Adorable Animal Crossing New Horizons Gift Ideas

With the season of giving the beast crosses the new horizons that Murch in the west

If you’re already ready for the holidays, this year you can think of gifts, big and small, to share with your loved ones. For much of this online shopping season it is best to collect gifts a little earlier than usual.

At the moment there is a large wave of intersections in the large retail chains. I’ve collected the most enchanting items you can give to an Animal Crossing fan, or maybe treat yourself to something special!

Put yourself at the top of this little list of cute and revealing things – all animals cross paths with the animals that were the subject of the theme!

Animal crossing new Horizons Mini Backpack

Kangaroo backpack

This cute little backpack contains everything you need to take New Horizons with you on your travels. Even a super cute call hanger is attached to the backpack – and it comes in different colours! Give it to me.


Pulses for crossing with animals – Celeste edition

For the colder months to come, why don’t we cross this super cute animal with the theme cap? You can get one here for you and/or the person you love.

Water bottle for crossbred animals

Everybody should drink water, at least once in a while. With this bottle of water, the hustle and bustle of the world is a lot more fun. You can have it here.

Pull pliers for crossing animals

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a change theme for the zodiac, you can get this soft handle in matching colors here.

Crossed animal socks

Make it easy on yourself with these super soft and cute socks! Bring your couple over here!

Crossed ankle socks for animals

If you are not a big fan of the above socks, you can enjoy these ankle socks even more by buying them here.

Coffee and tea cups for animals under

Are you enjoying your coffee on the way? Or like pouring half a cup of coffee and tea while playing New Horizon? It’s the most elegant way! Here’s yours.

Collecting bins for animal crossings Box

Sump for intersections

This charming collection box contains beautiful items from the Crossing Animals series and comes in a legendary box to get the villagers moving. Give it to me.

Animal crossing bag

How about a nice Animal Crossing Sling bag with an emblematic leaf pattern? This is your chance!

Guidelines for Zebra crossing islands

Everything you need to know about the most charming village simulator, tips, tricks and secrets are revealed in this practical guide. Give it to me.

Animal headbags

Do your shopping in the style of this Animal Crossing bag that only contains Tom Nuk, Timmy and Tommy. Give it to me.

Small animals that cross the theme of watering can and garden

Create your own small garden and maintain it with the right small watering can. Take this charming limited edition boxed set here – there’s even this charming Animal Crossing Holiday Card to take with you!

Other gift ideas

If you know someone who already has the switch, or if you receive the Nintendo Switch for the holidays, you’re at the top of the list!

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