Ventures Does Not Offer “Long Term Replayability” But It Can

Ventures Does Not Offer “Long Term Replayability” But It Can

Ventures Does Not Offer “Long Term Replayability” But It Can

This one was made on the 30th. June as development status. It is believed that VCCs offer long-term replication opportunities. Do you want to know how venture capital companies should operate in the way they have been introduced? These are the problems I see with Ventures, and they’re pushing more and more players not to play Ventures or to quit the game:

  • Biomass is recycled, first at Cannie/Hit Road Biom and then at Hexy. I’m sure Crackshot’s neighbor will be next.
  • There are no new missions, only basic game missions with redefined seasonal missions (and, even worse, in Survive the Night this season there were no warnings, so there was no incentive to play them).
  • There are no new programs to make money.
  • It is not a new bowl, except for a small change in appearance, as is the case with glasses dressed in different ways.
  • The new prices are confusing, meaningless and too few in number. They’re confusing because they don’t affect the Venture Fund, as our LP starts over every season. They are useless because it was too easy to play PL131 with PL130 shots. If they’re the only target to play, why are they so bought?
  • A modifier for 2 or 3 months is not enough to play the same missions we’ve been playing for 3 years or more.
  • The development of venture capital companies has not been smooth. The first season was tough, and the second season was even worse. It took forever to develop higher PL missions that we could easily have done, even if they were underdeveloped.
  • Increase XP to 50 from 2M to 3M. What for? Why extend the time to close by 50% and not increase the compensation by at least the same amount?

How to make Vincers more reproducible:

  • Playing with other options
  • These are in fact new biomes, not recycled or slightly modified.
  • At least one new type of mission during the adventure season (and I mean a new type – not to survive the night, not to catch the storm and not to protect the presents).
  • A new fall in one season.
  • A new bowl for the season (new bowl not in ivory outfit).
  • A primary modifier and random secondary modifiers for each mission, such as some of the war games (Meteor showers, UFOs, etc.).
  • New endless mode, where Super Chargers would be really useful to see how many waves / how long we can survive. Oh, and all the waves are killed at the base, so no cheese and no stables.
  • It is best to make progress so that players can complete their business without ignoring the basic game and without giving up other games.
    – 3 Daily Ventures Quests giving XP to Ventures
    – 3 Weekly Ventures Quests rewarded with the Ventures XP
    award – Double the current Venture Quests to prevent you from completing all the quests on a particular PL, then you’ll have to play for hours to start the next series.
    – Bonus Ventures XP for using seasonal heroes as commanders (e.g. with BeetleJess this season).
    – Warnings on all missions (why aren’t there any night raid warnings this season?)
    – Unlock the next PL missions faster.
    – Guaranteed search missions in some PL’s (i.e. full rescue of survivors in PL70+, PL70’s always have a rescue mission for survivors).
  • Add an extra solid-state drive for each Ventures Biome with the 10 protections provided by the Ventures XP. They’re unlocked on all five levels.
  • The SSD can also make an inventory of high-risk companies, so that if we have a maximum of one tree/stone/metal, we can place it there and not have to rebuild it after every mission.
  • Seasonal banners to complete the level 50 of the company.
  • Seasonal banner to complete the 10 Ventures SSDs.
  • Play hero skins and weapon packs that replace some of the existing rewards (think gold or llamas)

These are some of the things I’ve come up with to encourage me to keep playing adventures. I love the game and I really want to keep playing it, but right now it’s getting more and more complicated. Most of my friends have stopped playing or playing rarely because there is nothing new to do. It’s not enough just to play to level the playing field. Superchargers as they are now, are useless. I think adding the endless mode is perhaps the easiest way to make it relevant, and the variety of venture capital tournaments each season will allow players to stay longer.

The source: Original reference

  • Fortnite STW (Ventures) – Enemy concepts with visuals

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The company’s message does not offer long-term replicability, but for the Fortnit game this may be the case.

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