Who are Alice & Bob?

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Alice & Bob, the Paris based start-up, has recently raised over $3m in its Series A round of funding.

The entrepreneurs founded by Alice and Bob and became a popular name in the tech world.

This article will cover the story of Alice and Bob, their venture, and why it has been successful.

Overview of Alice & Bob

Alice & Bob is a Paris based start-up founded in 2019 that seeks to revolutionize mobile banking. The company has raised over $3 million in funding and is backed by major venture capital firms including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Kima Ventures. Led by co-founders Luca Fidanza and Yohan Duriez, the team boasts backgrounds from successful companies such as Google and Apple.

Alice & Bob offers an innovative, easy-to-use mobile banking platform that allows users to manage their money on the go via an intuitive app. Supporting multiple currencies and no foreign transaction fees, Alice & Bob’s people-first approach prioritizes a streamlined experience focused on convenience and ease of access.

Alice & Bob always leads with customer education, offering users guidance on maximizing their savings while spending responsibly. The platform also enables users to track their spending on different categories to monitor their financial health at all times.

Alice & Bob’s mission is to democratize access to mobile banking globally, making it easier for users from all walks of life to manage their finances securely and responsibly from any device.


Alice & Bob, the new Paris-based start-up, have recently raised over $3 million. The founders of this innovative company are Alice and Bob, two dynamic entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in the business world.

In this article, we will be exploring the backgrounds of both founders’ backgrounds and their visions for the company’s future.

Background of Alice & Bob’s founders

Alice and Bob are the two founders of the technology company in Miami, Florida. Alice is a first-generation American whose parents immigrated from Colombia. She grew up learning coding and programming, and decided to attend college in Florida to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Alice met Bob during her undergraduate studies, who was studying electrical engineering. Bob’s family has been in the United States for multiple generations, where the entrepreneurial spirit heavily weighed into his upbringing. After graduating, they decided to build their own business together, which would become Alice & Bob’s Technology Solutions (ABTS).

Alice & Bob wanted to focus on creating affordable solutions for underrepresented communities with limited access to innovation. To make this happen, ABTS has merged Alice’s software programming knowledge with Bob’s hardware design experience, thus creating long-lasting technological products. The founders drew from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop products that understand the needs and nuances in communities unlike their own, inspiring members of underserved populations all over South Florida with their commitment to developing sustainable ways of living with technology’s help.

How they met and started the business

Alice and Bob are two creative Parisians brought together through their love of travel and tech. They first met at an event that celebrated the City’s bright and ambitious young individuals, and immediately they could see they had something in common—an entrepreneurial spirit. Alice was fresh off a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia and had an idea for a new travel blog. At the same time, Bob was an aspiring software engineer with big ideas about what modernizing how people find places to stay and get around can do for cities.

The two shared a distinct vision to achieve their dreams with an innovative twist on the traditional lodging and transportation industry. With Alice taking care of business operations while Bob coded away tirelessly, they continued working on separate projects until discovering how much more powerful their vision could become as a full-fledged product.

Today, Alice & Bob are proud founders of a Paris-based start-up that has raised over $3M in funding – a testament to their hard work, ambition and passion for creating something unique!

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Business Model

Alice & Bob is a new Paris-based start-up that recently raised over $3 million in funding. They aim to create a platform that helps people find a better job and make money while studying or transitioning to another career.

Their business model focuses on providing innovative solutions to job seekers and employers and connecting them with the right resources. This is done with the help of their sophisticated AI-powered algorithms, which matches job seekers with the most suitable job opportunities. As a result, their business model is set to become one of the most successful in the industry.

What services Alice & Bob offers

Alice & Bob is a Paris-based start-up that provides easy and convenient solutions for people looking to enhance their personal and professional lives. The company specializes in services ranging from financial consulting and asset management to health and wellness coaching. They also offer mobile and web development, artificial intelligence (AI) integration, data science, business intelligence, marketing consultation, social media optimization, app development and more.

The team at Alice & Bob believes in using innovative concepts to ensure that their solutions are always tailored to fit the ever-evolving needs of their customers. The company prides itself on having an experienced team of professionals who understand customer needs, translating them into effective solutions and efficient implementation to provide strategic advantages.

Alice & Bob offers customized actionable insights with precise results based on individual characteristics such as industry information, target audience preferences and project objectives. Its tangible solutions facilitate businesses with value creation by driving increased returns on marketing investments while enhancing user engagement over an extended period.

In addition, the broad range of intelligent applications helps companies gain a competitive edge during the digital era while reorienting organizational structures towards effective management operations.

Alice & Bob’s success is evident from its recent funding round in which the new Paris based start-up raised over $3m from private investors and top angel investors across Europe. With this new injection of capital, Alice & Bob looks forward to accelerating its path towards becoming a leading player within the industry by developing even better solutions for everyday businesses seeking transformation for tomorrow’s world.

How Alice & Bob is different from other start-ups

Alice & Bob, the Paris-based start-up, has attracted significant attention as it recently raised $3 million in funding. The pair are at the helm of a new and innovative business model that promises to revolutionize how businesses interact with customers or clients.

So, what makes Alice & Bob different? Through customer-driven market research, Alice & Bob provide a tailored approach to their services and products. This is done by understanding customer needs before designing services and products around them; by doing this, Alice & Bob hold an advantage as they understand the customer’s wants and needs better than other start-ups.

Moreover, Alice & Bob hopes to become a platform for many different types of services and products to create a cohesive customer experience. For example, they hope to offer banking solutions alongside retail experiences; these would be able to be offered together for seamless shopping experiences; thus simultaneously providing convenience and transparency for their customers.

Alice & Bob’s aim is not just about giving customers access to a range of services – but offering an intuitive design that encourages people to use multiple services within one platform. Furthermore, by understanding individual consumer behavior based on customer segmentation profiling, they can offer personalized service recommendations that they may find easier or more beneficial than others depending on their circumstance.

Creating an innovative business model that caters specifically towards meeting consumer’s wants and needs via tailored approaches rather than one size fits all policies has enabled Alice & Bob’s brand presence global reach beyond Paris even within its early stages of development.

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Alice & Bob, the new Paris based start-up raises over $3m

Alice & Bob is a recent Paris-based start-up that recently raised over $3m in funding. The founders, Alice and Bob, are experienced entrepreneurs and innovators in the tech industry. They are looking to use this funding to expand their business and grow.

In this article, we will be looking at the funding process and the details of how Alice & Bob were able to raise the funds.

How Alice & Bob raised over $3m

Alice & Bob is a Paris-based start-up seeking to reinvent how people buy and sell products online. They recently raised over $3 million in venture capital funding, utilizing traditional and innovative methods.

This funding round included angel investors, venture capitalists, funds from family and friends, and crowdfunding campaigns. In addition, Alice & Bob also created their token of sale to conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Through this offering and with the airing of several successful TEDx videos promoting the start-up, Alice & Bob accumulated the necessary funds for their launch.

When considering raising a significant amount of money for their project, Alice & Bob did not let traditional venture capitalists dissuade them from utilizing other methods tailored to their individual needs. By embracing both avenues and creating a plan to maximize each form of capital they were able to quickly reach their goal.

What investors were involved

Alice & Bob, the new Paris based start-up related to innovative software development, recently announced that it had secured funding of over $3 million from multiple investors. This capital injection was backed by key business players in the venture capital industry, such as Lika Capital and Red Street Group.

The positive support offered by these investors shows a strong belief in the capabilities of Alice & Bob’s team and its ambition to change how software is developed with its unique vision and product suite. However, further details on investor roles, proposed plans, and potential goals for 2021 remain undisclosed.


Alice & Bob, a Paris based start-up has recently raised over $3m in funding. This development has been met with great enthusiasm from investors and industry experts as it is a great sign for the start-up scene in Paris.

This funding round has been instrumental in helping the start-up to expand its operations and increase its customer base.

Let’s talk about the impact of this rise in funding and what it could mean for Alice & Bob.

How Alice & Bob has impacted the Paris start-up scene

Alice & Bob, the new Paris based start-up which recently raised over $3m in funding, has been making headlines on the local start-up scene. The success of Alice & Bob is positively impacting their sector and other tech venture founders in Paris.

The company’s focus on innovation and disruptive technologies is providing new innovative solutions to consumers that aren’t previously available on the market. These refined solutions appeal to a large customer base in France and internationally, boosting growth opportunities for Alice & Bob’s competitors.

Alice & Bob also sets a great example of how you can use technology solutions to solve everyday problems with enthusiasm and openness to collaboration. Their focus on responsible technologies that don’t come with any major ethical issues also serves as a model for other tech companies to abide by regarding their work. Their impact has been significant in areas such as automation, artificial intelligence and digital finance.

Alice & Bob’s success has inspired entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe who are looking for advice or just a bit of motivation to kickstart their business dreams in the City of Light. It symbolizes what is achievable by staying true to your vision while teaming up with trustworthy partners and meeting investors’ expectations in an ever-evolving environment.

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What the future holds for Alice & Bob

Since raising over $3m in a seed round led by global venture capitalists, Alice & Bob have been thrust into the spotlight as one of the latest and most promising Paris-based start-ups. In the short time since, they have established themselves and their innovative solution as a force to be reckoned with.

Alice & Bob strive to impact businesses and organizations worldwide by empowering them with greater insights, analytics and automation solutions. To reach this goal, they are developing cutting-edge technologies that leverage data science and machine learning to help leaders strategize smarter decisions faster.

Looking towards the future, Alice & Bob plan to continue innovating their solutions and expanding their reach into additional sectors. By continually challenging themselves to explore new technology, they hope to level up global industry practices so businesses have better access to transparency and more efficient decision-making processes.

As Alice & Bob’s career rapidly advances on a global platform, it will be exciting to see what comes next for this daring start-up. Already helping countless companies increase productivity across all industries through tremendous data insights – there is no limit to where their ambition can take them from here!

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