Warhammer 40k Space Wolves Tactics: Are Wulfen Worth It? Is Wolfen worth it?

This article from Warhammer 40k Space Wolf Tactics focuses on the new Wolf. The gambling seminar announced a preliminary order for a code supplement for Space Wolves. So it’s time to look at the classic Wolfen Space Squad upgrade.  Wolfing is a cult unit that refers to the wilderness and cruelty of the entire chapter of Space Wolf.

Wolfing is a fast and strong team that is above average in close combat.  They got an extra inch of movement and also went to force 5.  Wolfing follows his rule of mad death.  This no longer gives them 5++ injuries to ignore the ability (to feel no pain).  Instead, the ability allows them to fight to the death if they have not already done so in the phase.  The unit has acquired Wild Fury capability, which means it is still considered in the attack doctrine and still benefits from a shock attack.

Wolf Tactics 40k heat resistant in space: 8. Wolf Edition vs. now

Unfortunately, Wolfen has been seriously affected by the systematic changes in the 40 kilometer long game in general.  Storm screens no longer provide 3++ invulnerable support, but 4+++ and +1 invulnerable support to the carrier shield.  This means that the unit is now dependent on a 3+ armored unit and a 4++ invulnerable unit.  Wolfens’ bread and butter weapon, the Thunder Hammer, was also modified to reduce the power from the AP-3 to the AP-2.

Wolf also loses due to the absence of the keyword PRIMARIS, which means that they can no longer be polished by the physiological transmenschliche trick.  Also missing is the core of the keyword, which restricts their access to certain auras and buffers.  More importantly, they lost the rule of the boundary loop, which allowed them to advance earlier and continue to attack.

This whole block feels like it’s lost a lot more than it has.  The unit’s trolley is balanced to accommodate a larger number of units.  This has significantly reduced Wolfen’s offensive potential.  The loss of their guidance and load makes the device slower despite the increase in basic speed.  In case of loss of damage, the rabies component is ignored, making this device even more vulnerable.  Of course, the old method of controlling one or two teams with thunder hammers and storm shields and attacking them all over the board has disappeared from the enemy.

40k Space Waves Tactical heat sink: Is Wolfen worth it?

The basic statistics on strength and stiffness 5 and stroke 8 make it possible to chop with simple claws as a special tool for accumulation.  Since they are always counted and get a shock attack in the attack doctrine, they can have a large number of decent AP’s, damaging 1 attack.  It can easily erase the monitoring unit and make an impressive dent in the 30-headed Orc Boyz unit.  The question is whether this is what the space wolves still need, given their border access to the main units of the Space Infantry Act.  In the end it will be a decision that each player will have to make.


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