These Things About Counter-Strike 2 You Might Not Have Known


CS: GO is being moved to the latest Counter-Strike title, Counter-Strike 2 or CS2. There is a lot of hype around what is coming in this title from the house of Valve. It has been ten years since the last title from the Counter-Strike series was launched in 2012. So, the gaming community is expecting a lot from Counter-Strike developers. We’ll take you through some interesting features of Counter-Strike 2 that you might need to learn. Safely purchase csgo skins from Skinmonkey.

Game Engine

One of the biggest selling points of Counter-Strike 2 is the new game engine called Source 2. It is the new version of the original source engine, which was used in all the previous Counter-Strike titles. Thanks to this engine, new physics and audio will be added to the CS2, along with adjustments to existing systems. This new Source 2 engine will make the Counter-Strike 2 a separate title instead of an update to the previous game.


In CS2, three different categories of maps will be available. Some of these maps are from the previous titles, while some new maps are also added. Here are some more details about these categories of maps.

  • Upgrade – Maps in this category will be taken from previous titles but will feature extensive updates.
  • Overhaul – Maps in this category are being developed and will be completely different.
  • Touchstone – These maps are from previous titles. Only a few things will be changed in these maps, and they will stay the same otherwise.


This is one of the biggest updates in CS2. This update will add a new ring to the mini-map. With this ring, you’ll be able to learn how far your sound is traveling. The sound will be less if you don’t run.


With the help of this ring, you’ll be able to ambush players from the back without worrying about the sound of your feet.

Responsive Smoke

Earlier, when you threw a smoke grenade, it wasn’t that realistic. When you throw a smoke grenade, bullets can penetrate the smoke. This way, you’ll learn about the location of enemies in the smoke. Smoke from the sides will be removed if the enemy fires from there, and you’ll see the enemy. You can now eliminate the smoke from a smoke grenade by throwing a hand grenade.


A new server system is also coming in CS2, called sub-tick servers. The original server system of Counter-Strike was called the 64-tick system, but there were a lot of things that needed to be fixed.


Your shooting and walking will be impacted depending on how many ticks are in the server. With this new system, CS2 wants a realistic shooting and moving experience. This new server system worked perfectly well in the test, but we have to test it in the real world when the game is launched.

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