Witcheye Review – When the leaves turn orange and the pumpkins are decorated with frost, it is clear that autumn is not far away. Halloween is fast approaching, but Devolver Digital allows Nintendo Switch owners to celebrate the event early in the morning with the fantastic and addictive Witch’s Eye. The game developed by Moon Kid uses pixel-based graphics, a whimsical soundtrack and a perfect combination of puzzle and action.

Players control the eye of a witch at several lush locations, including a forest, a shipwreck and a medieval palace. Each zone is divided into several levels where the player defeats enemies, solves puzzles and collects gems, culminating in a battle with the guardian of the zone.

The game is so easy to play that you use an analogue stick or a touch screen to change the direction of the eyeball. It would be nice to have a father, but it’s still fun. The eyeball bounces and bounces off obstacles and enemies at every step. Control may sometimes feel that the eyeball is out of control, but this is more of a challenge than a malfunction. Pressing button B stops the ball, allowing the player to easily change lanes or dodge enemies. It is especially useful in battles with bosses.–.jpg

Speaking of boss fighting, this game is not disappoint! Each pattern is well designed, looks good and has its own characteristics that require some strategy to overcome them. Each of them corresponds to the theme of the terrain (a vegetative monster in the forest, a giant octopus in a shipwreck, etc.), allowing a unique experience from one level to another.

The graphics and animations are very clear and make good use of pixel art on modern devices. Some animations (such as losing an animation to an eyeball) are cute and funny.

The levels seem to cover aspects of On the Ball, Kirby and Adventures by Lolo while maintaining their own design style. The music is fun and suitable for all scenes. This song is very appropriate, and it will feel at home on the Super NES or any other 16-bit game of this generation. The sound effects are carefully placed and never overplay the delicious music of the game.–.jpg

Witcheye is incredibly fun to play, and I’ve been playing for a long time to see how it goes. Some enemies can be tough at times, such as knights waving swords and hidden flower pieces that appear out of nowhere to attack. Yet they have a special charm that really makes this game shine.  In combination with the puzzles and the ease with which they can be solved and played, you’ll always find your way back into the game.

Amazing levels, beautiful music and fascinating fairytale gameplay (and a charming story) make Witcheye one of the best independent retro-style games released this year. The price of $4.99 just softened the deal.

Wizard’s eye research

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 8/10.
  • The course of the game – 7/10
  • The last call is 9/10.


Final remarks : GROSS

Witcheye is a fun platform-based puzzle game with a unique Super NES aesthetic that is worth adding to your Nintendo Switch library today.–.jpg

David Buck is an author, musician and media expert. In his spare time he composes music, writes science fiction, builds large models, mainly spaceships and film cars.

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