With the release of the new Passage of Civilization 6, it is time to update our Leadership Guides with the additional guides published so far. Our other New Frontier Guide is here. All our other civilization guides are here!

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Civilization Ménélik 6 New leaders of border crossings

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Ménélik II

Menelik II – Leader of Civilisation Ethiopia .

Single command power: The Council of Ministers.

Ethiopian cities receive science and culture, which represents 15% of your generation’s faith in Hill-based cities. Units received +4 combat strength in the hills.

Lead Partner Agenda: The Ethiopian Highlands

Menelik likes to build and go around the hills, if possible, and loves other civilizations that leave him near them. I don’t like those who also settle and build on and around the hills.

A single unit of civilization: Romeo’s cavalry unit,

Unique Ethiopian light cavalry in the Middle Ages. Stronger and more powerful than the cursor it replaces. He won’t get a ticket to the hills. A higher fighting force 46 to 44.

Unique capacity of civilization: The heritage of the Axumites

Give Ethiopia international trade routes +0.5 confidence for every commodity in the city of departure. The improvement of the raw materials makes it possible to get a +1 belief for each copy that belongs to the city. You can buy archaeological museums and archaeologists with faith.

A unique building of civilization: Rock Hyun Church

Makes it possible for the builder to build the Rock Hyun church, which is unique in Ethiopia and offers a +1 faith. Get a +1 belief for each adjacent mountain and hill map. Provides tourist services after the search for a flight of the call Faith +1. Maybe plundered, never destroyed by natural disasters. It can only be built on hills or on volcanic soil that is not adjacent to another Rock Hyun church.

Play tips

Menelik focuses on defensive, religious and cultural games. The advantages of Ethiopia are reflected in the establishment of hills: The Council of Ministers awards Ethiopia a prize for science and culture, which account for 15 percent of religious production in mountain cities. Menelik can build stone churches in the hills to strengthen his faith. To protect his monasteries, Menelik has the Cavalry of Oromo, a troop that moves unpunished through the hills. Menelik can ensure that Ethiopian cities remain free and that powerful places of worship remain. Later in the game Menelik can use this belief to buy archaeologists, making it the best strategy for a religious or cultural victory.

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Ethiopia Civil 6 sends new border guides

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New skins for Teddy and Catherine

A few of the original leaders of the basic game have been updated and included in the new border package in the so-called Persona package. It mainly concerns a new skin and new skills and programs for Theodore Roosevelt Leader America and Catherine de Medici Leader France. You now have two Teddy’s and two Catherine’s to choose from. And the originals Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine DeMedici are still in the game!

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Teddy, 6 new executives from leading countries run the Nintendo Switch.

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Theodore Roosevelt, Cheeky Rider

Theodore Roosevelt Rough Horseman, 2.

Single command power: Roosevelt Corollari

Teddy’s units are receiving +5 combat troops on their home continent. Messengers sent to the city-states have a trade route that counts as two messengers. Get the unique Golgotha Rough Rider unit with Rifling.

Leader’s Agenda: the big stick policy

Teddy loves peaceful civilizations that have a city on his home continent. Teddy doesn’t like civilizations starting wars on his continent.

Single device: Grubisch

Unique American unit from the industrial era, of which Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider is the leader.  This culture benefits from the murders committed on their continent. +10 Battle force for hill battles. Lower maintenance costs.

Play tips

The brute rider Teddy is good for several victories, which can be achieved in view of the domination or victory culture. Among Leader Roosevelt’s skill bonuses, Rough Riders are ideal for fighting invasions, as they can receive up to 15 additional combat troops when fighting in the hills of their home continent. The unit also maintains a culture of murder in your capitals.

This means you can stop conquering everyone else on your continent if you wish. But do not try to destroy them completely, because the more enemies you have, the easier the cultural victory will be, since you will have more civilizations to attract tourists. You can simply leave your neighbours in one or two cities, especially if these cities are not on your own continent.

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Civ 6 New frontline leaders power the Nintendo Switch

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Magnificence Catherine de Medici

Magnificence of Catherine de Medici,2. Leader of French civilization

Single Capacity:Catherine’s Miracle

Improved luxury resources near theatre squares or castle areas get +2 culture. He can start the Hoffest project in any city where there is a Teatralnaya Square neighborhood. At the end of the project, the operators will earn money in the fields of culture and tourism, depending on the number of extra copies of luxury goods owned by France.

Lead Partner Agenda: A sumptuous finish

Katharina loves civilizations that sell luxury goods to France. She doesn’t like a civilization that hasn’t done such a trade. Catherine tries to collect as many examples of luxury goods as there are in France.

Play tips

Playing the Magnificence for Catherine de Medici and collecting a large collection of luxury resources and a program for the construction of a castle with generous hoffees. Get a lot of culture that can quickly lead France to victory.

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Civ 6 helps the new management of Nintendo Switch.

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Basilica II

Vasily II – leader of Byzantine civilization.

Unique Leadership Capacity:Porphyrogennetos

Both heavy and light riders cause complete damage when attacking cities, according to the same religion as Byzantium. Complete a single tagma block with Divine Citizenship.

Leader’s Agenda:Divine Guardian

Basil is committed to extending his religion to other civilizations, and he loves those who follow him. He doesn’t like people who don’t follow his religion.

Single device: Tagma

Vassily II’s unique medieval unit replaces the knight. Ground units in a Tagma hex get a +4 bonus for battle or religious power. The tagma block ignores the control zone, can be built according to Divine Civil Law.

Unique civilization capacity: Taxi

Grant for +3 combat units for additional combat units and religious forces for each holy city, including their own.  Religion is extended to nearby cities when Byzantium defeats enemy units. Get +1 points from the Great Prophet of the Holy Places.

Unique building of civilization: Hippodrome

A unique region for Byzantium. Replaces the area of the entertainment complex and offers +3 facilities and is cheaper to build. When the racetrack and the buildings in the area are built, a heavy cavalry unit will arrive. The free unit does not need resources when it is created or maintained.

A single unit of civilization: Dromon

A unique Byzantine unit from the Classical Era, which replaces the Quadrireme, which has an extra range and receives +10 combat units against units.

Play tips

The priority for the Byzantines is the appropriation of religion and its spread, because religious victories lead to more military power and vice versa. Their unique taxi capacity gives them additional combat and religious strength for every new convert in the Holy City, and the religion founded by Byzantium spreads when enemy units are defeated.

If you manage to turn enemy cities into your religion, Basil’s unique ability allows you to do all the damage with a point-blank attack. The unique tagma unit gives extra strength to any religious or military unit in its area. Byzantium is well prepared for a religious victory or a victory in domination.

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Civ 6 helps the new management of Nintendo Switch.

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Ambiomix is the leader of civilization Gaul

Unique management skills: The king of the Eburones

Your civilization gets a culture equal to 20% of the unit cost when a non-citizen is educated. Dense and distant units receive +2 combat troops for each adjacent unit.

Führer’s Agenda:Crusade of Rome

As leader of the Gauls, Ambiorix is attached to having many military units, and he loves those who do the same. I don’t like civilizations that have few military units.

Single device: Garsathae

A unique ancient Gallic unit that replaces the warrior. This combat unit has increased its costs and gains +10 fighting strength in battles with units with a higher base. +5 fighting force against district defense.

Unique civilization capacity: The culture of Halstatt

Mines give a small neighborhood bonus to all areas, as well as firing a Crop Bomb at a hex base and receiving +1 Crop. Specialised areas do not benefit from small connections to another area, and these areas cannot be built close to the city centre.

Unique building of civilization: Oppidum

Unique in Gaul, a cheaper and sooner available area than the area it replaces, the industrial zone. Released after completion of the work of the civil scrap dealer. The oppidum area is protected against long-range attacks. When the first oppidum was built, the discipleship technology was unlocked.

Play tips

Build mines to get the best out of the Gauls in Ambiorix and use this production to form units. The unique ability of the Gallic civilization gives bonuses for the adjacent mines, but also for culture and tourism, which means that the construction of many of them is mandatory.

During the war Ambiorix gives strength to adjacent units, which means the more units, the stronger the army. To make the Gaelic armies more effective, Gaesat armies receive bonuses when they attack cities or units that are stronger than themselves. A unique area, the oppidum, opens early and also offers a bonus for the higher districts. Gaul is very strong for those who seek victory in domination, but it can also be transformed into an efficient civilization based on culture.

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The civilisation of the 6 new leaders at the top of the Nintendo switch

data-medium-file=https://i2.wp.com/ladiesgamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/0CA51F14-E9C2-4F3B-92F8-579DAE625561.jpeg?fit=595%2C342&ssl=1 data-large-file=https://i2.wp.com/ladiesgamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/0CA51F14-E9C2-4F3B-92F8-579DAE625561.jpeg?fit=840%2C484&ssl=1 loading=lazy class=aligncenter size-large wp-image-40950 jetpack-lazy-image src=https://i0.wp.com/ladiesgamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/0CA51F14-E9C2-4F3B-92F8-579DAE625561-960×553.jpeg?resize=840%2C484&ssl=1 alt=Civ 6 new frontier leaders. LadiesGamers width=840 height=484 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy- data-lazy- data-lazy-src=https://i0.wp.com/ladiesgamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/0CA51F14-E9C2-4F3B-92F8-579DAE625561-960×553.jpeg?resize=840%2C484&is-pending-load=1#038;ssl=1 />


The last part of the New Frontier package, which will be launched on the 19th this year. The game, to be released on November 7, will feature a new leader and a new civilization, as well as a new game mode and new city-states. The new leader is Hammurabi of Babylonian civilization.

Hammurabi Head of civilization Babylon

Single command power: Ninu-Ilum Sirum

As soon as each type of specialised neighbourhood is built for the first time, it immediately gets a building with the lowest production costs that can be built in that neighbourhood. This unique feature works in all counties except Plaza County. If you build another province, you get a free messenger for the first time.

Leader’s Agenda:Cradle of Civilization

Hammurabi likes to build all kinds of counties and loves those who do the same. I don’t like civilizations that don’t build all kinds of provinces.

A unique unity of civilization: Sabum Kibittum

The only hand-to-hand combat group in ancient Babylon. +17 combat strength against heavy and light cavalry units. +10 fighting strength against cavalry. With great movement and high eyesight.

Unique civilization capacity: Enuma Anu Enliil

This function enables Eureka’s to unlock their respective technologies immediately, -50% science per turn.

Single civilisation building:  Palgum

A building from the old days that replaced a watermill and was opened after the completion of the bourgeois wheel. Result: +2 production, +1 housing, +1 power for all hexes next to the freshwater source.

Play tips

As the Hammurabi and the Babylon Pack have not yet been released, I will be back after playing a new leader to add more gameplay tips. But if you look at his stats now, getting that Eureka sure seems like a way to go,

By taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Babylon Enuma Enuma Anu Enlil reduces the number of scientific achievements at once, but it also has its advantages. For each Eureka you own, you will receive a full scientific bonus to unlock the technology. Which in itself is a big boost. So it would be a good start to give Eureka priority to the technicians when they play for Hammurabi.

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Civ 6 helps the new management of Nintendo Switch.

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Here we go:

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