The startup plans to hire 30 employees over the next two years,Alice&Bob’s quantum computing team.

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Alice Bob, a French quantum computing startup, has just announced their successful €27M investment round. With the funds, the startup plans to expand their team, hire 30 employees over the next two years, and focus on developing their leading quantum computing platform.

This marks a huge milestone for the company and an exciting time of growth.

French quantum computing startup Alice&Bob raises €27M; plans to hire 30 employees over next two

Alice Bob is a French quantum computing startup founded in 2019 and based in Paris, France. The company specialises in developing technologies related to quantum computers, from chip design and software creation to the development of algorithms for processors and systems. The company has recently announced that it has raised €27 million in funding to expand its team and operations over the next two years. As part of this expansion, Alice Bob plans to hire thirty new employees across its teams in Paris, London, Berlin and Los Angeles.

The company aims to make quantum computing more accessible by providing innovative tools, products and services built on cloud-native architectures that enable customers to create unique solutions tailored to their needs. Its open source library of quantum components works with cloud infrastructure partners such as Microsoft Azure Quantum or Google Cloud Platform Quantum GCPQ so customers can build their designs with the help of their powerful engineering staff.

Alice& Bob employs a team of dedicated engineers, mathematicians, designers and other experts from various backgrounds who are driven by expanding our understanding of complex problems to develop new ways for customers to approach them through the power of quantum computing resources. With this combination of cutting-edge technology and talented professionals working together on top-notch projects worldwide, Alice&Bob strives to bring accessible quantum computing solutions closer to reality than ever before.

Overview of the quantum computing industry

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionise many aspects of our lives, from healthcare to transportation. It is based on the principles of quantum physics and uses qubits, or quantum bits, instead of traditional bits to store and process information.

The quantum computing market is estimated to reach USD 309.9 million by 2024 and has attracted a surge of investments in recent years. Private equity firms like Goldman Sachs, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz have all invested heavily in this revolutionary technology. In 2021, French quantum computing startup Alice Bob announced a €27M funding round led by Luxor Capital Group with participation from Eurazeo Growth and others to rapidly expand their operations globally.

Quantum computing research is also being conducted at leading universities worldwide including Harvard University in the US, Imperial College London in the UK, Peking University in China, Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) Paris-Saclay in France and Australian National University (ANU). As more researchers join the sector, applications for ​machine learning​ techniques such as predictive analytics​ and natural language processing are likely to grow significantly, which could have vast implications for security systems​ and cognitive technologies ranging from self-driving cars ​to brain imaging devices​.


French quantum computing startup Alice Bob just raised €27M in a Series A round funding. This is great news for the company as the funds will help it expand its operations and grow its team.

With the new funding, the startup plans to hire 30 new employees over the next two years and build a team specialising in quantum computing.

Overview of the fundraising round

Alice & Bob, a French quantum computing startup, recently closed a €27M round of funding to expand their team and push the boundaries of quantum computing. The funding round was led by two major investors—an American venture capital firm and a European-based private equity firm—and included prominent industry leaders across several countries.

This financing investment will enable Alice & Bob to hire 30 additional employees over the next two years. The new hires will help increase the company’s development and research capabilities, expand its product offering, and further develop its engineering team. In addition, Alice & Bob plans to use the fundraising proceeds for R&D activities, software development, and other critical operations such as recruitment and marketing.

Alice & Bob is fast-emerging in the global quantum landscape with its unique approach to providing powerful cloud-based solutions for enterprise customers seeking secure communications systems and powerful computation resources. Founded in 2019, Alice & Bob has grown exponentially with clients in multiple countries across Europe, US, Asia Pacific, South America and Africa. This latest investment round is anticipated to significantly accelerate their growth trajectory while helping them become one of the leading providers of quantum computing solutions globally.

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Details of the investors

The fundraising round was led by Prime Ventures and included participation from Atomico, MassMutual Ventures, Cathay Innovation, Eleven ventures, and several angel investors. The €27M raised will enable the French quantum computing startup Alice Bob to hire 30 new employees over the next two years, opening offices in Paris & Seoul. This is the second new project that the team has achieved since their last major investment of €25m in 2018 for their first quantum computing venture.

Alice Bob’s key focus is to develop applied solutions for businesses across multiple industries and governments using hardware developed on a quantum computer and solutions enabling companies to use their cloud computing environment to access these resources on demand.

Throughout 2019 there’s been an increasing interest in quantum computing research and Alice&Bob may very well be one of the first successful companies in this rapidly-growing market. Along with hiring thirty new professionals to expand their research efforts, building up a strong team of computer scientists and entrepreneurs will undoubtedly help Alice&Bob’s mission.

The startup plans to allocate some resources to create a skills development program to bring onboard people with no prior knowledge of quantum computing development but with the strong technical backgrounds necessary to adjust quickly into this environment. Overall it looks like an interesting move forward for the team at Alice Bob and for potential projects that could arise from their upcoming decisions about how to appropriately use such an amount of money.

Hiring Plans

French quantum computing startup Alice Bob recently announced they have raised €27M and plan to hire 30 employees over the next two years.

This is a major step forward in the quantum computing industry, as it shows the growing need for more highly skilled employees to work in the field. With the new funds and hiring plan, Alice Bob has set itself up for long-term success.

Overview of the hiring plans

Alice Bob, a French quantum computing startup, announced that they have successfully raised €27M to further their research and development efforts. As part of this investment package, the company has outlined plans to hire 30 employees over the next two years to pave the way for their success.

This is part of their long-term goal to create a global roadmap for quantum computing that could dramatically accelerate the development of this technology. To meet these ambitious goals, Alice&Bob has already identified several key steps towards accomplishing this mission:

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1. Create new job positions that reflect the unique demands of quantum computing research and development.

2. Attract experts from around the world that can push both theoretical and applied research in this field forward.

3. Train and mentor these new professionals with world-class faculty familiar with quantum computing principles and related technologies such as superconducting materials, machine learning algorithms, information networking, etc.

4. Support these new team members with substantial infrastructure investments (including upgraded labs and offices) to maximise productivity within the organisation.

5 Alice Bob plans to provide competitive salaries coupled with generous bonuses/incentive plans to attract and retain top talent over time.

6 Lastly, they plan on extensively using open source software frameworks such as QuTIP (Quantum Toolbox Interfacing Python) to reduce development costs while maximising software efficiency/effectiveness over time .

Through such steps, Alice Bob hopes to dramatically accelerate the advancement of safe and reliable applications for quantum computing technology in both academic laboratory settings or private industry production channels.

Details of the roles

The French quantum computing startup Alice Bob has just raised €27M from investors and is actively looking to hire 30 employees over the next two years. The team comprises experienced professionals focused on creating new, innovative solutions for various markets such as finance, healthcare, aerospace, and defence.

Alice Bob is looking to hire individuals with various types of skill sets for various positions such as:

  • Software engineers – program quantum computers and develop web services & APIs
  • Hardware engineers – research and design hardware necessary to build quantum computers
  • Data scientists – work closely with theoretical physicists, develop models and experiment in real world scenarios
  • Theoretical physicists – research new solutions in the field of quantum computing and collaborate with data scientists
  • Machine learning experts – specialise in applying machine learning algorithms to both classical and quantum computing tasks
  • IT specialists – keep the IT infrastructure running smoothly
  • Research assistants – provide technical support for projects
  • Business development professionals – grow our customer base by courting potential clients

Alice&Bob encourages a diverse range of candidates to apply — we firmly believe that a diverse team makes us stronger! So if you want to work at this rapidly growing startup, please send your CV or resume here. We wish you luck!

Timeline for the hiring process

As a French quantum computing startup, Alice Bob has raised €27M and will hire 30 employees over the next two years. To ensure that Alice Bob finds the right people to join their team, the hiring process will have certain steps that must be completed.

Step One: Source Candidates – Alice Bob will begin to source potential candidates for their positions by leveraging recruitment websites, referrals and social media networks.

Step Two: Screen CVs – After collecting CVs from interested applicants, Alice&Bob will then begin evaluating them according to set criteria such as experience level, qualifications, interview and assessment results.

Step Three: Interviews – Along with a review of CVs and background checks, Alice&Bob may choose to hold interviews to determine if a candidate is the best fit for their team.

Step Four: Offer Letters – Successful candidates who meet the requirements for employment at Alice Bob will then receive offer letters stipulating wage expectations and job descriptions.

By following this timeline over two years, Alice&Bob should have no problem finding qualified individuals to bring to their growing quantum computing team.

Impact on the Quantum Computing Industry

Alice Bob’s recent announcement of €27M in funding and its plans to hire 30 employees over the next two years have made a big splash in the quantum computing industry.

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This massive investment signals a shift in focus from traditional computing to quantum computing, which will have a lasting impact on the industry.

In this article, we’ll explore how Alice Bob’s plans will shape the quantum computing industry.

Overview of the potential impact

As more advances are made in quantum computing, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the potential impact a startup such as Alice&Bob can have on the industry. With the recent rise of €27 million, Alice Bob has positioned itself as a major player in the French quantum computing market. Furthermore, this injection of funding will allow them to expand their operations significantly over the next two years.

The most immediate impact that this startup will have is the ability to hire 30 new employees over this period. These new staff members will mainly focus on research and development for products based on quantum computing technology. This influx of personnel and resources into the industry will likely increase innovation and productivity, potentially triggering further economic growth from related service sectors.

It is anticipated that with these newly hired individuals, Alice Bob will also be able to upskill existing employees with extra training and mentorship opportunities. This would allow companies to stay competitive with each other and advance their work towards improving current technology infrastructure for quantum processing applications. Additionally, this startup’s positive financial standing should entice other investors who wish to further developments within France’s rapidly advancing technological sector.

Given time, Alice&Bob’s financing could drive investments into adjacent technologies such as software engineering or semiconductors as they pose additional possibilities for breakthroughs within this sector. For France’s quantum industry to remain competitive internationally, we must continue to invest resources and personnel towards its advancement through initiatives such as those proposed by Alice Bob’s team.

Analysis of the potential impact

Alice & Bob is a French quantum computing startup that recently raised €27 million in funding. The company plans to use the funds to hire 30 additional employees over the next two years. This development is expected to have a major impact on the quantum computing industry, as it will help put France at the forefront of this emerging technology.

The new hires will likely bring extensive expertise and experience to the company, leading to further growth and innovation in quantum computing. This could benefit Alice & Bob by improving their technology and helping them stay ahead of their competition. In addition, increased investment in quantum computing research could lead to better products for customers at a lower price point, making it more accessible for everyone.

Furthermore, Alice & Bob’s expansion could also create additional jobs in France’s economy and boost economic growth through additional taxes from its profits. Additionally, the company’s success will likely draw more investors into France’s tech sector and encourage even more startups to emerge.

In conclusion, Alice & Bob’s move is expected to have a positive impact that will benefit both their business and France’s economy. As such, all parties involved should welcome this venture with open arms.

In conclusion, Alice&Bob, a French quantum computing startup, has raised €27M and plans to hire 30 employees over the next two years to expand their quantum computing team.

With this new capital, the startup is well-positioned to accelerate its product development, fuel its marketing initiatives, and build the team to strengthen its presence in the quantum computing space.

Summary of Alice Bob’s plans

French quantum computing startup Alice Bob has raised €27M in funding to support their aim of hiring 30 new employees over the next two years. This will help them expand their already-growing team, which is focused on developing and commercialising products that leverage the strengths of quantum computing. This funding will also help Alice Bob establish themselves in international markets, enabling them to continue their growth and development even as they enter more competitive areas.

Alice&Bob is a leader in this rapidly advancing field of quantum computing, which has quickly grown to become one of the most promising fields in technology. With their substantial resources and experienced team, Alice&Bob have been able to build up a unique platform that combines hardware and software expertise with corporate culture and user design skills. Moreover, with their top-notch talent pool, state-of-the-art premises and cutting-edge technology solutions, Alice&Bob seek to be the number one global company for users looking for Quantum Computing solutions.

Alice Bob’s plans demonstrate its resilience amid challenging times: coming into 2020 with sound financial stability and a promise to invest heavily in research and development over the next two years. As the market shifts toward digital transformation, innovative companies like Alice&Bob are ready to lead the charge — offering an edge against competitors serving enterprise customers throughout Europe, North America and beyond. Through vigorous focus on progress combined with ample funding available at hand – as well as technical knowhow – Alice Bob looks forward towards a bright future goal: becoming one of the pioneering global providers for secure access to advanced quantum processing power.

Implications for the quantum computing industry

The announcement of the €27 million funding for French quantum computing startup Alice Bob’s is significant for the industry and could set a new standard for entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the space. Furthermore, this capital injection from venture capitalists marks an important milestone in Alice&Bob’s mission to bring more powerful quantum computing technology to the market.

Alice&Bob intends to invest this €27 million for further development in research and personnel, prioritising excellence in quantum computing engineers and researchers over the coming two years. This will also bring them closer to their goal of freeing data from its physical limitations and allowing more freedom of exploration as quantum technology advances.

This move could potentially establish a new wave of investment into quantum computing startups, encouraging innovation while supporting safety protocols and ethical data usage standards. Furthermore, as additional potential collaborators enter the field, it may result in an even faster rate of progress in this emerging sector.

With the advances brought by Alice&Bob’s new funds, other entrepreneurs may be inspired to invest boldly in their ideas, expanding opportunities within this field even further. By hiring 30 employees over two years, Alice Bob has made an impressive commitment to transforming its vision into reality while simultaneously challenging others within the industry to move forward with theirs.

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