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WorldofTanks9 - CTOO New Year's wish list

We’re not talking about balancing cylinders or getting beaten up…. Just honest feedback on the most basic things the WOT needs for the New Year:

  1. Correct an unintended fault when the repair data has not been activated.
  2. Replace the chevron indicators above the tanks with tank class symbols. The chevrons offer too little tactical information at a glance. For example, the super heavy balloon has very little time to decide how to react to the arrival of a light balloon compared to a heavy one.
  3. Simplified and grey cards (mini and large) have removed too many details compared to the vanilla WOT card. Tactical information takes too long to decode.
  4. Added options to display the level, type and status of the tank in the visor. The tactical information in the lower left and right corner breaks the concentration on the position of our tank, the movements of the enemy tank.
  5. The battle log must show the type of tank, not the names of the players. Names of players don’t help.
  6. The visual signal for charging is too silent and can be missed in the fog of war. Add an enhanced visual cue, such as. B. Illumination/radiation of a full grid with a colour change when charging.
  7. The amount of damage caused/received can be better emphasized (more and better differentiation by source) to give better feedback.
  8. Add bow health and reload bar options in addition to a grid similar to WOT vanilla. Once again, the health bars in the corners take too much time and cause us to lose control of the movement of the tank and the evolution of the situation on the battlefield.
  9. Do you need WOT vanilla ammunition type indicators, please.
  10. There’s no team screen in the game. Too little information is displayed and unnecessarily divided into tabs.
  11. Add an inverted indicator for the number of people on the ceiling.
  12. I’ve always said that if you want to retain new players, situational awareness just has to be part of the core code as an objective. Since the new WOT does not require the commander (former crew) to play on the tank, situational awareness can be built into the commander (i.e. the senior engineer of the game) as a standard feature/bonus if you have one on the tank. It doesn’t help that new players feed experienced players until they have SS in all their crews.
  13. Wish list for the garage :
  • The information devices with improved targeting should be free or inexpensive. That was the standard function of vanilla WOT.
  • Add a new mechanism to make it easier for the crew to move around, either from the garage or in the tank sieve settings (the Y button is not used in the tank sieve settings). It may be for quick and direct access by the captain).
  • Allow us to respect individual skills, not just the whole slate.
  • Add a filter to the Commander’s screen.
  • You should be able to fully communicate with the tanks of the tank sieve, instead of picking up the tank you want from the filter and going back to the garage to find it, you can interact with it.
  • I’m not even gonna try to discuss technical trees. It’s bad enough I stopped fixing everything. In any case, add something that simply and clearly indicates the minimum amount of xp required to unlock the next tank.

Happy New Year (let’s hope)!!!!

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The post-WOTC New Year’s wish list for the World of Tanks game.

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