Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Abilities Guide

Guide to the skills of the Assassin Valhalla Creed

At Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, you will experience a new kind of ability. In AC Valhalla, skills and abilities are two different things that have different effects on the style of play. You can assign a total of 8 skills (four of each) to Avora at once, depending on your playing style. In this guide we have listed all the skills included in the Valhalla Assassin Creed.

The Creed of the Killer WalhallaSkills Guide

We have listed all the features of the game below.

Ability of the killer Creed Valhalla Zone

In AC Valhalla there are a number of skills that focus on stealth and special bow attacks. In Valhalla AC there are a total of 8 areas of expertise, which we have listed below.

Beating with toxic substances

With this option you can put a layer of poison on the arrow, which hits the enemy directly. Assassin’s Creed has eight types of zones with different capacities, and they are all located in different places in Norway and England.

Voronovsky bypass

It is located in Tonnastadir, where you will also find the key. Then a symbol appears and you follow the secret passage. This possibility allows Aivor to perform special movements during the fight.

Dead brand

This possibility can be found in the Tower of Melbourne. There you have to bring the key to the guard, and then you have the ability to mark the enemy and aim a group of arrows at him.

Slums of Thorn

It’s at the bottom of the watchtower. You see a floor that can be drilled. Go this way to find Thorn’s nap. You will also have the symbol of the Scented Storm, which will immediately put your enemy to sleep.


This power gives you strength in your legs and in one fell swoop you can send your opponent back to the ground.


You can find that possibility at Fort Templebrow. To do this, you have to go to the fort and get in, and then kill one of the guards. Then shoot an arrow with all your might at any object and it will pierce it.

Update about Nornir

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must follow the action. If you get to Offchurch, you’ll get there. This will help you to aim and shoot arrows at the enemy, which will cause multiple damage.

Man’s best friend

In order to obtain this opportunity, you must release the wolf to the enemy.

Killer Creed Valhalla hand-to-hand combat capability

Melee combat skills are in contrast to the ranking style and focus on a close and brutal approach to the enemies. There are a total of 7 melee possibilities in AC Valhalla, and we have listed them below.

Speed and partying

This possibility is found in Ravensburg, and in order to claim it, you have to strike continuously, and when you meet the enemy, you have to catch him and hit him against the wall to see the result and the damage.

Toxic Shot

You can use this feature through melee weapons and attack the enemy. From time to time the poison shows its effects and influences the enemy.

Harpooned seals

Go to Ragnar’s sons to acquire this skill. You have to find a secret entrance, and when you go down into the well, you’ll find the harpoon implant.

Helheim’s anger

For that you have to go to the waterfall, where you’ll find a secret cave. Go inside and find the safe. This ability will arouse your anger and help you defeat the enemy on the ground.

A dazzling stampede

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must visit the ruined Tower. You will find one level of parking. Break it down and the wall will find you. Behind her you see jars of oil, and there you see the blinding ability to hurry.

Valkyrie waterfall

This ability allows you to shoot yourself in the air and land on enemies to do damage to them. This capacity is available at the monastery on the island of Yeli and can be found during a raid. Go through the door and down the stairs to a large courtyard to take advantage of the opportunity.

Throwing down the anger of an axe

This ability allows you to throw axes at your enemies. To find it, go to the cave southwest of Nothtail and go inside. The capacity will be there.

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