Tournament of Ages a weeklong Roleplaying and Charity Event starts tonight!

It’s no secret that roleplaying games have a large impact on players’ lives. By immersing them in a fantasy world, you can tap into people’s imaginations and help them imagine a better future—or, if you’re just a jerk, you can take advantage of their innermost dreams and desires to inspire them to do things they never thought possible. Of course, the line between good and bad can get pretty fuzzy, especially when you’re talking about people who believe that they are elves, wizards, or orcs—or, as in our case, that they are a fabled being called The Chosen One, destined to save the world.

So, you want to start a roleplaying campaign? For a week I’ll be running a live campaign on my blog, with games going on in real time! I’ll be running a weeklong campaign called “Tournament of Ages” and the games will follow a set of games about a group of adults who are in their twenties, who are still living at home with their parents. The games will be played out in real time, and it’s up to the players to play them out in whatever way they want.

“Tournament of Ages” is a roleplaying and charity event that starts tonight!  It will take place on the evenings of June 7th, 8th, and 9th. The event will begin at 7:00 PM  in the Library and will run until 11:00 PM  each night.  The event will consist of a series of “games” and a large roleplaying event that takes place simultaneously throughout the hotel.  The games will be run by different GMs, and the event will include an auction, and also include a charity auction for any player who wishes to participate.  It will be a fun time for all the players, and those that complete the games will be able to help support the local Down

fZzIwZG - Tournament of Ages a weeklong Roleplaying and Charity Event starts tonight!

Every year, the Tournament of Ages is a week-long roleplaying event held on Moon Guard in Icecrown.

It will take place from August 1 to 7 this year.

The main assumption is that every year, the Argent Tournament Grounds host the Tournament of Ages, and delegates from the Grand Alliance and the New Horde are invited to participate in a week-long event to honor the spirit of competitiveness. The event makes use of the Argent Tournament Grounds’ existing structures, including the in-game tents and rings, as well as the Coliseum, to host events and stalls all week long for a variety of roleplaying opportunities and activities.

Use of Social Media:

dragontours.carrd - Tournament of Ages a weeklong Roleplaying and Charity Event starts tonight!

ToA Carrd

From our website to our Twitter, Discord, and a whole lot more, Carrd offers everything you could possibly need to get started with links.

The annual event is also a big charity fundraiser that supports a cause that we believe is extremely important each year.

We chose Blessings in a Backpack this year because it addresses the serious problem of childhood hunger by delivering ready-to-eat food packs to elementary school-aged children on weekends. Last year, Blessing in a Backpack sent 2.2 million food packs to students in 46 states.

Far too many individuals in our community have experienced hunger, and childhood hunger, particularly at a young age, has a negative effect on children’s capacity to study and puts them at a disadvantage compared to their classmates who are well-nourished. This is an area where the community can have a simple and beneficial effect by just assisting with meal preparation.

We really want to feed as many children as possible with this weeklong event, so we’re hoping to feed as many as possible via our raffle, art auction, and Twitch, as well as as much assistance as possible from community members.

In addition, in light of recent events in the Blizzard Community, we’ve changed all of our normal products to support RAINN.

We also released several additional special merch items to benefit rain RAINN in support of the Blizzard Entertainment employees’ four demands, in honor of the victims, whether they were employees or community members, and to place our faith in the employees who were uninvolved—particularly marginalized peoples, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and women—who want to forge a new future.

This is our primary merchandise page.

Among the new releases are:

We have additional designs that we may post this week or in the future, depending on availability!

All other gear has been altered, save for Our Pride Dragons, Humanitarian Aid Dragons, Collab with DesMephisito, and ToA 2021 exclusive by Mischi to support Blessings in a Backpack.

Raffle for Charity:

Every year, Tournament of Ages holds a charity raffle.

This year, we set the contribution level at $5, which is about the cost of one child’s meal per ticket. It’s something where people can feel good about doing something useful for a fair price while also knowing that they have a chance to win a fantastic prize!

Several World of Warcraft books, charity merch of your choice, a Catnip Tome and Sword, a Hero Forge Gift Card, an Ink and Quill Kit, chances at 60 Days of Game Time given by WoWhead, World of Warcraft Plushes, Blizzcon 10 year Stiens, a TGC Pet, and more are among the prizes available. Everything up for grabs may be found right here!

All of our gifts were kindly given to charity by members of the community.

Art Auction for Charity:

ToAAuction2021 - Tournament of Ages a weeklong Roleplaying and Charity Event starts tonight!

Our annual Charity Art Auction has become so popular that it now takes place over two evenings! With nearly 60 artists participating, at least* a percentage of the proceeds will benefit Blessings in a Backpack. Each artist determines the amount given, enabling them and their patrons to participate in a great and generous gesture. The auction is a big hit with the locals, and it enables them to meet new artists they may not have met otherwise.


This year, there are 23 permanent booths that use in-game tents and locations, as well as 20+ roaming merchants or encounters that players may meet.

Booths may include the following:

  • For a good cause, someone is creating fast paintings of people’s personalities.
  • Fairgoers are given Murloc stuffies by a Murloc.
  • Adopting stuffed animals or other high-valued fair goods as roleplaying
  • TRP3 Extra objects or puzzles, particularly those that are tailored
  • Raffles for Mounts, Toys, and Pets
  • Stunning Makeup Palettes and other accessories to help you look your best.
  • A very popular D&D style event where players roll twice for two different actions off wheels and complete them for prizes
  • In-character exchanges such as selling/buying meals, goods, and other interactions You’ll be amazed at how many more you’ll discover!

Every Day, There Is A Variety Of Events:

In addition to typical RP possibilities, Tournament of Ages allows Roleplayers to truly show off. This includes the following:

  • Jousting Mounts are used to race around a racing course on the fairgrounds.
  • All week long, a dragon will provide tours to any player who wants to show off their expertise!
  • Fireworks, representatives from each race, speeches, and more will be part of the Opening Ceremonies.
  • For those attending the event, there will be a picture contest utilizing the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera.
  • A D&D Style Sparring event using /roll to see who is the strongest of their combat type or as a team of 3!
  • A chance to /roll for A Blade from the Skull, which will provide the player who succeeds a special RP item as well as an actual life-sized sword copy to hold.
  • A unique RP vehicle construction competition
  • A Battle of Rhymes
  • All week long, there will be in-game stage performances.
  • The infamous Wonderlight Ball Date Auction
  • The Wonderlight Ball, featuring music, costume competitions, picture booths, and RP food and drink vendors, will bring the festival to a conclusion.
  • The award ceremony and the iconic group picture of everyone who attended the closing ceremony.
  • I’m not sure I even named them all!


Four nights of PvP dueling, including one-on-one bouts for each class’s DPS specialties. The last night of the tournament is very special. For spells and abilities, arena rules apply. There are no potions, food, or any outside aids allowed. The event has a double-elimination format. Individuals must be active members of the Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord in good standing and only use Rank 1 aspirant gear and legendaries.

DOING DAMAGE Twitter MP4 - Tournament of Ages a weeklong Roleplaying and Charity Event starts tonight!

One of our social bumps from last year shows one of our casters; they’re a big fan favorite, and viewers may contribute to have them perform various things in between duels:


In the Standard Mode game structure, a 5-night Hearthstone tournament will be held. Players are given three game cards before they join the event and are not allowed to alter them after they have played their first match. The best two out of three results decide the winner.

PetBattles - Tournament of Ages a weeklong Roleplaying and Charity Event starts tonight!Battles with Pets:

The Pet Battle Bracket takes place on Sunday, and players must choose one team of pets each match, without changing them between fights, and utilizing only one healing skill per match. Pets from the store or for promotional purposes are not permitted.


Jousting is one of the most famous activities associated with the Tournament of Ages. Competitors try to unseat the other competitors without utilizing the healing skills and stay in the ring using the mechanics from the Argent Tournament Dailies. Because the mounts are affected by level, competitors must be at their maximum level and not utilize abilities or Kodo or Elekk mounts, which have different hit boxes than the other races.

Guide with Illustrations:

One of our employees has created a fantastic graphic guide to the event that includes maps and explanations!

The most essential point to emphasize is that for those attending or roleplaying for the first time, this guide has a list of fantastic additions and things that will transform the event from great to fully alive and magical for participants.

Cross Realm Is Inviting You

  • If you want to attend as a non-Moon Guard character, you are free to do so; we just ask that you follow the same standards of respect and compassion as the rest of the attendees.

  • Join our Discord to get a cross realm invite and an Anchor to Moon Guard!

Veteran and Trial Accounts

  • Trial and Veteran Accounts may now participate in the Tournament of Ages! This enables us to properly welcome our friends who do not presently have a membership or who are from a different area.

  • Regardless of your level, you will be able to access the Tournament Grounds through the Summoning Stone located between the Horde and Alliance Tents.

  • Certain restrictions apply to Trial and Veteran accounts, which may be seen on the Blizzard website. In addition, if your character is on a premium account’s friends list, you may whisper them in-game and be asked to groups by anybody to be called to the Tournament Grounds.

  • If you have never had a character reach level 50 in the US area on your Battle.Net account, you may need to finish the Exile’s Reach scenario, which is easy to accomplish and takes 20 minutes to an hour at most.

  • Trial accounts also get full access to TRP 3, a roleplaying addon that enables you to view and interact with other players’ public profiles. Your account will also be labeled as a Trial Account in the game’s player tooltip.

  • We believe that using TRP to signal that you have a trial account is essential since other players 10 levels above may not be able to see you in /s, and users on those accounts may be unable to utilize emotes, so they should be aware to pay attention!

*If you don’t want to log in, our three Twitch feeds will keep you up to date with all of the action.

Additional information/additional disclaimers:

  • We stand with people who have been affected by the Blizzard Entertainment Lawsuit and the Employee Demands, and many of our merch will be used to help RAINN. Outside of particular announcements, we urge that gamers be given a break from the news that is tugging them in numerous ways.

  • All prizes for the Charity Raffle and those winning competitions that are Blizzard related were donated by various Third-Parties and in no way benefit Corporate Activision-Blizzard as we figure out a direction that Corporate Activision-Blizzard is taking in the future separate from the wishes of the employees. Other rewards have been modified to benefit, encourage, and support artists in our community.

  • We respect whatever route players select in terms of being subscribed or not being subscribed, during the event or in the future.

  • It is entirely feasible to attend with a Trial or Veteran Account.

  • For some players, ToA may be their last chance to enjoy the game before taking a vacation, and they wish to do so for a few hours each day without being reminded of Out of Character issues.

-Anyone who attends through an anchor and takes the chance to Troll, behave badly, or bring these issues up will be cut free and will not be given another opportunity.

–This year’s events with defined brackets are ended, but you can still participate by cheering on players and there are many more ways to be involved in ToA!

If you wish to share your experience on Twitch or YouTube, please follow these instructions:

  • Booths, features, performances, competitions, the Wonderlight Ball, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are all considered public roleplay, and you are free to share them with your audiences. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the staff.

  • Other players, on the other hand, may be having one-on-one discussions off to the side and away from these events, and may not wish to broadcast them on Twitch, Youtube, or in any other manner. If you wish to read their roleplay interaction on live, please send these players a brief whisper beforehand.

  • Individuals who are disruptive or who share roleplays that have been requested not to be shared, or who share players’ RP/ TRPs with the intent of ridiculing them, will lose their anchor to the event and will not be allowed back in the future.


  • We also urge that anybody outside the community be aware that our contests are intended to be a pleasant annual display of talent between players from two servers with very precise rulesets.

  • It is requested that contestants and spectators refrain from discussing toxicity or making comparisons to other events.

  • Some of the contests are exclusive to the roleplaying community or Tournament of Ages. Our website, Discord, and Twitch Stream hosts often explain the mechanics of what is occurring throughout the events.

Roleplayers are reminded:

  • Roleplayers attending the event should keep in mind that this is a highly public event that is extensively discussed every year on a server that anybody may join. Because this is such a big event every year, you will engage with the whole Warcraft community, and the Warcraft community will interact with you in different ways because they are thrilled to be there.

  • For others, this will be their first time ever playing a part. Please be kind and keep in mind that this is your first time. Others may be rusty or sluggish.

  • We may prohibit individuals who have been less than courteous community members in the past from the real event and our discord, remove them during the event due to lack of engagement, or deny them anchoring. We can’t stop them from wandering around the fairgrounds. If you’re having a terrible experience, it’s better to block or ignore them once you’re aware of what’s going on, rather than feeding the problem.

If you have any questions, I’ll be watching this thread all week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me! Look forward to seeing you on the Tournament Grounds!

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