The Future of Numerade and its Role in Transforming STEM Learning

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Numerade is a leading online education platform specializing in short-form STEM videos for students of all ages. Founded in 2019, Numerade has secured a $100M valuation in 2021, signaling that Numerade is here to stay.

This article will explore how Numerade is transforming STEM education and its potential implications in the future.

Overview of Numerade

Numerade is a digital video platform that offers affordable and accessible high-quality tutorial videos for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. Founded in 2013, Numerade stands among the most prominent players in the STEM educational space. With its unique approach towards delivering educational content and support via short-form interactive videos and comprehensive guided walkthroughs, Numerade has rapidly gained widespread adoption from users worldwide.

In 2020, Numerade secured a massive $100 million investment round from leading venture capital investors such as Greylock Partners and Shasta Ventures. This has propelled Numerade to become one of the leading edTech companies in the industry with a current valuation of over $350 million.

With its focus on making STEM learning easier and more accessible for students through bite-sized interactive video tutorials that can be conveniently accessed 24/7, Numerade has scored some innovative wins in online education. From its groundbreaking technology behind adaptive learning to real-time student support―the company is blazing a trail by using AI algorithms and ML models to accurately identify student skill levels and then delivering tailored video content versions that demonstrate visually engaging concepts with accuracy akin to a face-to-face teacher-student interaction session.

Background on Numerade’s recent $100M valuation

Numerade, an online platform for short-form STEM educational videos is making strides in transforming STEM education. With its $100M valuation, Numerade has become the most recent of a string of edtech investments quickly gaining traction in the tech space.

Founded in 2018 by Gaurav Kubal and Jayanthi Kamath, Numerade focuses on providing quality STEM education to students from various backgrounds through comprehensive content created with experts from top institutions. Their main offerings include simple and data-driven course dashboards and assorted video series that cover introductory levels to advanced topics in various scientific disciplines including biology, physics and chemistry.

This cutting-edge platform has not only developed an expansive library of instructional videos but also allows users to ask questions in content commenting areas where other students can respond by providing additional context or sharing their insights; all expertly curated by the Numerade team. As the platform continues to grow, their ambitious mission – focused on bridging the gap between best practice learning methods and inspiring students to pursue higher professional goals – has already caught fire with most recent financing led Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain.

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Numerade Lands $100M Valuation for Short-form STEM Videos

Numerade is a rapidly growing education technology company that produces short-form videos to help students learn STEM subjects. The company recently achieved a $100M valuation, cementing its success in transforming the way STEM subjects are taught.

With this in mind, let’s discuss how Numerade will continue to shape the STEM learning space in the future.

Short-form video content

Short-form video content is a valuable resource for STEM education, and Numerade is leading the way in offering students an easy and accessible way to learn the fundamentals of STEM. Using cutting-edge technologies such as text and video recognition, Numerade’s platform can deliver personalized lessons tailored to each user’s needs. This approach has attracted million of learners worldwide.

The use of short-form videos increases learning retention and can help students better understand difficult concepts. Short-form videos also reduce costs associated with traditional in-person learning, as instructors no longer have to be present for every class session. In October 2020, the platform garnered a solid $100M in funding from high profile investors such as Marc Benioff, making it one of the largest investments for an education technology company since 2017.

It’s clear that short-form video content has great potential for transforming science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, and Numerade is at the forefront of this revolution. With its recent acquisition, Numerade will be able to expand its reach even further; giving more students access to comprehensive yet concise STEM content demand they need while leveraging AI technologies which will enable them to customize their lessons according to their individualized learning styles.

Engaging approach to STEM learning

Numerade is a vibrant new platform revolutionizing how students learn STEM subjects. The company unleashes a unique approach to engaging students in STEM topics through short-form videos and interactive experiences, making the learning process more amenable and accessible for general understanding.

The appeal of Numerade lies in its diverse content. Its videos are no more than seven minutes long and designed to effectively impart knowledge with concise and intuitive explanations that allow students to grasp complex concepts in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional forms of instruction. In addition, its library encompasses an impressive spectrum of subject areas such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, computer science and engineering —spanning various levels from K–12 up to college courses.

Numerade carries out its mission by creating an interface combining cinematic and interactive elements so users can understand dynamic problems instantaneously. This could be anything from exploring intricate scientific projects such as building a molecule in three dimensions and observing how it would react differently depending on varying scenarios—to straightforward calculation questions where students need to solve for x or y on any given equation. For those craving further enrichment, skill-building exercises can be completed at home backed by open-ended questions geared towards individual learning preferences or assessments that provide objective measurements to evaluate performance.

Given its innovative approach, impactful results and market potential Numerade recently secured an impressive $100M valuation in venture funding aiming to bring even more features personalized experiences while empowering learning worldwide revolutionary changes happening around them encouraging them to continue pushing boundaries just like their community members invigorate daily lives continuously by bringing insightful content inspiring growth around the globe making learning accessible easy understand audibly visually making lasting impact in academic communities across all ages thus gaining traction every year continuing success story $100M investment matching goals many investors saw thus setting tracks future

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Accessibility to a wider audience

Numerade has seen success in providing high-quality, short-form videos to the STEM community and beyond with its recent 100 million dollar investment. With its expansion of accessible, on-demand resources, Numerade continues to lead the way in transforming STEM education.

The shorter format and visuals aid students quickly understand complex topics – making them especially effective in grasping difficult scientific principles. Additionally, this resource can provide engagement with a larger group than traditional larger lecture style instruction. In addition to being accessible to more students and working professionals alike, it also easily lends itself to cross-cultural understanding since videos can be used beyond language barriers.

Numerade’s platform takes an interactive and engaging approach to student learning compared to traditional lectures or online courses by making educational videos more generalized for all levels of learning. The company’s mission is focused on creating an environment conducive for people around the world striving for better knowledge through innovative approaches rather than traditional education methods.

This platform creates an opportunity for innovative collaboration between educators across the globe. By having access to Numerade’s resources, both long time professionals and youth can become part of this generation’s virtual classrooms where skills are tested through practical cases rather than theoretical topics without leaving their peers behind based on their age gap or geographical location disparity.

Simply put – Numerade has made STEM education available at everyone’s fingertips through their dedication towards teaching and continuous innovation!

Numerade’s Future

Numerade has come a long way since its launch, recently closing a $100 million funding round. This success has been largely driven by the company’s innovative approach to STEM education, which relies on short-form video lessons to help students learn quickly and easily.

In this article, we will explore Numerade’s future, looking at how the company plans to use its funding to expand STEM learning.

Expansion of content offerings

Numerade’s latest funding round will enable the company to expand and improve its existing content offerings. This includes expanding its library of short-form STEM videos, designed to simplify the learning process for students in grades 3-12. In addition, the company plans to increase the number of topics covered by such videos and widen their accessibility geographically, as well as give access to premium content for those who wish to go beyond basic introductory level learning.

To further improve student experiences and use newly available resources, Numerade is also investing in creating a more immersive learning environment through virtual reality (VR) experiences and simulations. Additionally, the platform will provide interactive quizzes to help students gauge their progress and solidify understanding of concepts.

Numerade has already innovated dramatically in educational content, but these investments represent new opportunities to have an even greater impact on STEM learning. With this funding, Numerade hopes that it can better prepare students at all levels in their journey towards STEM proficiency.

Strategic partnerships

Numerade seeks strategic partnerships to further its mission of transforming STEM learning. Through these partnerships, Numerade can expand its reach to new markets, benefit from the partner’s resources and expertise, and increase its customer base and revenue.

Numerade has already formed several strategic partnerships with key organizations including Microsoft and Amazon. These partnerships provide Numerade with access to their technology and resources and a platform for greater visibility in the competitive STEM education space. As part of the collaboration, Numerade rolled out an exclusive membership plan allowing users to access course content on Microsoft Teams and Amazon Prime Video platforms at a discounted rate.

In addition to technology companies, Numerade is also finding ways to co-market with educational technology companies such as McGraw Hill Education and Cengage Learning. By working together, both companies can tap into a larger market of students needing digital resources for their STEM courses.

Through these strategic alliances, Numerade has gained financial stability and increased recognition amongst students worldwide looking for durable interactive learning materials for their STEM classes. Currently valued at USD 100 million, the company can look confidently towards the future with these strategically formed business relationships to achieve their vision of redefining STEM education globally.

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Further investments

With Numerade’s recent achievement of a $100M valuation for its short-form STEM videos, the company has set their sights firmly on further investments that will continue to revolutionize how students learn science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). As Numerade continues to grow and evolve, there is more to come regarding innovation.

Numerade plans to invest heavily in product and user experience development projects to ensure students have access to the best materials for STEM subjects. This will bring a new level of interactivity and engagement when using the Numerade app. The main goal is to create an immersive environment that fosters creativity while providing support tools for students to excel in STEM learning activities.

Numerade also plans to develop a suite of new tools available to teachers as part of their subscription services. Through this investment, teachers can track student progress and customize lesson plans tailored specifically for each student’s abilities and needs. Additionally, with increased customization options, teachers can create lesson plans that combine streaming video lessons with interactive quizzes – all while keeping track of their student’s performances via reports provided by the platform.

Moreover, these investments will expand its content library by creating original content catered towards specific regions and cultures where certain topics have not been explored or discussed educationally in depth. This effort is vital for creating region-specific educational materials available for underserved communities without access or knowledge about STEM topics – closing achievement gaps often seen among these communities and providing more inclusive educational experiences globally.

These far-reaching investments are only some of what Numerade has planned as they look towards revolutionizing how students learn STEM subjects in person and online through virtual classrooms around the world!


Numerade has come a long way since its inception in 2019. With their recently raised $100M valuation, they are poised to revolutionize how students learn STEM topics. Numerade has made a huge impact through its short-form videos and innovative technology, making it easier for students to learn STEM topics.

In conclusion, the future of Numerade looks very promising.

Summary of Numerade’s potential

Numerade can potentially revolutionize STEM learning through its innovative, short-form videos. Its mission is to make science and mathematics education more accessible and easier to understand by leveraging the reach of video technology. With the recent announcement that Numerade has raised $100M in a Series B funding round, it appears that the company is well on its way to achieving this goal.

Numerade is already an established leader in STEM education, with hundreds of thousands of students relying on its online courses, tutorials, and short-form videos. Its easy-to-understand explanations and adaptive learning technology enables students to gain knowledge quickly and efficiently. As Numerade continues to expand its products and services, it looks set to have an increasingly positive impact on current students and future generations of STEM learners for years to come.

Implications for STEM learning

The recent valuation of Numerade at over $100M signals a major shift in the educational landscape towards more interactive and tailored models to meet the learning needs of today’s students. With digital technology, Numerade can effectively provide students with real-time support in their education. In addition, by utilizing the video learning platform, teachers can engage and interact with their students, providing differentiated instruction to improve and optimize student outcome.

Even more than ever, digital devices and connected applications will be indispensable for modern classrooms from elementary school through university levels in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. With its focus on short-form videos that provide insight into complex topics such as Math word problems or Physics equations, Numerade allows information to be more easily digested by learners of all ages. Accessibility of this kind can speed up the time it takes a student to understand material while promoting efficient study habits.

Numerade is unique in its ability to transform STEM Learning with tailor made resources developed by professional educators leveraging current tools available alongside traditional knowledge. The company intends to remain at the forefront of innovations that allow them to continue optimizing their platform for better student impact such as AI integration and personalized curriculums based on individual needs or position-level job requirements. This huge vote of confidence from investors confirms that educators worldwide are ready for this learning style — heralding a new era in digital education.

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