Which cards should you craft first in Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons?

The game Descent of Dragons was released in December 2019, and the game still feels the effects. The expansion radically changed gameplay and gave a big boost to druids and mages. Dragon maps are highlighted and more have been added since the first version of the extension. Here are the best expansion cards and what they can do for you.

Place this card on Maligos to deal with any problematic opponent. The bet’s only worth two manas. You can draw a card, and if you hold a dragon in your hand, you get a blank mana crystal. This is the card that can best be used at the beginning of the game to gain an advantage. It is not so useful at the end of the game, unless you are in a difficult position and just desperately want another card. Image via Blizzard

When it was added to a card game with the focus on the dragon, this card went crazy. Mana costs three, attack three, power two. But if you control a dragon, he won’t lose his strength. In the Dragon Bridge you get free damage every turn without breaking. Image via Blizzard

Sky Raider is a simple but very useful map for pirates. The battle for this card allows you to take pirate cards out of your hand at random. He’s having a stroke, health two, and mana’s worth one. It’s a cheap card that can lure a hacker into an emergency. Image via Blizzard

The Gust Hunter is a solid shamanic map that can help you at any time. Mana cost four, health seven, attack five. This card has an overload and +2 extra spells, making it ideal for any card game that focuses on using spells. Image via Blizzard

Arcane Breath is a very versatile spell card that works particularly well with other Dragon cards. If used, you can cause two damages to any follower. If you have a Dragon card in your hand, you can also open another spell. It’s perfect for the bridge of almost every wizard. Image via Blizzard

Cumula Maximus is an epic favorite that can do a lot of damage. There are five seizures and health, and mana costs five. With his Battlecry, you can cause five damages if you overload the mana crystals. It’s a good card for a shaman’s game. Image via Blizzard

A psychopath is a rare card with five attacks and five diseases. With this card you can build up damage very quickly. The call costs five mana. With Battle Cry for this map, you can do three damage to all the other characters while holding the dragon. Image via Blizzard

The Veiled Worshipper card has a mana value of four, Attack five and Health four. It’s a good map to start with, but their struggle makes them invaluable. Battlecry allows you to draw three cards after you’ve called twice. This card is an important reinforcement for the game Galacrond has added the Zulok Deck. Image via Blizzard

Scion of Ruin is an epic card that costs four manas per call. He has two medical conditions and three seizures. This card can quickly become a torture for your opponent thanks to his battle cry. If you call twice, you can call two copies of Zion over the ruins. Image via Blizzard

Malygos is a legendary follower that every wizard needs. It works particularly well with the maps from the latest Scholomance Academy updates. He has eight health problems, two strokes, and it takes him five mana to call him. Battlecry lets you see the updated spells as you hold the dragon in your hand. Luckily, there are plenty of dragons to choose from in Dragon River, so you can use this Battle Cry card hard. Maligos, an aspect of magic, also has nine powerful upgraded spells.

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