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http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Tick-Tock-Travelers-Review--.png-.png GARs tend to take themselves too seriously these days. Whether it’s the artistic style, the decor, the story or the characters, this type of game rarely offers anything that comes close to childlike wonder. I think back to the glory days of JRPGS, when everything seemed new and exciting. Earthsticks struck me as an exceptional genre, with memorable characters and settings, and I thought this also applied to Destiny Connect. It has cute characters with cute graphics and a memorable story, which is very necessary on the Switch to stand out from the abundance of weekly games.


The story follows a young girl named Sherry who lives in the city of Cloakney. One day the whole city freezes in time, but Sherry and a few other people don’t seem to be touched by it. After discovering a hidden invention of her father, Isaac, she discovers that she can travel to the past and the future to try to unravel a mysterious condition that has affected everyone in the world. From there, history repeats itself everywhere, with the different members of the group from each period being interwoven by a key event. Although the story is largely light-hearted, it has some serious undertones, like B. an alternative timeline where everything goes to hell.

This game has a lot of charm, and it goes beyond the images. Of course the cartoon style is the most attractive factor, but it is supported by many small details. Enemies are all devices that went wrong, which means you have to fight things like toasters for criminals and harassment on pinball machines. You can switch from one character to another to run like in an open world, each with its own running cycle. They regenerate health and MS with cute snacks like cakes and cookies, and the weapons of the characters range from Rubber Ducky to Laser Gun. You can dress up Sherry in different outfits, and her robot partner Isaac can do a different job, like fireman or cowboy. These extra details help support the game in addition to its attractive aesthetics.


As with all RPGs, controlling the battle is important, and I’m happy to announce that Destiny Connect does. You get your traditional turn-based battle in which the speed statistics determine the order of the characters. Of course you can attack, defend, serve yourself and whatever you want, or run, but you also have a team skill that allows each character to use special abilities in the heat of battle. Each character has his or her own capabilities, giving you a wide range of possibilities in the field of team building. Isaac is the exception, because he’s the only member who can never leave the group. However, he has an exclusive ability that no other character has: the ability to transform himself into different forms, each with its own abilities and fighting styles.

Fighting is very easy to learn and play, but as the game progresses you are faced with a pretty fun challenge. Enemies are no quitter; even weak enemies can do you good damage. Although at first glance it may seem good to roughly force your way through the game, at some point you’ll have to use your skills tactfully. This also applies to Isaac’s transformations, because his unique formative ability can be used to expel enemies or break their shields. You can also upgrade it with the equipment you get by defeating enemies, which increases its stats and unlocks new skills.


Although the game looks great and I love the character design and the enemies, the world construction leaves much to be desired. Every region seems to be a barren wasteland, even the communities you visit. There is really nothing special about each location, and all sections are structured in the same way, with many corridors to walk through with little or no interaction with the environment. There are only two buildings in the neighborhood, which gives the impression that the neighborhood is less a city and more an empty space. The level of design seems so lazy that if you go back 30 years, absolutely nothing changes in the city. Visually, it is the same, which is detrimental to the immersion of the story. It is clear that a larger budget and more time could have been spent on this part of the game.

There are also some problems with the plot. Sometimes what happens on the screen seems to be very separate from the story. One example is the first boss of the game, who sucks the souls of everyone in town. The main characters confront him, but then realize that they are not strong enough to fight him. So they just walk away from the boss, who does nothing to stop them, to discuss a strategy to defeat him. Strange moments like this destroy any illusion of danger or urgency. Also, the music often does not match the gameplay, almost as if the soundtrack was made separately and then inserted.


Despite these negative aspects, gambling tries to compensate with a high quality of life. There’s a button that allows you to skip almost any scene in the game, from regular cut scenes to a standard dialog box. Charging times are virtually non-existent, and many only take a few seconds. The game has a fast-moving system that you can use at any time. This way you can easily reach your goals without having to go back to where you just were. Destiny Connect certainly has modern elements that help to keep the game going at a good pace.

Even if the game isn’t perfect, I still had a lot of fun with the adventure. Memorable characters, funny battles and an entertaining plot (albeit with strange plot points) made me want to come back for more. He’s not the best RPG on the Swap, but he can certainly stand up to all the others fighting for your attention.

Connect the lot: Overview of the à la carte traveller

  • Graphs – 9/10
  • Sound – 6/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late call – 7/10


Final thoughts: GRAND

Destiny Connect is a charming JRPG that does a lot of things right. With a fascinating fighting system, neat graphics and a number of quality of life options, most fans of the genre should find something to love here. Poor level design, weird plot points and weird music are not enough to ruin an otherwise excellent choice at the fair.


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