Circuit Dude Review (Nintendo Switch)

Circuit Dude Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Regulation Dude
Genre : A puzzle game, system strategy: Enable (originally on PC)
Developers | Publishers : Jonathan Holmes | Sick games
Awards : USD 4.99 |UK £ 4.49| European Union € 4.99 Age Rating
: US E | EU 3+
Date of issue : 07. September 2020

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Sometimes life gets really wild. Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t worked on this site much lately, and that’s because it was one of those moments for me. One of the great things you can have at times when there is a lot of work to do and you don’t have much time to play is the course, which is easy to play in a short time, but still helps to relax. If you’re looking for a name like that, look no further than Circuit Dude!

What is it?

Circuit Dude Review (Nintendo Switch) The coin is on a well filled board. The obstacles are numerous. width=840 height=473 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy-src= />

It’s gonna take time!

Circuit Dude – puzzle game created by developer Jonathan Holmes. It all started with a game for a handheld device called Arduboy. After obtaining the fan base on this system, he added content and ported it to several other platforms, including Steam, Android, iOS and now Switch. Circuit Dude is a tile based puzzle game. You play by helping your character complete his invention by adding microchips to complete the circuits. Don’t stand in a corner and don’t get stuck! If you do that, you just blow up your character and start over. Go through 100 levels and find out what you helped him build. What is this invention? I don’t know!

Why don’t I know?

Circuit Dude Review (Nintendo Switch) Empty table. There are two main sections to finish, and it took me a long time to understand. width=840 height=473 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy-src= />

I’ve been stuck at this level for a week.

The Circuit Dude is not a mystery I just found. I tend to solve different puzzles one after the other and am stuck for about a week. As you progress, new obstacles are added, such as treadmills, chain boards that you send to another part of the board, and blocks that you have to manipulate at switches to avoid being electrocuted. Because of this slow progress, I couldn’t know what I was contributing to by solving puzzles. What I can say is that this game is a FUN. It’s a lot of fun when you solve a puzzle for a few days and then suddenly solve it. I can’t wait to finish the 120 stages, but I still have a long way to go.

Graphics, Control and Music

Circuit Dude Review (Nintendo Switch) Screenshot with a reference to where I was. The Dude scheme indicates that you have failed enough. width=840 height=473 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy-src= />

If you don’t make it, you get a tip. You can disable the clue if you want, but I really need it!

The graphics are quite simple, but absolutely charming. Each puzzle is a kind of printed circuit board with different obstacles. Everything is simply animated, in a style that fully reflects the feel of the game. No complaints about control. It’s great to play Switch Lite. It’s easy to see and easy to play. Music and sound effects are my only complaints. They’re not bad at all, but they repeat themselves very often. Usually when I play, the sound is muted, and I really prefer to do it that way.

What makes it so delicious in turbulent times?

Circuit Dude Review (Nintendo Switch) The screen shows the screen where you select the layer. The layers are cleared in blocks, so you can walk around. width=840 height=473 data-recalc-dims=1 data-lazy-src= />

I like that the level locks are lifted immediately. So you can try other puzzles if you get stuck.

This game is especially suitable for short playing periods or when you multitask and listen to a podcast or audiobook. Now it fits very well in my life, because like many others who lost their jobs during the recent pandemic, I decided to go back to school. This puzzle is perfect to stimulate your brain during a break in your studies. I can feel my tired grey cells again when I turn on the Switch Lite and charge this jewel. You can play as little or as long as you like, and you go through the blocks of the puzzle. So if you’re stuck in one block, you can try another one in the same block. Eventually you’ll have to solve them all to move on to the next block, but it’s good to block yourself so you can try other puzzles while waiting for everyone to click the button.


The game encourages editing of levels and online sharing of levels. I haven’t reached the point where I can unlock it yet, but if it’s as fun and thoughtful as the rest of this game, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. It will probably take me some time to get there, but I will try to update this overview once I have unlocked these features.


It’s a great feeling when you’re done with the level you’re stuck on!

Dude’s plan is worth all the praise he’s got. I’ve found something more than I’d hoped for in the last few months. So instead of listening to podcasts while walking or driving, I listen and play Circuit Dude. I was glad I could help him with his invention all my time and I plan to do the same for many more hours!

Final verdict: Two fingers up!

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