What Awaits The Cryptocurrency Market in 2022?

What Awaits The Cryptocurrency Market in 2022?
Crypto market analyst platform Messari has released its annual report on what the market holds for the future. We can say for sure — you won’t be able to escape from the crypt.
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Loss of trust in institutions

Messari CEO Ryan Selkis’ first prediction for 2022 is: The “real” world will get worse before it gets better. There is a 70% chance that the US inflation rate will remain above 5% throughout the year. Higher interest rates will also slow down the stock market. Consequently, this will be advantageous for cryptocurrencies in the near future. However, it is important to note that the Joe Biden administration’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies will likely pose problems in the medium run as Western IT and banking platforms increasingly block cryptocurrency enterprises.

Web3 is a new reality that cannot be avoided

The new attitude contends that small businesses and individuals should have the opportunity to earn money and establish themselves as successful enterprises.

To do this, the crypto-ecosystem already has all the necessary components:

Talents: A huge number of ambitious young developers create new solutions in cryptocurrencies, often devoting whole nights and weekends to this.

Capital: In 2021, the amount of venture capital and investments in crypto startups increased.

Timeliness: The necessary infrastructure was built during the last bear market (the term used to describe a period when assets fall in value by 20% or more). This facilitated the development of Web3 socially and practically.

Young people want to invest in technologies that will bankrupt or possibly destroy established banks and stock exchanges as they perceive them as predatory. One of the popular tools is DeFi or decentralized financial systems. These are analogs of traditional financial instruments — securities, futures, options — implemented in a decentralized network with equal participants.

The main goal of DeFi is to become an alternative to the existing banking sector. Accordingly, DeFi offers depositors 5% versus 0.5% on Wall Street. As a result, the economy of users is becoming more attractive than the usual economy of institutions, so Messari analysts are 99% sure that cryptocurrency will increase in popularity by 2030.

NFT: the fall and rise of digital art

Non-fungible tokens are gaining popularity as they can be anything — artwork, unique avatars, a Facebook data entry, or even a piece of land in the metaverse. However, the NFT infrastructure (marketplaces, creator tools, community business models, and data management systems) is still in its infancy. Therefore, in 2022, NFT infrastructure is expected to become one of the most demanded areas in terms of investment.

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For the metaverse, NFTs will become one of the main “building blocks”: there, we will need unique digital objects with real value, so we will certainly be ready to pay authors for digital goods that others will no longer have. For example, this is necessary so that all avatars in the digital world are not the same, which will lower the risk of identity theft.

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