The Rules About Online Gambling in The Netherlands

The Rules About Online Gambling in The Netherlands

Do you live in the Netherlands but don’t know the laws surrounding gambling, whether online or at a land-based casino? Do you want to know more about the rules regarding online gambling in the Netherlands?

There are many places around the world that, when it comes to gambling, seem to have a problem with it. It is not uncommon for gambling to be illegal, whether online or at a physical casino, but is this the case when it comes to gambling at online casinos in the Netherlands?

While many people are still unsure about this answer, online gambling is legal in the Netherlands. However, it only became legal in the last year. So, as you will also learn at, it is important to have a good understanding of the laws and rules of online gambling so that you can actually enjoy it. Here are the rules about online gambling in the Netherlands.

What is The Law on Gambling in The Netherlands, and Who Regulates it?

When it comes to gambling in the Netherlands, gambling as a whole is regulated under the betting and gaming act 1964. This access that any game of chance is considered to be a game of getting or gambling. There are two defining elements of this act, the first is having the opportunity to compete for prizes, and the second is that the winners of these prizes are designated through a means over which the players cannot designate any influence.

Games that do not fall within these guidelines are not considered to be gambling and therefore do not require any kind of license in order for them to be facilitated.

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As of the 1st of October 2021, the Netherlands officially legalized the online gambling market, allowing people to play at both online casinos and online sports betting sites.

There is a strict licensing process and many tests and rules that need to be met and carried out in order for one to obtain a license to facilitate an online gambling site. This means that you can gamble online in the Netherlands, and the sites are all fully licensed and up to standard. However, there are still scams out there, so it is important to make sure that you are only playing at reputable and trustworthy sites.

By taking precautions, you can be sure that you’re choosing a safe and reputable online gambling site.

What are The Restrictions on Online Gambling in The Netherlands?

When it comes to the restriction of online gambling in the Netherlands, there are a handful that you need to take into consideration whether you want to participate in online gambling or if you want to facilitate an online gambling website.

Under the regulation of the BGA or the Betting and Gambling Act, in the Netherlands, when it comes to online gambling, it is prohibited for one to offer a game of chance or games that are considered to be gambling without the requisite license.

On top of that, it is prohibited for one to facilitate unlicensed games of chance. While the above mentioned is for those who host online gambling sites, it is also important to know that as a participant or as a gambler, it is prohibited for one to knowingly participate in unlicensed online gambling, and this is something that can be punishable.

Can Dutch Citizens Gamble Online With Foreign Operators Licensed in Other Countries?

Something that many people might be interested in is whether or not they could gamble with foreign operators or with an offshore website. Online gambling is still something that is relatively new to the Netherlands in terms of legality, and with that, it can be tricky to have a good understanding of the laws surrounding international.

The prohibition of participating in unlicensed games or gambling at unlicensed online casinos still stands in places, whether it is national or international casinos. It is safe to assume that when it comes to Dutch citizens, gambling online is fully licensed, given that the website meets the criteria for a license in the Netherlands too.

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How do I Know if an Online Casino is Licensed and Regulated in The Netherlands?

Typically, when it comes to finding the license of any online casino, you can scroll to the bottom of their website, and it will state what actions they are licensed under and in which country they have been licensed. This is one of the best ways to tell if you are playing at a licensed and regulated casino.

However, when it comes to gambling online in the Netherlands, because of the incredibly strict regulation, it is almost impossible to come across an online gambling site that isn’t licensed properly.

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