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The game: CleaGenre: 2D, adventure, puzzle
system: Nintendo Switch (also for PC and Xbox One)
Developer|Publisher : InvertMouse | Secai Games
Age Rating : EU 12+ | USA Teenagers
Price : UK £13.49 | EU €14.99 | USA $14.99
Date of publication : 30. October 2020

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Happy Birthday

Clea is the name of horror, which can appeal to those who are looking for a scary horror game, but do not want the terrible jump to be scared and take the fire that often accompanies it. In that name, you play like a young Clea. It’s her birthday, although it’s probably not the party she was expecting. Incredibly terrible uninvited guests, known as servants of chaos, have appeared.

Clea has to find a way to escape with her little brother. Besides the Servants of Chaos who are trying to catch you, there is also a dark and scary double of Clea who jumps to give you a hand. There’s no pain, and even if you’re stuck on something unpleasant, the game is darkened and you get a very scary game on screen.

It’s creepy and scary how awful the name is. The story is quite simple, but it deepens when you find a strange dotted note around the mansion, making a nod to some pop culture references. Although you play most of the game as Clea, sometimes you slip into the role of other characters, which is a pleasant surprise.

Have you ever felt like you were being followed?

Appearance and sound

Graphs have a corresponding darkness with dramatic use of the lighting. The characters, although made of paper like 2D models, cast shadows on the walls as they pass the candles. The background looks pretty simple, and it’s not one of the most interesting villas I’ve been looking for. The character models are incredibly detailed.

However, the game is mainly characterized by the use of audio and sound. The characters are very expressive and Clea and her brother are doing well. It’s strange that they’re adult characters that seem a bit monotonous, but maybe that should have had a terrible effect that I didn’t notice. It was one of the few games I played with headphones because the sound of the game was essential to its success. You know that the game jumps well when you walk on a board or concrete floor, and the sound associated with it is adapted to that surface. If you listen carefully, you can hear the roar of enemies or those approaching, so you know when to hide. If it gets really exciting, the heart rate will increase until you find a safer zone. The use of sound makes it possible to really immerse yourself in the game and is the most striking feature of the game.

You can’t see me in this closet.

Hide and seek

Clea is an invisible game in which light puzzle elements are introduced. There is no fight, the goal of each level is just to escape without getting caught. For most levels, you need to find the different parts of the key that open the last door or solve the main puzzle using clues, usually given in the background of the design level. Of course there is an evil Chaosknecht (maybe even more) who wants to reach you. If you go from one floor to the other, you can hide in rooms or closets while waiting for trouble. You can also distract them by making a sound as if you were flushing the toilet. This game has a shocking number of toilets, even in front of the mansion! You can also find candles as a last resort to protect yourself. When the culprit sees you and you can’t hide, you set fire to one of them and he runs away, but this only takes place in the room you are in and certainly not on what you can trust. You can also sneak in to muffle the sounds you make, but sprinting and sometimes even running is an easy way to attract attention.

This mansion has an incredible number of toilets.

Discretion is the rigour, the game often consists of waiting patiently and acting at the right time. Stop and start, which won’t appeal to all players, but to create a scary atmosphere, Clea tries to make it work here anyway.

The game won’t take much time, depending on how patient you are with the stealth mechanism. The first race should take less than five hours. But the game has several additional modes and missions that you have to complete in each level to create an incentive to play. You can also unlock additional cosmetic outfits for Clea in the game without the need for microtransaction.

Attention to the environment helps you solve puzzles.

Facing your fears

Clea is a scary stealth style game that will surely appeal to horror fans and players who need horror settings, but without those scary jumps. The use of sound is the top step, it is certainly the one that makes it possible to connect headphones in manual mode.

The game is short and concise if you are looking for quick solutions to the horror of Halloween or any other season.

Phrase: I love.

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