Bonuses at Online Casinos

Bonuses at Online Casinos

All 2 deposit casino actively fight for new customers and try to take care of their regular players. Of course, they also have to compete with each other, so the best operators outdo each other with the most attractive and generous bonuses and bonuses. Below we will discuss the most common types of casino bonuses.

Types of Casino Bonuses

First deposit bonus

Almost a must at any self-respecting online casino. The bonus is given in the form of extra money to play with, which is automatically credited to the player’s account after his first deposit at the casino. Its purpose is to encourage new players to register and start playing at the casino, so it is usually the most financially attractive bonus. Very often casinos call it a “welcome bonus. In English-language casinos you can meet the terms “Welcome Bonus” or “(First) Deposit Bonus.

As a rule, the amount of the bonus is expressed as a percentage of the first deposit and has a maximum limit. Here is an example:

In this case, the bonus is 100% of our first deposit into the casino, and the maximum can be as high as $250. So, if we deposit only $50 – we get the second amount (100%). If we deposit $250 – we will get the second bonus of $250. This is already the maximum amount, so whether you deposit $300 or $500, the extra money from the casino will still be $250.

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Deposit bonus or bonus on future deposits

If you’ve played at a casino before, it may happen that you run out of funds to play. After that, many casinos will offer you a deposit bonus. The amount and terms of these bonuses are set individually and are not always a fixed offer from the casino. It very often happens that “reloads” are awarded periodically, and the time to use them is also limited. This is a good way used by online casino advertising departments to “wake up” inactive players and encourage them to come back to play.

Loyalty Bonuses

This type of promotion targets regular, regular players. It most often takes the form of points, which are a reflection of the turnover a player makes by betting on all games. The total amount of bets is converted into points, which can be used in a variety of ways. In online poker rooms, points can often be used to buy gifts or participate in tournaments with cash prizes. At online casinos, points are a pass to special promotions or can simply be exchanged for play money.

No Deposit Bonuses / Free Games

A less common form of casino promotions are free funds to play or free games in which you can win real money (such as 20 free spins on a selected slot machine).

Of course, anything free tempts many dishonest casino customers who try to take advantage of such opportunities by creating fake accounts and extorting bonuses. Therefore, as a rule, such promotions are for small amounts ($5-10) and require certain conditions to be met before the actual withdrawal from the casino (e.g. required turnover of funds, own deposit, etc.). Therefore, as with any other bonus, it is recommended that you read the promotion terms and conditions for receiving/withdrawing funds carefully before playing.

Recurring rewards (monthly, weekly)

Bonuses similar to the reload bonus. Regular players can expect a bonus per deposit in a certain period – such as the first deposit of the month or a weekend bonus. It is best to look for details of such promotions on casino promotional pages or in promotional emails that online casinos send to their customers.

Individual (VIP) bonuses

Offers for top casino players can be incredibly capacious. They range from financial bonuses (extra money to play with large and regular deposits), to gifts, match tickets, invitations to events or holidays, to the personalized care of a casino manager who is at the disposal of the most important online casino players.

So if you have a lot of money and you like to play big, sooner or later you will be contacted by a representative of the casino you play at, and include you in the list of VIP customers. If not, move quickly to a casino that appreciates you and treats you special!

Bonuses by type of deposit

Sometimes online mobile slots uk prefers a certain type of financial instrument with which players deposit money to play.

This is usually due to the fact that some countries impose restrictions on online gambling and control (or even prohibit) financial institutions, such as banks, to conduct transactions with online casino operators. Such problems can arise with credit cards, for example.

Therefore, to encourage players to use more flexible deposit and withdrawal methods – so-called online portfolios such as PayPal or Neteller – casinos offer additional cash bonuses when depositing in this way.

Very often it’s just an extra percentage bonus that we will only get with a certain type of deposit (for example, an extra 30% on the first deposit up to 100% welcome bonus). In this case, our gaming budget with a deposit of $100 would be $230 ($100 own deposit + $100 welcome bonus + $30 for Neteller deposit).

Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

Refer-A-Friend bonuses are earned when we convince a friend to play at the casino. To get the Refer-A-Friend bonus, your friend must open an account and make the first deposit – and, of course, let the casino know that he or she registered as a result of your referral. Naturally, he or she must not already be a player at the casino.

A referral bonus is usually given in the form of extra play money, which is credited to your account once your friend fulfills the terms of the promotion – so it’s worth reading the details.

Of course, the fact that we receive a bonus on this occasion does not block our friend’s eligibility for all the welcome promotions awaiting new players. The size of the referral bonus varies from casino to casino, but usually ranges from $20 to $100 per referral.

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In fact, this is only a generalized list of rewards that can be found on gambling platforms today. Nevertheless, some casinos are going all out to win your interest, so they offer unique gifts that you might not find at all in other establishments. However, if you do not find at least 3-4 bonus offers on the selected site, you are better off not using such a site.

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