Why Credit Suisse invested in Daloopa

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Credit Suisse recently announced a major investment in the data extraction startup, Daloopa. The investment amounts to $20 million and is part of the company’s Series A funding round. By leading this round of funding, Credit Suisse hopes to leverage the power of Daloopa’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Credit Suisse is looking to gain access to more data-driven insights and improve its services through this strategic partnership. In this article, we will examine why Credit Suisse invested in Daloopa and how this deal could benefit both parties.

Overview of Daloopa

Daloopa is a San Francisco-based startup focused on making data extraction effortless and accessible by enabling users to collect and curate information quickly, accurately and with minimal human intervention. The company’s proprietary technology currently extracts real-time insights from multiple sources such as press releases, earnings calls, regulatory documents, and financial markets. It then transforms the raw data into insights useful to investors, analysts and executives. In addition, the company has developed an end-to-end system that automates the data extraction using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP).

Recently, Credit Suisse announced it has led a $20 million Series A in Daloopa through its early-stage venture capital arm, CEO Co-Investment Programme (CCIP). This marks CCIP’s first investment in a data extraction platform since its launch in April 2019. The investment will help Daloopa accelerate product development and expand its user base domestically and internationally. In addition, by leveraging its AI capabilities to convert unstructured datasets into structured insights at unprecedented speed and accuracy, Daloopa places itself at the forefront of the next round of fintech innovation.

Credit Suisse leads $20M Series A in data extraction startup Daloopa

Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest financial services companies, has recently invested $20 million in Daloopa, a startup specializing in automated data extraction from various documents.

This significant investment highlights the potential of the technology and the desire of Credit Suisse to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that Daloopa has developed.

Let’s consider what this investment means for Credit Suisse and how it may benefit the company.

Why Credit Suisse invested in Daloopa

Credit Suisse recently led a $20 million Series A round in the data extraction startup Daloopa. All the existing investors, such as Talis Capital and LocalGlobe, also participated in the round. The funds will be primarily used to expand Daloopa’s solutions and products and provide additional resources for its marketing efforts. This marks Credit Suisse’s second investment into an artificial intelligence (AI) company in three months, indicating that the Swiss banking giant is increasingly active in crafting the tech strategy of its future businesses.

Daloopa specializes in data extraction technology that provides solutions to financial services firms via their cloud platform. Specifically, it helps them extract various types of structured or unstructured data quickly and efficiently from documents such as contracts, legal documents or corporate announcements by automating processes that traditionally take time and resources to perform manually. These solutions are critical for financial services firms who need quick access to information for real-time decision making processes such as making offers on investments or working through compliance requirements set out by regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, Credit Suisse has highlighted that this strategic move with Daloopa will yield significant long-term benefits in terms of strengthening their core and technological capabilities while giving them access to advanced scaling techniques and reducing costs via automation, which is essential for staying competitive within an ever-evolving financial services sector. The banking firm has also stated that this partnership holds many potential opportunities for cooperation beyond just data extraction adding further weight to the evidence showing Credit Suisse’s active engagement into technology investment strategies within their core portfolio going forward.

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What Credit Suisse will gain from the investment

Credit Suisse stands to gain various advantages when investing in the global market. The most significant benefits are increased access to new markets, diversification, and cost savings.

Credit Suisse will receive access to the entire global investment market; providing opportunities for the bank to expand its services beyond traditional investments. This represents a great opportunity for Credit Suisse to grow its products and services in new markets, taking advantage of potential growth potential from investments in start-ups and companies going public.

Diversification is an important part of mitigating risk within financial investments, and Credit Suisse will be able to achieve more diversified portfolios with global investments. Investing in emerging markets can help achieve more targeted levels of diversification than could be achieved with domestic portfolios alone. In addition, investment advisors will have an array of options, allowing them to better manage their clients’ needs.

Additionally, Credit Suisse will benefit from cost savings by entering into agreements with foreign partners that could provide access at lower costs than domestic providers or institutions due to the geographical proximity of partners abroad. This could provide major savings gains which can then be reinvested into additional projects or resources improvements which can help Credit Suisse become even more competitive as a leading financial institution in the global marketplace.

Benefits of Investing in Daloopa

As one of the leading fintech startups, Daloopa is making waves in the industry with its machine learning-driven document processing technology.

The benefits of investing in Daloopa are manifold; the technology can help financial firms gain insights from complex documents quickly and accurately, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Daloopa’s technology can also help reduce operational costs, automate tedious manual processes and speed up data flow.

In this article, we’ll explore these benefits and more.

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How Daloopa’s data extraction technology can help Credit Suisse

Investment capabilities have been revolutionized with next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics. These have enabled rapid analysis and decision-making, enabling traders to enrich client portfolios while mitigating risk.

Daloopa’s data extraction technology is the latest wave of technological advances. This platform offers a unique solution by allowing Credit Suisse clients to automatically unify their internal and external data sources, giving them powerful insights into their investment portfolios.

Daloopa’s technology seeks related markets and trading opportunities that could make or break an investment. Its powerful data analysis determines correlations between asset classes, allowing the algorithm to distinguish potential trade overlaps on multiple platforms. The predictive analyses generated from this data help investors monitor trends across different exchanges, making it easier to anticipate price movements before they happen. Daloopa also delivers highly accurate sentiment scores for each security within a portfolio so that decision makers can measure risk levels quickly and accurately.

Moreover, using natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Daloopa’s intelligent platform helps clients process vast volumes of text-based content from news sources and other accessible texts; this provides clients with valuable information regarding their investments without manual scanning of information sources altogether.

With the flexibility and speed enabled by Daloopa’s automated system, trading decisions can be made more accurately with little time required for assessment; this reduces risk while increasing potential success when investing with Credit Suisse.

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Benefits of Daloopa’s technology for Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has invested in Daloopa, a tech-startup that provides innovative data extraction and analysis solutions. The Series A round of funding enables Daloopa to grow their business, offering services to customers across the globe. This investment by Credit Suisse provides huge benefits for the company as Daloopa’s technology will help them streamline their operations and extract value from data.

Daloopa’s technology offers various advantages that support Credit Suisse’s operations. Some of these benefits include: speed and accuracy in extracting information from websites; automated data extraction for structured tables; and advanced data visualization capabilities.

With its advanced analytics capabilities, Daloopa can mine large amounts of web sources quickly, accurately, and comprehensively. The technology helps Credit Suisse extract the most valuable insights from the growing volumes of structured and unstructured data it processes daily.

The software also allows Credit Suisse to automatically automate processes such as customer onboarding and compliance checks with complete accuracy while simplifying processes by exposing insights faster to decision-makers within their organization. Additionally, Credit Suisse has faster access to external market data such as timely news updates on products or pricing so they can compare with its assessments quickly to make decisions consistently.

Therefore, by investing in Daloopa’s innovative technology, not only is Credit Suisse helping a fast-growing startup expand its scope but also enabling significant improvements in its operations through the use of streamlined processes and machine learning tools they acquire from this partnership with Daloopa.


Credit Suisse recently announced its decision to lead a $20M Series A round of funding for Daloopa. This data extraction startup provides businesses with insights from massive amounts of data. The investment will enable Daloopa to equip companies with the tools and infrastructure needed to perform real-time comprehensive data extraction to gain insights, make decisions and forecasts.

Businesses will benefit from the automated technology which provides more efficient and accurate data extraction from large datasets allowing for minimized biases and improved financial decisions. Credit Suisse’s venture arm further noted that they are confident in the technological foundation set at the core of Daloopa’s solutions and their commitment to ensuring a secure enterprise deployment. The investment is expected to fuel their future growth in Asia,

US and Europe, entirely broadening its customer base.

Overall this investment marks yet another milestone for Daloopa, coming off the reveal of their latest platform solution during March 2021 and further validates their unique approach towards automated Big Data extraction using AI-driven technologies.

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