Why We Don’t See Casino Games On Consoles

Why We Don't See Casino Games On Consoles

Online casinos are dominating the industry with new innovative and exciting ways of engaging players. How online casinos can be even more fun, is if they take the step into console gaming. And it seems inevitable, with iGaming being as dynamic as it is. 

The estimated revenue of digital gambling is expected to reach $127.3 billion by the year 2027. Travel and leisure restrictions caused by the pandemic over the last two years, as well as the increasing reliance on smartphones, means the market has grown exponentially, and it shows no signs of stopping. 

Does Console Game Gambling Stand A Chance?

Firstly, console game gambling is not an idea that hasn’t been tried before – Nintendo had the idea as far back as 1991. It was run as a trial with ten thousand households, and Nintendo provided free modems, with everyone only having to pay $10 for a chance to play any lottery game they wished for one month.

However, the trial was cut short as parents objected to a tool that was initially used as entertainment for children, now being used to gamble. 

Nowadays, some may wonder that with all the technological advancements and accessibility that mobile phones have, whether gaming consoles for gambling games have anything new and exciting to offer?

We say, resoundingly, indeed it does.

Online gaming is growing increasingly popular, and offering players another way to play their favourite gambling games, such as on a PlayStation or Xbox, could be a thrilling alternative for them. 

Not to mention, this isn’t a new idea. There are several popular games available on consoles, such as Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. 

Advantages Of Gambling On A Console

Although online gambling has tons to offer players, such as sign-up bonuses, free spins and attractive rewards, do not discount console game gambling just yet – it has quite a bit to offer any prospective player. 

Why We Don't See Casino Games On Consoles

Immersive Gaming Experience

Online casinos are starting to use things like gamification to draw in customers, and it is taking off in a big way. The idea is that most software providers will create games that are similar to video games, using 3D graphics, virtual reality tools and even AI to provide suggestions tailor-made to that specific person’s likes. 

Mobile phones can also do this, of course, but console gaming is far superior in this regard and in reproducing real-life casino participation. Not only will gambling be a purer experience overall, but players can look forward to thrilling graphics and incredible sound effects. Plus, consoles are made for high-resolution screens, so the quality will always be exceptional. 

Overall Better Player Participation

A global pandemic has made staying at home a safe space for many of us, and for others, it has made us even lazier. We prize efficiency and comfort above almost everything else. 

Why We Don't See Casino Games On Consoles

So what could be better than playing your favourite slot or table game while you sit comfortably in your chair or sofa and drink a beer or eat a sandwich? Not to mention your equipment will be far superior to that of a mobile phone or desktop, and you will have far more control by using a gaming pad instead of a mouse and keyboard. 

Increased Engagement

A big trend in the online gambling industry right now is social gambling. Network cards in gaming consoles allow players to reach out online and play with friends or strangers. The only drawback is that real money is not yet allowed. But it is a fun way to connect with people you know and even make some gambling partners along the way. 

Less Restrictive

The gambling industry has very strict laws and regulations in different countries and has to be fully licensed to operate and use real money. The gaming industry, however, is constantly evolving and finding new ways to sidestep these problems, meaning more exciting opportunities for players to enjoy their chosen game. 

This means developers can include cool gambling features that may, one day, lead to tangible rewards for gamers. 

The Way Forward

Casino games are available on gaming consoles, so now it is just a matter of finding a way to integrate newer and better games, such as slots.

Why We Don't See Casino Games On Consoles

Mesmerizing graphics and super sound features make console gaming a far better experience all around, and it’s a question of seeing who will be the first to allow gamblers to bet real cash and win real money? The possibilities are endless. 

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