What are some of the success stories from using Kubit

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Kubit is an enterprise analytics company that helps businesses gain actionable insights into how their products are used in the real world. By tracking various usage metrics, such as page views, screen time and feature interactions, Kubit provides valuable data that enables companies to make informed decisions about their product strategy.

The company recently raised an impressive $18M Series A round led by Insight Partners to help fund the development of its powerful analytics platform. In this article we will look at some of the success stories from using Kubit and see how organizations have benefited from the insights gained from its platform.

Overview of Kubit

Kubit is a product analytics solution that helps enterprises gain actionable insights from their product data. With Kubit, companies can create better customer experiences and optimize product performance.

Recently, Kubit announced it had raised an $18M Series A round led by Insight Partners, displaying the growing success of the product analytics solution.

This article will discuss an overview of Kubit and some success stories from using the platform.

What is Kubit?

Kubit is an enterprise analytics platform designed to give companies a comprehensive view of their customers and products. It helps users gain deep insights into customer needs and product performance to optimize their offerings and drive revenue.

With the help of advanced machine learning algorithms, Kubit discovers new opportunities for product improvement, allows companies to understand the impact of any marketing action on the bottom line, and identifies predicting factors related to customer retention.

Kubit was founded in 2016 by Bence de Némethy and Raphael Szecsenyi-Nagy in Hungary with 18 months of research from countless data scientists and university professors from The Budapest University of Technology & Economics. Kubit utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, anomaly detection, and predictive modeling to provide insights into customers’ behaviors.

In 2020 Kubit Raised $18M Series A Led by Insight Partners to Give Enterprises Control of Their Product Analytics. The success stories associated with using Kubit have benefited many enterprises that have improved their overall analytics.

How Kubit Works

Kubit is a product analytics solution that gives enterprises full control of their product data and product performance insights. Kubit works with the user’s existing BI tools, making it easy to get up and running quickly. Here’s a few of some components that comprise the Kubit solution:

Data Collection: Kubit makes collecting data directly from all sources within your enterprise and products easy. It aggregates this information into a single place with powerful filters and sorting capabilities so users can easily analyze product engagement or consumption quickly and accurately.

Analysis Tools: Kubit provides powerful tools for reporting, segmentation, trend analysis, experimentation, cohort analysis, and more. This data can be used for short-term tactical optimization and long-term strategic planning.

Reporting Dashboards – The reporting dashboards provided by Kubit provide users with an instant view of how their products perform in real-time across channels. Advanced options make it easy to drill down into specific customer journeys or groupings for better insights into user behavior.

Data Management: Kubit helps users manage their customer data by providing robust access controls and audit trails so team members can easily collaborate without worry of any security breaches or leaks. All customer information is stored securely on the platform.

With its modern Web 2.0 interface, cutting-edge technology stack, real-time analytics capabilities, scalability and fast implementation times, it’s no wonder why Kubit has become such a popular choice among enterprises looking to bring control over their product analytics together in an intuitive way that drives business growth.

Kubit’s Success Stories

Kubit, a software tool that helps enterprises quickly integrate, access and analyze product and customer data has raised $18 million in a Series A round led by Insight Partners. This brings the total amount of funding that Kubit has raised to $21 Million.

The company has seen tremendous success since launching, which is to be expected given their mission to make product analytics accessible to anyone. Let’s take a deeper look at Kubit’s success stories.

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Case Study: How Kubit Helped a Company Increase Revenue

Kubit, a product analytics platform, recently helped Bandwidth.com, Inc., a communication technology provider increase their revenue by 30% in six months. Bandwidth had been using their proprietary analytics suite for five years and despite the wide range of offerings, the business’s media and product teams remained dissatisfied with its performance. The lack of an aggregate dashboard to monitor raised questions for decision making that had been put off for years.

To start, Kubit used its platform to identify areas of potential revenue such as opportunities in existing customer accounts and high-value prospective ones. It then enabled smart decisions by combining valuable contextual data from their internal systems like Google Analytics and their CRM software and external data sources such as social media metrics. As a result, after only six months of using Kubit’s platform, Bandwidth saw a 30% increase in revenue which led to additional business from many of their new customers and strategic partners since then.

In regards to the success story with Bandwidth, Kubit CEO David Nunez made clear “we are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Bandwidth on this project—helping them improve their operations through aggregated data insights was incredibly rewarding work” He also went on to talk about the power that Kubit provides “our comprehensive analytics solution allowed us to save time and resources while prioritizing our most important insights”. With this success story as an example, it is clear why in April 2021; Kubit raised 18 million dollars in series A funding led by Insight Partners — setting itself up for continued success stories ahead!

Kubit Raises $18M Series A Led by Insight Partners to Give Enterprises Control of Their Product Analytics

Kubit is an analytics platform that helps enterprises to gain control of their product analytics and allows them to make more informed decisions. Kubit has recently raised an $18M Series A led by Insight Partners to help further its mission of making data-driven product decisions easier.

Kubit’s success stories have seen dramatic improvements in how businesses can make data-driven decisions on future product pivots, customer satisfaction, feature performance, customer lifetime value and more. Kubit has worked with many companies, including Disney, Makerbot, Dropbox and Foursquare.

One example of how Kubit helped a company is with a multi-national media/entertainment organization. This business sought to optimize its customer retention campaigns through targeted messaging and offers based on individual activity within their web app. Using Kubit’s customer intelligence platform combined with proactive customer segmentation analysis, this company could identify customers at risk of churning and develop specific strategies aimed at their unique user behavior profiles. This enabled them to uncover new insights into their user base, allowing them to create targeted campaigns that significantly increased engagement and long-term retention rates. Through these tactics they also increased revenue generation among high priority customers—improving ROI country wide by 20%.

Case Study: How Kubit Helped a Company Improve User Engagement

Kubit, the company behind the leading product analytics platform, recently raised an $18M Series A from Insight Partners – a testament to their success and mission of helping businesses make sense of data. By understanding customer behavior and helping companies prioritize which features and experiences to focus on for the best ROI, Kubit has become a trusted partner for many companies.

To show how Kubit can deliver results, let’s consider the story of CustomerCo. CustomerCo was looking to improve user engagement by focusing on users who had shown early signs of success with the product, but were starting to show diminishing returns. After spending two months gathering data and utilizing Kubit’s insights into user engagement, Customerco identified key areas where improvements were needed to drive user engagement back up.

By redesigning targeted onboarding experiences, increasing user support resources, and offering more prominent game-like rewards structures around certain tasks within their software platform that incentivised users’ actions – CustomerCo saw a 28% increase in user acquisition rates across early adopters in just four weeks after implementing these changes. These successes demonstrate Kubit’s ability to provide valuable insights from product usage data so companies can optimize their products for success.

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Kubit’s Recent Funding Round

Kubit, a product analytics platform, recently raised $18M in a Series A funding round. This round was led by Insight Partners and included participation from other investors. This marks an important milestone in Kubit’s mission to empower enterprises with control of their product analytics.

In this article, we’ll discuss some success stories from using Kubit.

Overview of the Funding Round

Kubit, the industry-leading product analytics platform, recently announced a successful $18 million Series A funding round led by Insight Partners. This new funding will provide Kubit with resources to expand its product analytics capabilities and help enterprises gain greater control of their data and insights into customer behavior.

The new investment round was also joined by existing investor Meritech Capital Partners and several private investors who have focused on helping businesses get the greatest return from their data. Kubit’s suite of services uses artificial intelligence to provide customers with analytics capabilities that deliver timely insights into how their products are being used both internally and externally so they can make the best decisions for their businesses.

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Kubit CEO Arjun Taneja noted, “Product analytics are at the forefront of unlocking intelligent insights in an ever-evolving digital world. With these new resources in hand, we’re committed to building out our product suite so our customers can benefit from modernized metrics to better understand usage trends and enable real-time optimization throughout their organizations”

Kubit’s Series A round allows enterprises to tap into more advanced artificial intelligence capabilities that have been typically inaccessible due to cost or complexity. For example, Kubit’s platform allows users to connect usage data collected during customer onboarding interactions with in-app activities to generate aggregate insights into user behavior. This latest funding will give Kubit further tools for combining additional data points such as external app downloads, website visits and survey responses to provide companies with even deeper insight about user behavior over time. With this increased capability, Kubit hopes it can empower customers to make better decisions based on user activity metrics within the enterprise and across fronts like marketing, engineering, support and sales departments.

What the Funding Means for Kubit

Kubit, Inc., a analytics solutions provider, announced early this week that it has been awarded an $18M Series A funding round led by Insight Partners. The Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm also included participation from existing investors Susa Ventures and Liquid 2 Ventures. This was Kubit’s first significant financing since the company was founded in 2014.

The new funds will expand Kubit’s ability to measure product performance, accelerate its engineering roadmap and scale sales and marketing efforts. The company plans to double-down on its mission to equip product leaders with meaningful insights about their customer experience. It also plans to continue its focus on helping customers stay competitive by unlocking the full potential of their product data with predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities.

The funding demonstrates investors’ confidence in both Kubit’s products and the larger market opportunity for analytics solutions that enable enterprises to gain capabilities such as forecasting user behavior and anticipating customer needs faster than ever before possible. Going forward, Kubit will continue innovating at the intersection between data science, software engineering and design thinking, providing tools that equip product teams with unparalleled insights when making decisions related to their customer experiences.


Kubit is a product analytics platform that has gained significant traction in the past few years. The company has recently raised an $18M Series A from prominent venture capital firm Insight Partners, signaling their commitment to Kubit’s mission.

Through using Kubit, businesses have gained detailed, real-time insights into their product or service usage, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their product roadmap and feature releases. In many cases, the insights enabled by Kubit have driving significant improvements in customer experience and engagement that have translated into meaningful revenue growth for these businesses.

Kubit’s success stories demonstrate how powerful product analytics can be in helping companies optimize and improve the products they offer customers. With Insight Partner’s recent injection of capital into Kubit, this technology will be available to even more businesses, allowing them to access valuable insights and help elevate their products.

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