The Ups And Downs Of Getting CompTIA Certification

Any IT professional who wants to advance in his/her career knows that CompTIA certifications can help in meeting this goal faster and easier. That’s because the benefits brought by its worldly recognized accreditations are unrivaled. CompTIA A+  is an international vendor that has a solid reputation in the digital world. Companies trust it as they know that its qualifying process is exigent. Therefore, only the best pros manage to get the passing score and get a designation under their belt. Meanwhile, from a hiring manager’s perspective, having a certification from CompTIA is solid proof of the exam passers’ skills in a certain area. It also implies that they have been thoroughly checked and the candidate is fully ready to complete everyday tasks.

Do the CompTIA certificates have downs? While the benefits outweigh the negative sides, these designations are not perfect. Read on to find more.

The Ups Of The CompTIA Certifications

There’s no doubt that a CompTIA Security+ accreditation is a valuable asset for your professional journey. What’s more, the vendor’s offer is very diverse and interesting. Therefore, you have the opportunity to develop foundational knowledge in cybersecurity, networking, and more. Also, you can follow the CompTIA qualification path and leverage your skills with different levels of designation. In other words, you can test the waters in IT with the pre-career ITF+ certification, then continue your path by earning the core certificates (A+, Network+, Security+), and then opt for the track you are interested in, either infrastructure (Server+, Cloud+) or cybersecurity (CASP+, CySA+).

Also, you can gain additional professional skills in completing business projects (Project+), successful teaching (CTT+), or working in the cloud environment (Cloud Essentials+). In the meantime, CompTIA Network+ can help you advance in your career. Once you are certified, you become part of an exclusive community of professionals that form the target audience for international recruiters. They will headhunt you for work with generous salary offers and other incentives to convince you. Furthermore, your skills will be very valued in the IT labor market, and you will have the opportunity to quickly advance in your career and work in such companies as Apple, Dell, Nissan, NETFLIX, among many.

Another benefit brought by this organization is that it offers vendor-neutral certifications that are accepted in any part of the world. This fact extends the geography of your potential working places. The following benefit to mention is a variety of prep options offered by this vendor for its certification exams. You will have no chance to fail your evaluation.

The Downs Of The CompTIA Accreditations

Do the 220-1001 certificates have any downsides? You may be surprised, but it has some. First, the official exams’ complexity is quite high. Therefore, you will need to be prepared to invest time and put effort if you want to get a passing score. Secondly, it contains some tricky questions that might be misleading. This means that you should include practice tests in your training routine to considerably improve your chances of obtaining the required grade. Finally, the time allotted for the accreditation exams is very short. Thus, you will need to bring the tested topics to perfection and have strong time management skills.


 So, the 220-1002 can change your career future completely. Even though the accreditation journey might seem difficult, you shouldn’t forget about its benefits. For example, you will have higher chances to get a well-paid position, or you will be among the preferred applicants to become a part of a complex project. Meanwhile, the accreditation exams are difficult and have a short duration. However, you can overcome these challenges through intensive training and the use of practice tests. Good luck!

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