Words With Exe In Them – Is Exe Valid Scrabble Word?

is exe a scrabble word

Regarding Scrabble, players always look for valid words to earn a high score. One of the words that often comes up is ‘exe.’ But is it a valid Scrabble word? Let’s find out.

  • Exemplar means “a person or thing serving as a typical example or excellent model.” It contains the letters ‘exe’ and is worth 18 points in Scrabble.
  • Execrate: To feel intense hatred towards someone or something. This word also includes the letters ‘exe’ and carries a value of 17 points in Scrabble.
  • Executant: This crossword-style term refers to a musician who performs music written by other composers. It comprises five consonants and two vowels and is worth 19 points in Scrabble.
  • Executrix: A woman who executes a will after someone dies. The word boasts eight letters, including ‘e’, ‘x’, and ‘t.’ It’s worth 19 points in Scrabble too!

Did you know that the letter combination “exe” appears quite regularly in scientific words, such as “anaplastic large cell lymphoma [ALCL]-ALK gene rearrangement-expressed (NPM-ALK).”

If you want to boost your Scrabble game, don’t forget words like Exequy, Anorexegenic or Polexecutor – these are just some examples!

Don’t miss out on high-scoring opportunities just because you think no words with “exes” in them are valid for scrabble! So keep practicing your vocabulary, keep playing, and keep winning! Get ready to exercise your brain with the official definition of Scrabble, because playing with words is the ultimate workout!

Definition of Scrabble

Scrabble is a word game that promotes vocabulary building and mental agility and is played competitively globally by individuals and tournaments. This classic board game centers around constructing words with letter tiles strategically placed on a game board to gain points. The higher the value assigned to the letter tile, such as ‘Exe’, the more points are earned.

In Scrabble, words with ‘Exe’ like executant, executioners and executory are allowed as they are listed in reputable dictionaries globally; hence considered valid words in this game. Notably, some derivative forms of Exe like exegetics, exequial, and exeunt may not be commonly used or known amongst players but can still be used if verified in approved word lists.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary clarifies that “Scrabble” was coined by Jack Straus in 1948 but had its roots from Crosswords & Anagrams which were popular then.

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/scrabble

Scrabble is like a spelling bee, except with more letters and less humiliation.

Valid Words in Scrabble

To expand your Scrabble game vocabulary, you need to know the valid words in Scrabble. To do that, you can explore the section “Valid Words in Scrabble” titled “Words With Exe In Them – Is Exe Valid Scrabble Word?” which covers two-letter words, three-letter words, and four-letter words as solutions.

Two-Letter Words

Two-letter combinations deemed fit for Scrabble have unique attributes that can give players an edge. Here are six points that distinguish them from their larger counterparts:

  • They offer high-scoring possibilities when used in conjunction with other words
  • They are powerful in opening up the board by connecting multiple words
  • They can create several parallel crosswords on the board, which increases options for scoring
  • They help in achieving a bonus score as they often make use of premium tiles (Double word/letter, Triple word/letter)
  • They act as a defensive measure by limiting access to premium tiles and blocking potential openings for opponents
  • They aid in controlling the game’s tempo by facilitating quick maneuvers and closing down disadvantageous positions.

Interestingly, it is worth noting some two-letter words such as “qat” (a type of shrub) derive from Arabic, making them exceptional examples of loanwords.

According to Scrabble’s official website, over 101 two-letter words are valid for game play. You know you’ve hit rock bottom in Scrabble when even your three-letter words are being challenged.

Three-Letter Words

At Scrabble, what are the possible three-letter words to use?

  • Three-letter words can be handy when you’ve got limited space for placing tiles.
  • The Scrabble dictionary comprises many three-letter words to help you score big points!
  • Be smart and use frequently used ones like ‘cat’, ‘dog’ or unique stakes like ‘qat’, a type of shrub found in Arabia or Eastern Africa.

Interestingly, some short words with low points, like ‘qi’ and ‘za’, have made their way into the official Scrabble dictionary as valid plays! According to The Guardian UK newspaper, 107 acceptable two-letter terms could easily earn you around 50 points. Who needs a therapist when you have four-letter words in Scrabble to release all that pent-up anger?

is exe a scrabble word

Four-Letter Words

Four-letter letter sequences in Scrabble are often sought after as they can yield high-scoring plays. In addition, these short words provide an opportunity to use less-common letters like Q, X, and Z and form hooks off existing words on the board.

  • Four-letter words make up a large portion of acceptable words in Scrabble.
  • They allow players to use high-point letters that would otherwise be difficult to utilize.
  • Many common and frequently-used four-letter words are adjectives, such as great, fine, or vast.

Interestingly, some four-letter words carry more weight than others in certain circumstances. For example, “joey” is worth only 14 points when played at the beginning of a word compared to “joky,” which yields 20 points by utilizing the central K-square.

One player shared an experience where they were stuck with the tiles A-E-F-T and didn’t know what word to form. Finally, after some thought and rearranging, they devised “fate.” This simple but strategic play allowed them to have enough letters for their next play and ultimately win the game.

Exe may not be a valid Scrabble word, but it’s the sound I make when I realize I’ve been playing ‘Q’ without a ‘U’ all game.

Is “exe” a Valid Scrabble Word?

To determine whether “exe” is a valid Scrabble word, you need to understand the rules and scoring of the game. This section will discuss the Scrabble dictionary definition of “exe,” the rules for using it and the potential Scrabble score. Furthermore, we will describe how “exe” can be used in Scrabble tournaments.

is exe a scrabble word

An acceptable Scrabble word is “exe,” a binary file format used in MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. It stands for “executable” and contains machine code that the operating system executes when opened. In Scrabble, it is worth four points, with no bonus points for using all seven letters.

Interestingly, “exe” was not always a valid Scrabble word. It was added to the official Scrabble dictionary only in 2015 along with other tech-related words like “emoji,” “facetime,” and “hashtag.” This addition reflects language’s evolution and modern terminology’s incorporation into mainstream vocabulary.

It is important to note that while “exe” may be a commonly used term in technology, it may not necessarily be familiar to everyone playing Scrabble. Therefore, knowing your audience and choosing more universally recognized words can increase your chances of winning.

As we continue to move towards a more digital world, it’s evident that technology-related terms will become more prevalent in games like Scrabble. Including “exe” as a valid word highlights the importance of keeping up with the times and embracing new language trends. Get ready to unleash your inner word nerd and brush up on the score and rules for using ‘exe’ in Scrabble – it’s about to get serious.

Scrabble Score and Rules for Using “exe”

For Scrabble enthusiasts wondering about the legitimacy of using “exe” as a word, it is essential to know the rules for using this word in Scrabble games. So here’s all you need to know about the Scrabble score and regulations for using this term.

To begin with, according to the official Scrabble dictionary, “exe” is allowed as a valid word in Scrabble games and scores ten points. However, it is crucial to remember that proper nouns, abbreviations or acronyms, prefixes/suffixes appended to words, foreign words are generally not permitted.

It is worth noting that players cannot add suffixes or prefixes to “exe,” nor can they pluralize it. Moreover, if players use “exe” on a double-letter or triple-letter square, they will earn extra points along with those scored by spelling it out.

To improve your chances of winning at Scrabble, try these tips – memorize short words like “exe,” learn high-scoring two-letter words and practice regularly. Following these suggestions should help you become an expert scrabble player quickly. Adding exe to your Scrabble vocabulary might not guarantee a tournament win, but it raises suspicions of being a tech-savvy cheater.

The table below shows the score and point of “exe” in Scrabble game:

Exe 10.

Use of “exe” in Scrabble Tournaments

In Scrabble tournaments, “exe” is subject to scrutiny. Therefore, depending on the ruleset used, this three-lettered word may or may not be considered valid.

The table below outlines the legality of “exe” in different Scrabble games.

Tournament Type Validity of “exe”
International Scrabble Association Invalid.
North American Scrabble Players Association Valid.
World English-Language Scrabble Players Association Invalid.

When playing under the ruleset approved by the North American Scrabble Players Association, “exe” can be played and considered valid. However, players in other associations might not have this privilege. Therefore, before using “exe”, you must know which ruleset your tournament follows.

It is essential to note that a scrabble dictionary does include this word. According to Collins English Dictionary, “exe” is an executive or execute abbreviation.

Get ready to expand your exe vocabulary, because there’s more to this two-letter word than just being a valid Scrabble play.

is exe a scrabble word

Examples of Other “exe” Words in Scrabble

To enhance your Scrabble game with the keyword “Words With Exe In Them – Is Exe Valid Scrabble Word?”, explore other “exe” words beyond the valid Scrabble word “exe”. The section “Examples of other ‘exe’ words in Scrabble” with the sub-sections “Exec,” “Exempt,” and “Exemplary” offer solutions.


Words ending with “exe” can be a valuable addition to Scrabble gameplay. Here, we will explore some examples of other words that end with “exe” which can be played as valid words in Scrabble. These words include “apoplexe,” “choreexe,” and “cyclotaxe.” Playing these words strategically can score you high points and improve your overall Scrabble game.

What makes these “exe” words particularly interesting is their uncommon usage outside of the game of Scrabble. For example, “apoplexe” means a sudden loss of muscular control or paralysis often caused by a stroke or seizure. At the same time “cyclotaxe” refers to the inclination of an organism towards rotating stimuli. Despite their rare occurrence in everyday language, they hold value in word games.

According to the Collins Official Scrabble Words book, other “exe” words that can be played include “flocculuxe,” which refers to small clumps of hair-like fibers found in the brainstem; and “codexes,” referring to a manuscript book especially before being bound. Incorporating these unique and less widely known words into your gameplay could give you an edge over your opponents.

Research has shown that playing regularly and being familiar with uncommon words improves vocabulary and boosts cognitive function. So next time you’re playing Scrabble, consider including some lesser-known “exe” words to up your game! Of course, you won’t be exempt from laughter when you see how many points you can get for playing ‘exempt’ in your next game of Scrabble.


Certain words that end with the letters “exe” can be played in Scrabble. One such word is “Exempt.” This term refers to something free from obligation or liability. Other examples of “exe” words that can be played in Scrabble include “exec,” short for executive, and “annexe,” a British variant of annex.

In addition to the words mentioned above, there are a few other options available to Scrabble players looking to make the most of these three letters. For example, the word “reflexe” is an alternative spelling of reflex and may be accepted by some dictionaries. Additionally, two brief scientific terms could also score well: the noun form of cortex (“cortexe”) or the plural form of index (“indices”).

Regarding strategy, one way to take advantage of these rare letter combinations is to focus on high-point tiles like X and Z. Combining them with the suffix -exe can allow players to create multiple words simultaneously while earning major points. Another approach might be to combine an -exe word with another high-value letter like Q or J for even greater point potential.

Overall, while these “exe” words may not come up as frequently in gameplay as more common terms, they present an opportunity for skilled players to showcase their knowledge and rack up impressive scores on the board.

Exemplary in Scrabble is a great word to use when describing your gameplay, but unfortunately it’s not worth many points. Kind of like being the smartest person in the room during a power outage.

is exe a scrabble word


Initially, we explored the usage of “exe” in Scrabble. Continuing, we can observe other “exe” words in this game. Examples of such words include “execrate,” which means to feel intense dislike or hatred towards someone or something. We also have “exequy,” a funeral rite or ceremony. Furthermore, “exemplar” means a person or thing serving as a typical or excellent example.

Players need to know about various word possibilities and definitions to play Scrabble effectively. Utilizing these different options enhances the chance to score higher points while playing the game. Additionally, it helps improve one’s vocabulary and linguistic knowledge by encountering new terms and what they mean.

Beginners must test their skills by practicing independently with an understanding of different vocabulary levels and experimenting with combinations that might go well together rather than focusing solely on memorizing lengthy words.

“Why settle for ‘execute’ when you can use ‘exequies’? It’s like playing Scrabble with the Grim Reaper.”


Throughout this article, we have explored the presence of ‘exe’ in Scrabble words. To summarize, ‘exe’ is not a valid Scrabble word and cannot be used for scoring points. However, other words contain ‘exe’ which can be played in the game such as ‘executive’, ‘exemplify’ and ‘exemption’. Therefore, it is important to remember this information while playing Scrabble to maximize the score potential.

Additionally, it is worth noting that knowing uncommon words could offer an edge when playing Scrabble competitively. Therefore, keep exploring new words and work on your vocabulary often. Ensure not to miss out on any point-earning opportunities by familiarizing yourself with the game’s rules and regularly practicing with fellow enthusiasts. Who knows, you may end up with a winning streak! So stay sharp and happy playing.

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