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Pngme is a technology platform that provides APIs for financial services to companies in sub-Saharan Africa. It recently raised a $15M Series A led by Octopus Ventures, with the aim of providing the best financial services to companies in the region.

With this new investment, Pngme plans to expand its reach, open up new markets and develop new products. Let’s look into what Pngme has to offer.

Overview of Pngme

Pngme is an API-driven financial services platform that offers businesses in sub-Saharan Africa financial solutions to enable efficient, cost effective, and customer centric approach to banking. Through its comprehensive APIs, Pngme helps companies make payments, process loans, and manage their finances. Together with its partner banks, Pngme provides a transparent and secure layer of financial infrastructure to enjoy banking services previously unavailable to this region of Africa.

By leveraging the power of mobile technology and data analytics, Pngme is helping companies in sub-Saharan Africa access modern banking services such as integrated digital payment processing, money transfer using tokens for cross border payments, automated cash disbursement options and secure peer to peer transactions. This allows businesses in the region to grow through digitizing their transactions without needing a physical branch network or onsite employees.

Recently, Pngme raised $15M Series A led by Octopus Ventures with participation from Lateral Capital Venture Partners. This funding is expected to help Pngme expand geographically as well as accelerate product development for new features such as push notifications for customers when their accounts are overdrafted or irregular payments are detected.

Pngme’s Offerings

Pngme, which provides APIs for financial services to companies in sub-Saharan Africa, has recently raised $15M in Series A funding led by Octopus Ventures. This round of funding will enable Pngme to continue to scale their business and extend their offerings to more regions.

Pngme’s offering focuses on providing a secure platform to enable businesses to transact smoothly. In this article, we will discuss more about what Pngme offers its customers.

APIs for Financial Services

Pngme is a technology and payments platform that enables companies in sub-Saharan Africa to quickly and securely access financial services using modern APIs. The company offers APIs for money transfer, loans, foreign exchange, deposits and payments via mobile phones or bank accounts. Using these APIs, organizations can easily facilitate payments and transfer services to consumers as well as send and receive payouts from international companies.

Pngme has been developed by a team of experts in software engineering, finance and technology who have tailored the products to fit the needs of African markets. Their mission is to make consumer digital payments easier, more secure and available on all digital payment platforms accessing/integrating with local bank networks at low cost.

The technology platform embeds advanced security controls such as encryption keys for end-to-end data protection and authentication (such as single point authentication or OTP) for secure transactions across different payment channels, including debit/credit cards, mobile wallets or bank accounts. It also provides the merchant with robust set of reporting tools including fraud analytics from multiple databases.

Pngme’s platform is offered without upfront fees; instead customers pay based on usage of the financial service through low pricing tiers that are customized per account type. This makes it possible for businesses of any size to access secure financial services without significant up-front costs or long time frames for implementation… all powered by Pngme’s cutting edge technology!

Access to Capital

Pngme provides a unique opportunity for companies in sub-Saharan Africa to access capital in a fast and secure way. Through our APIs, businesses can securely link up to banking institutions and apply for loans with ease.

Our groundbreaking platform allows individuals and businesses the opportunity to access funds in an efficient and reliable way, without having to rely on complex paperwork or those more traditional financial services that take days or weeks to receive funds.

With Pngme, companies can quickly access the capital they need to get their businesses off the ground or expand their existing operations. Our secure technology ensures that only authorized lending institutions have access to your data, creating a hassle-free loan application process that can provide you with access to capital in minutes.

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Regulatory Compliance

Pngme offers robust regulatory compliance support that helps companies meet the regulatory requirements of their jurisdiction. The Pngme platform is designed to ensure secure and seamless financial transactions, while complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. A key goal of our regulatory compliance support is to reduce fraud and abuse on the platform, as well as build trust between developers and end-users of the APIs.

Pngme’s suite of services includes a full suite of features to help companies comply with regulations. Some of these features include data enrichment, KYC/identity checks, automated AML screenings, communication verifications, document validations, and other related tools. All of these features are built on top of a secure architecture which provides assurance that all APIs available in the platform meet the applicable standards for data privacy and security. By leveraging advanced analytics capabilities based on machine learning algorithms, we ensure consistent monitoring for regulatory compliance across all customer levels.

The power of our regulatory compliance technology does not stop there: it also allows companies to quickly launch applications that deliver financial services in an efficient manner. With Pngme’s APIs for instant payments, exchange currency services and automated consumer loans, customers can provide their users with faster access to finance from anywhere in the world with ease. This ensures both compliance with rules across different jurisdictions as well as providing customers with improved consumer experiences that are essential for growth in today’s digital marketplaces.

Pngme, which offers APIs for financial services to companies in sub-Saharan Africa, raises $15M Series A led by Octopus Ventures (Tage Kene-Okafor/TechCrunch)

Pngme, which specializes in providing financial service APIs to companies in sub-Saharan Africa, has just secured a $15 million Series A funding round, led by Octopus Ventures. This is a major development for the company, which will enable it to expand its reach and increase its impact in the continent.

Let’s take a closer look at Pngme’s funding and what it means for the fintech space in Africa.

Series A Funding Round

Pngme, one of the most prominent startups to come out of sub-Saharan Africa in recent years, has successfully secured $15M in Series A funding led by Octopus Ventures. This substantial round of financing will enable Pngme to expand its offerings and continue innovating with its APIs that are designed to provide financial services to companies in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Series A round was heavily oversubscribed and included participation from some of the most acclaimed investors in the technology world such as Prisma, Local Globe, Goodwell Investments, FinTech Collective and 500 Startups DFS Lab. Further support was provided by Angel Investor Nicolas Courtois whose insight was pivotal for Pngme’s success during this phase.

As part of the funding round, Tage Kene-Okafor from Octopus Ventures will join Pngme’s Board of Directors. Mr Kene-Okafor brings with him a wealth of experience from various transaction banking backgrounds as well as a keen interest in emerging markets such as sub-Saharan Africa where he believes having a leading role can unlock great opportunities for growth and development for many different stakeholders.

The additional capital coming in will allow Pngme to take yet another big step into becoming a more comprehensive financial services provider through its APIs which until today has empowered 18 African countries with access to reliable banking infrastructure necessary to facilitate digital transactions both locally and overseas without any complications or hardships.

pngme subsaharan africa 15m octopus ventureskeneokafortechcrunch

Investment from Octopus Ventures

Pngme, an African-centric startup that provides APIs for financial services to companies in sub-Saharan Africa, has announced a Series A investment led by Octopus Ventures. Pngme is looking to use the $15M in funding to enhance its product suite and scale its operations into more African markets.

The Series A funding round was oversubscribed. In addition to Octopus Ventures, other investors include Battery Road Digital Holdings, Build Wealth Financial Partners, and DTJ Fund Advisers. These investors join earlier backers Owl Ventures and Nybble Soft Finance Global Fund who have supported Pngme since 2018.

Pngme says the funds will help them expand their product suite to include “instant on” APIs and digital payments services that are secure and compliant with local regulations. The funds are also intended to grow their team further, allowing them to expand into new markets and build strategic partnerships with financial institutions across Africa – focusing on sub-Saharan Africa where there has traditionally been a lack of access to financial services for many people living in rural areas.

With the support of Octopus Ventures, Pngme is aiming to become a leading force in building innovative banking solutions for businesses across Africa, tackling persistent problems such as access and affordability of financial services in the region. As part of this mission, Pngme’s efforts are also helping create new pathways towards greater financial inclusion throughout the continent – something which has been identified as one of the key challenges facing Sub Saharan Africa today.


Pngme has been able to raise a significant amount of money in their Series A funding round. This will allow the company to further develop their APIs and expand their services to companies in the sub-Saharan African region. This investment will allow them to further their mission of providing better financial services to the region.

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Now let’s dive into the conclusion of this article.

Summary of Pngme’s Offerings and Funding

Pngme is a financial services company offering APIs to companies operating in sub-Saharan Africa. With their latest round of funding of $15 million, the firm will be able to expand its services and reach even more potential customers across the region.

Pngme offers banking, remittance, payments, lending and secondary markets APIs which enable companies in sub-Saharan Africa to provide financial services within their platforms. Pngme’s APIs are designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing banking infrastructure within countries across the continent.

The company was founded in 2018 by Tage Kene-Okafor, with the help of co-founders Paulo Zouain and Uche Ogah. Since then Pngme has attracted venture capital firms such as Octopus Ventures and TLcom Capital who have invested in their Series A round of funding worth $15 million. This capital will help them boost their technology solutions, grow their presence in the region, expand into new markets and hire new staff members with development skillsets.

With this latest round of funding, Pngme is well positioned to improve financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa with its comprehensive financial service packages that allow customers access to banking solutions digitally from any location within the region.

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