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Battle For Bikini Bottom

It is no secret that THQ Nordic MO has acquired rights in recent years and has literally remastered every piece of intellectual property that could fall into its hands. This nostalgic last handful seems at first sight their most special renaissance of today, a licensed children’s platform from the time when there were more than ten, and was not exactly known for its quality. But this time they could get caught up in something. With updated visuals and restored, previously cut-out content, the game’s undisputed underwater iconography always guarantees a successful second life on the shelves. To remind us of the eternal suffocation of Nickelodeon in our childhood, here is SpongeBob:. Bikini Bottom Battle – Regidia.

Battle For Bikini Bottom

The sixth generation of consoles had many possibilities, including saturation with TV and film-related games. Some were real classics, such as Simpson’s Hit & Run, others – Jimmy Neutron:… Tvonkis Attack. While the original Battle for Bikini Bottom was released in a mixed shot in 2003, its popularity in the Speed Runner community would mean a change of heart about the name. While other Spongebob games have appeared and disappeared in over 15 years since their first release, Battle for Bikini Bottom continues to stand out. Fans would even go so far as to say that it’s one of the best licensed games ever made. How this application unfolds will vary from person to person, but in any case, THQ Nordic will do everything possible to master and enjoy the action/adventure for the public, old and new.

The plot follows a series of planktonic antagonists that unleash the scourge of the evil robots on the city called Bikini Bottom. Unfortunately, Plankton forgets to program any kind of obedience to the robots, so they immediately throw it aside and overtake the city itself. Spongebob thinks it’s all his fault for reasons that have nothing to do with each other. With Patrick & Sandy’s friends, the trio moves from neighborhood to neighborhood, restores order, destroys robots and collects many shiny objects (this is not a generalization, by the way, the most important collectibles are literally called shiny objects).

Battle For Bikini Bottom

He plays the most brilliant Super Mario Odyssey. The whole city is divided into several sections, between which you go back and forth, each with different problems, which you can execute in almost any order. The top prize you are looking for is the Golden Spoons, but there are also many hidden collectibles that will inspire you to explore every world to the fullest. Compared to modern adventure games, the stages will not be so bad, but the fun factor is still there. This game is really hilarious, because it was written when Sponge Bob reached its critical peak. The voice leading is largely dotted, and we really feel like we’re playing an episode of the series.

The updated visual effects are an absolutely welcome addition as they smoothen the character design and add much more colour to the environment. The platform and mechanics of the game are usually omitted, and for some players it will be a double-edged sword. Given that this was done for the sake of speed, it makes sense to get away with most of the setbacks and exploits for which the game is famous today. However, the compromise on this issue concerns very outdated controls.

Just as critics called Yooka-Laylee because it played too much like N64, Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is just as guilty of playing too much as the GameCube name. The movement is slow and floating (although you can bet that makes sense for a game that takes place underwater), the battle is so simplified that the waves from the NPCs are more routine than anything else, and you’ll encounter a few bugs that will make you more than angry. All this was a common criticism of adventure games at that time, and even if one day a patch will fix some bugs, it’s going to shake a little when you switch from the modern platform game to this. Even the recently added multiplayer mode isn’t much better than your usual survival mode.

Battle For Bikini Bottom

But if you think nostalgically about this era of gambling and see it as a time capsule, the technical problems are much easier to hide. Even outside the fast race, I liked to take a step back and go back to that generation. There is the pleasure of being in raw and imperfect elements, because you really do not see that such games are made too often. Licensed releases are now mostly from massive AAA companies such as Insomniac Spider-Manor simple but highly monetized mobile games, although the common ground occupied by Battle for Bikini Bottom no longer really exists.

I’ve seen that people are disappointed with this game because they expected something in line with the Crash and Spyro re-releases. It seems that the development team tried to get as close to him as possible, but the rude nature of the battle of for Bikini Lower is almost inseparable from his identity in the cultural spirit of the time. The game would probably not have been the same if every detail had been coded down to the smallest detail, with the addition of raytracing and powering, as well as season passes and everything else that seems necessary nowadays.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle of the Bikini Bottom – Recorded Review

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 8/10.
  • The course of the game – 7/10
  • Late appeal – 7/10


Final remarks : GOOD PLACES

If you’re nostalgic for simpler games or just need more sponges in your life, Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a remaster worth using. The level of design and humour holds up incredibly well despite a few clumsy controls, and it really makes you feel like you’re retiring for lunch in the early 2000s.

Evan Rude is a student of journalism and an amateur game historian. His favorite Guitar Hero III song was Even Flow.

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