25 Facts about the Death Watch

25 Facts about the Death Watch

In this article we present 25 facts about Deathwatch that you might not know! And don’t forget to read our celebratory article on the new Space Sea Code, entitled 25 Facts about the astronaut you never knew:

Fact no. 01

They say the master of the first chapter is Asger Warfist, the space wolf. The head of the captain has the title of commander of the hour, and there are several holders of this title at the same time.

Fact no. 02

The Death Watch when the head was killed in the 32nd century. Born in the millennium.

Fact no. 03

There is contradictory documentation on the origin of the death detector because of the very sensitive nature of the Inquisition and the death detector’s vow of silence with regard to his duties.

Fact #04

Technically, there are no founders of Deathwatch, and as such they do not follow the Codex Astartes standards. Deathwatch consists as a collection of members from different sections that meet only for special missions.

Fact no. 05

The Hours of Death paint their armor black as a sign of service to the emperor, but to paint their armor black would be a disgrace to the spirit of the tank armor. Therefore, they wear the badge of their original chapter on one shoulder and the badge of the vigil on the other, even if they are not called to serve.

Fact no. 06

They accept the Inquisition order to take the oath of silence when they return to their respective chapters after the missions.

25 Facts about the Death Watch 25 Facts about the death penalty

Fact no. 07

Suicide teams are usually led by the Inquisitor because of their strict code of conduct regarding the extinction of Xenos and the handling of Xenos equipment.

Fact no. 08

The need for Death Watch was desperate to save the Empire. The largest orca in the tangle, known as the Beast, gathered forces from 6 tangle’s that surpassed those of the Ullanor Crusade. It was known as the war of beasts.

Fact #09

Watchmakers are usually so handy that they never return to their original heads, but look in different DeathWatch forts throughout the galaxy.

Fact no. 10

Deathwatches are not units or companies like most Adeptus Astartes, but rather small, specialized units known as Kill Teams.

Fact no. 11

The Kammerkämpfer is a military unit of the Imperial Inquisition. The Inquisition was divided for the first time during the animal war between the knights of Ordo-Xenos (hunters of aliens) and the grey knights of Ordo-Malleus (hunters of demons). The third is the Ordo Hereticus (witch hunter) of Adepta Sororitas.

Fact no. 12

The threat that Xenos and Chaos pose to Empires is so serious that hundreds of chapters demand that their space-infantry return from Death Watch, despite the shame it brings.  The time spent in Death Watch is known as Long Night’s Watch.

Fact no. 13

The second unconfirmed account of the establishment of the Death Detector took place at an unknown time, when members of the Inquisition, known as the Apocryphal Conclave of the Orphans IV, saw a prophecy foretelling the death of the Empire by the rebellion of Xenoxes. A death guard has been trained to respond to the fate predicted by the clave.

Fact no. 14

Death Watch is responsible for the destruction of Fabius Byles’ work on the mutation of extraterrestrial life forms. They broke in and burned down his entire lab.

Fact no. 15

The orcs shed so much blood that they were about to cause a rift in the kingdom of the blood god, until Death Watch intervened. The battle was so fierce that they lost half of their limbs in the bloodshed, but they managed to prevent another break in the fabric of reality.

25 Facts about the Death Watch

Fact no. 16

The Clock Fortress is sovereignly ruled by the Clock Commanders, whose word is law. Whole sectors of the galaxy are undoubtedly being approached with the word Watch Commander. They only answer to the Inquistadores.

Fact no. 17

Clock fortresses are kept at the edge of the imperial territory, often unknown and unmarked in the imperial registers. They keep and protect secrets that are not made public and are often unknown.

Fact no. 18

Clock fortresses are so effective that they often destroy growing threats before the Empire knows they exist.

Fact no. 19

Small areas are called layered areas.

Fact no. 20

Loyalist legions of the Cosmic Marines are bound by the Emperor’s oath to supply troops for the Death Watch, resulting in moral conflict for legions such as the Dark Angels and the Black Templars, who see the Inquisition as a corrupt and evil entity against the sovereignty of the Astart follower.

Fact no. 21

Iron Hands, Dark Angels, Cosmic Wolves, and Bloodthirsty Angels – they all have strained relations with the Inquisition, and if they are chosen to join the Death Watch, some radical inquisitors from the Order of Xenon will attract the Order of Heretics to eliminate potential heretics.

Fact no. 22

The Death Watch has more ultramarine, purple and imperial fists, thanks to its reputation in the Inquisition.

Fact no. 23

The Kill Times takes the name of the person in command during the mission. For example: During the mission led by Epistolar Galius, the unit will be called Kill-Team Galuis.

Fact no. 24

The Death Watch is not directly under the command of the Ordos Xenos, but works closely together.

Conclusion 25 Facts about mortality

The Kill Team’s death squad may be charged with killing the rogue inquisitor. Such performances are so forbidden and the betrayal is so secret that even other members of Deathwatch are not aware of these missions. All those involved in such missions take an even stricter vow of silence.

25 Facts about the Death Watch

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