Torchlight III Review – After a long-awaited and potentially difficult development, the Torchlight III has been released for systems including the Nintendo Switch. As a sequel to the two previous games, which must have been a big hit with fans, this last iteration has many similarities. This series is known as an excellent alternative to the RPG Diablo brush marauder franchise. It’s been a long wait for this new recording, but can it hope it matches the previous one?

Since its launch, theTorch series has battled the dark and thoughtful Diablo series, but where this franchise has always flourished, it offers a brighter, more fantastic and humorous approach with useful pets! Torchlight III still has the charm that I liked so much in the last two races. The choice of my character was so exciting, and I fought so hard with someone I wanted to play with, that for this review I decided how to play solo offline with Railmaster (who is legally considered a semi-modern but devastating fighter), who does choo-choo with me), and playing the multiplayer online game with his wife where she went with Dusk Mage, and I managed to swing the robot Kovanoi (which looks like my wood stove, but with a nice fast gun in my chest).

At this stage it is best to talk to the elephant in the room. It has a somewhat sordid development history, as it was intended for the free game Torchlight:was. lies on theborders, which probably tried to compete with the similar path from theexile. It seemed to us consumers at the last moment that they decided to give it a face and change it to Torchlight III, the real premium game, and in a way there are some of the after-effects of this change that I will talk about later.–.jpg

When I started my first match, I felt properly enriched. The course of the map and the quests is linear, in many respects similar to the chapters in Diablo III. Here you travel from region to region and come across three biomes that all seem to have a unique style. Most of my researches were perhaps too linear, because they never felt inaccessible and certainly didn’t contribute much to the research path. Each main task was taken to the boss’s room, where I would hopefully have access to a large treasure chest and a new pet. Hacking and cutting along the road is certainly the most important aspect of the game, as one would expect in a dungeon robbery match, and it was very nice to have my hell on the track, while the mortar of the doll was fired in quick succession. However, the chaos on the screen has affected the performance at the counter, even in the dock, which is always disappointing because I like oily experiences.

This name is certainly abundant, but I found a surprising lack of identifiers for the equipment I was hoping for. Each character has freely targeted equipment that he can use, and only weapons that are to some extent truly interchangeable. I even discovered that in a few hours I had collected six legendary/unique lightsabers, all with the same design, and three eggs, which were identical again. Although I admit it’s been a long time since I’ve played Torchlight in the universe, it seemed a bit too repetitive for what I remember. Now that I’ve said that the material I’m going to collect for my forging campaign is quite elegant, and it was pretty cool to see how the mechanical legs were replaced by, for example, tank protectors.–.jpg

In addition to the physical equipment, you will also spend points in your power trees. The skills and abilities of the characters are treated very differently than in previous games and are not without disappointment. By default, each character will receive two skill trees specific to that class at the beginning of the game, and you can then select a third tree from the list of squadron trees. If you raise your level, you spend points for the skills you want, but I found some limits a little frustrating. First of all, many skills require the addition of many skill points before you can go up the ladder and offer a more advanced version. This may be normal, but it made me collect points or waste them in vain until I got a score for each skill. It’s not much fun.

It is also disappointing that it is not so easy to redistribute these points. Instead of a static value or something like that, to play respectfully with your skill trees, you should use a serious one that offers a point for point discount. The things that make respectability possible were not immediately available or could not be acquired. Although the skill I used was often quite fun, I was always eager to try out a temporary collection for a quest or something, but I just couldn’t do it, which is definitely a departure from their previous games.–.jpg

With equipment and skills in hand, I continued both campaigns. It’s strange that in my single drive, which should be offline, I have problems with network performance. My character will panic as he walks, and even if the joystick is pointed in one direction, my character will accidentally stop walking or walk in the opposite direction, which is usually visible when playing online with delayed questions. What surprised me pleasantly was that the online game with my wife worked pretty well. This is very important to me because I really live in an area where the internet is incredibly bad, and unlike the Diablo III, Torchlight III , for the first time since we moved here we could sit in our respective living rooms and play and quiz together! The progress wasn’t completely divided, but we followed each other to make sure it was fun.

When we asked the questions, I realised that the game didn’t have a plot or even a very strong story. It is not entirely free of animated and audio magazines, but with the exception of a few sporadic animated and audio magazines around the world, there is simply not much thematic dynamism. In fact, for the most part we only went from one linear search to another, without understanding how they relate to a global story. In my opinion, this is a big mistake, but also a potential difficulty in the transition from free play to storytelling.–.jpg

Unfortunately, this same flaw is visible in the diversity of applications. If you travel to beautiful areas, you’ll only find them a little duller in areas where you didn’t expect to find them. At first it was exciting to stumble into a hiding place, but when you entered the same room without any important loot or legends, it left more of a routine than an exciting exclamation point. However, there are a few pleasant moments that break up space, including the phase portals that will lead your crew into a fierce battle with your boss, but with a nicer reward to reap the rewards.

One of the new features of the franchise is the addition of its own personal fortress. This is a fully customizable room where you can place items to help you acquire regular fans and which you can customize with images, ornaments and other random decorative beats. Among the many features of the game, it was in fact this area that worried me most, and probably had most to do with the unstable zone of the Hub, which is usually found in other games. There simply wasn’t enough reason to adapt this room, because there was nothing the visitors could do to influence or reward me and so on. It has become an exceptionally small, functional microlift that allows me to have the fans I need. I would really like to see this function used more wisely, because of course a lot of effort has been put into it, but it just isn’t visible in the product on the market.–.jpg

I’m fighting this magazine for the game in many ways. Compared to its predecessors on the one hand and even with other competitors on the market on the other, the Torchlight III is certainly entering the market and is lacking in the areas where the series has had its strengths so far. On the other hand, my wife and I have enjoyed the same game so far and even the solo campaign. Theme and Fantasy Vibrant completely Torchlight, and although one can wear on others some ill-considered cuts and trimming, fortunately I find myself busy.

It’s also a lot of fun to play in manual mode after a long day on the couch next to your wife and enjoy this kind of game without exaggerating. I know this last statement is clearly the opposite of what many people desire, but for me, the Torchlight III has found the right place in life for the crawling RPG action available in the dungeons. But make no mistake, I’d like to see the game develop even further after its launch, give it even more depth that we’ve seen in the series, and further refine the buggy and hiccups we’ve encountered. However, this sequel seems to be a solid foundation for the start of a long journey to something really fantastic. Of course, if you want more, Torchlight II is also available in the online shop!

Torch overview III

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 7/10.
  • Course of the game – 6.5/10
  • Late appeal – 6/10


Final remarks : GOOD PLACES

The long-awaited Torch III appeared on the Nintendo counter. The familiar art style and fantasy-based themes have returned and, as entertaining as they have always been, as disappointed as the die-hard fans of the series are, they are disappointed that the game has returned to the early stages of deeper gameplay and strategy. This is the result of fundamental changes in the development of the game over the years. However, the game offers all the expected points in RPG style action, and there is a lot of fun that you can get by hacking and cutting in multiplayer mode with a friend.–.jpg

Alex has been actively involved in games since the release of Nintendo. After turning his hobby into a profession, he spent just over ten years developing games and is now creative director of the studio.

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