3 Ways To Build Strong Base in Valhiem: Structure Building Guide

To survive in Valheim, you need sturdy buildings. Ones that can save you from rain, animals and enemies. Building solid buildings is a difficult task in the game. No matter how many resources you have, there is a way to build a building. Without a solid foundation, it will collapse, and then you have to grind again to find wood and stones. I will show you some of the best ways to build a solid structure in Valheim.

Ways to build sturdy foundations for buildings

How to Build Strong Base - Valheim

You will use two basic resources to build in Valhieme. In stone and wood, you will make beams, walls, floors, etc. from resources you have collected during exploration. When everything is ready, it is not easy to build anything. Rain is one of the weather conditions that destroy roofs and floors in Walheim. We have a guide to saving things from rain, see the link for more details. We can also post our tips on how to build a better foundation in Walheim.

Focus on the colors as you place the object. During construction, you will see the following six basic colors. Each color is a kind of code that tells you the status of the object. For example, whether it is 100% supported or whether it is easily broken.

  • Blue: Foundation. Plants are connected to the earth and receive maximum support.
  • Green: good for platforms.
  • Yellow: slightly weaker than green, can be used for roofs.
  • Orange: weaker than yellow.
  • Red: can be easily damaged.
  • Dark red: Immediately breakable.

If you are building a roof or a wall, pay attention to the color scheme. Any part in dark red will break immediately. Blue is good for foundations, and placing a part with a support beam makes the upper floors or roof stronger.

Use wood for the walls and 2×1 bricks for the first floor. Do not place them on a wooden foundation, the structure will be weak and may collapse quickly. When you start building the upper floors, the structure will lose its stability. Here the beams play an important role in keeping everything in place. Emphasis is placed on anchoring the beams to the foundation structure to give the upper floors maximum strength.

If you are building something above ground, use wooden beams to support it. Don’t fix a room in the air to a wall; it won’t last long. Try to place rooms only when you see green or blue. Avoid the others, you can choose yellow if you need something.

Stone is the best base

If you have enough stone blocks, you can use them as wall columns. Each piece of wood attached to the stone will serve as a foundation. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on beams to make things stable. Stone offers better stability because you will find that every piece of wood attached to a stone wall is blue. It doesn’t matter if they are attached to a higher part above the ground.

Stone is the best way to create a solid foundation in Walheim. Stone posts are also the best foundation, they will take a lot of grinding to get enough pieces for a base. There are other things you can do to secure your base. But concentrate on building a solid base, other things can be easily corrected.

How to build a solid building in Valheim. You can check out our Valheim wiki guides to learn more about cheaters, mods, pattern location, etc.

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