Titanage mods list – all modifications and effects

Today I want to share with you some of the mods I have done on my Titanage Custom Game.

Titanage is the best modding resource I have ever found. It’s a massive collection of mods for the ever excellent Titan Quest. It’s essentially a one stop shop for everything Titan related, and it’s incredible. There are mods for everything, from the game itself, to all the various mods that have come out for it. It’s a great resource for any Titan player, and one of the best mods lists I have ever found.

Titanage mods list

You’ll be able to customize your avatar in Titanage, a Roblox game that immerses players in the Attack on Titan world, as you level up. Hange’s Mod Shop is located in the lobby and enables players to spend their hard-earned money on stylish survival items. Let’s take a look at all of the Titanage modifications that have been released so far.

Common, Rare, Mastery, Legendary, and Godly are some of the rarities available for Titanage modifications. Common modifications are, of course, the cheapest and most common, while Godly mods are the most powerful and costly. Killing a titan has a 0.017 percent chance of granting a mod. Hard mode is the only way to get the Masters and Godly category modifications. While in hard mode, the pace of mod drops may also increase.

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In Titanage, how do you equip mods?

In Titanage, go to Hange’s Modifications Shop in the lobby to equip mods. You’ll notice a green spot on the ground, and if you stand in it, a menu with a place to equip your modifications will appear. You’ll see a list of all the modifications you have, and you’ll be able to choose and equip the ones you desire. There are two mod spaces at the start, however the third slot may be unlocked later.


List of Titanage modifications

heavenly (.0002 percent Chance)

  • Midnight Cloak – Teleport to a titan’s nape if you’re within 40 studs of it.
  • Mod Specialist – Learn the effects of all common and uncommon mods.
  • Titan Shifter – To transform into a titan, press K.

Exceptional (1 percent Chance)

  • 58 Leaf Clover – Titans give you a second opportunity to get modifications, clothes, and accessories.
  • Crippling Lethality – Hitting a giant in a vulnerable place kills them immediately.
  • When you slay a titan, you’ll get I-Frames for 5 seconds.
  • Last Will and Testament – A second chance at life. If you die while wearing this mod, it will be consumed and you will be revived.
  • Unbreakable – The blade’s durability will never deteriorate.
  • Wormhole Wire has an infinite range of grappling.
  • Titans devour you considerably slower with Ymir’s Blood.

a mastery of (0.5 percent Chance)

  • Assassin – Using ambush allows you to remain concealed for longer.
  • Blade Throw – Blade Throw automatically seeks out titan napes and focuses on them.
  • Fan the Hammer — When you use fast draw, it has greater range and shoots four titans instead of one.
  • Medical Mastermind – Using bandages to repair someone gets them extra points and restores them to full health.
  • After a kill, use Nape Tandem to dash kill the closest titan.
  • Piercing Blades – A single blade toss can pierce up to three titans.
  • Spinning Lethality — Reduces the cooldown of the spinning slash, allowing it to strike more titans at once.
  • Prepared – Your portable supply station will have extra gas and blades.

Extremely uncommon (29 percent Chance)

  • Longer grappling range with a larger coil.
  • Blood Thirsty – Recover some health after killing a giant.
  • Onkill effects will occur twice, for a total of double whammy.
  • Reduced grappling latency using the Flash Piston.
  • Gas Suppression – While grappling, use less gas.
  • Grab Bag – Killing a giant will grant you 3x experience.
  • When slaying a giant, you have a 50% chance of healing an injury.
  • Piggy Bank – On a giant kill, you will get $5 in cash.
  • Shorter cooldowns on abilities due to quick thinking.

Typical (70 percent Chance)

  • Adrenaline – Depending on how many titans are around, your grapple speed will improve.
  • Increase maximum HP by 50 with Armored Plating.
  • Auto Reload — When blades break, it automatically reloads them.
  • Gas volume of the backup canister has been increased by 3,000.
  • Larger valves mean faster gas flow.
  • If a titan is concentrating on you, they will turn slower.
  • Horse Feed – Your horse will be able to move more quickly.
  • Grappling is faster when you’re lighter.
  • More Health with Padded Clothing
  • Blades that have been refined have a larger hitbox.
  • Steel Bones – You are less likely to be harmed if you have steel bones.
  • Victory Supplies – When you slay a giant, you’ll get 1,000 gas.
  • Faster swings with weightless blades.

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