spell to make another hell disappear there.

Put the queen on the mega dragon and try to get all your healers from the overseer to the queen. Also use a rage spell on the queen and a freeze spell on the dragon so she can slaughter the mega dragon. Try to kill the mega dragon, use another gel on the mega dragon. Also use your director’s gift to defeat the Mega Dragon.

You can watch this video to learn more about how to win the Hog Mountain Challenge.

How do I win the Pig Mountain Challenge at the COC?

Place the royal champion on the third tower of hell and use an invisibility spell on the champion so she can take down the third tower of hell, use this skill even when she has very little health left, and use another invisibility spell when she tries to take down the fourth tower of hell. The royal champion will knock out all defenses and use a few goblins under the guard ring. There is nothing left and here is how to win the Pig Mountain challenge in a Clan Shock.

The question was how to win Hog Mountain in a clash of the clans and how to get 3 stars in that case.

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We hope you enjoy our COC approach : How to Win a Hog Mountain Challenge : Get 3 stars in a clash of the clans with ease.

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