The Crackpet Show Free Demo Announced as Part of Steam Next Fest

In an exciting announcement, the developers of the hit game Crackpet have confirmed that they are working on a free demo for the game, which will be available on Steam for people who backed the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

The CrackPet Show Free Demo is set to be released next week as part of the Steam Summer Sale, and we thought that it would be a good idea to reveal the full game to you ahead of time. Our game is a spiritual successor to The Lost Viking, an indie game from the past that was a lot of fun, but a bit too complicated for our tastes. But we now have a vastly improved game that has over three times the content, and we think you’ll find it a lot more enjoyable.

word-image-10482 Vixa Games has announced the participation of its game The Crackpet Show in the current Steam Next Fest. During Steam Next Fest, a free demo of The Crackpet Show will be available to download to experience a small sample of the game. Steam Next Fest runs through December 22. June 2021 and is currently available on Steam. If you’re not familiar with the Crackpet Show: It’s a two-dimensional roguelike game where you play as a post-apocalyptic warrior named Crackpet. Crackpet takes part in a crazy show where he is thrown into an arena full of traps and obstacles to fight and defeat mutant creatures. The game features single player and four player co-op modes. The demo, which will be shown at Steam Next Fest, will allow players to use Steam Remote Play features and participate in the game. During the event, Vixa Games will also be hosting live broadcasts where you can meet the team and try your luck at the raffle. The next broadcast is on the 19th. June at 10:00 a.m. PST. More details will be announced later, but for now you can follow the game on its Steam page. The Crackpet Show takes the form of a television show where the more havoc you wreak in the arena, the more ratings you get. Each arena has a higher difficulty level, and as you progress, you gain more weapons, superpowers, and special perks, such as more damage, extra lives, or arena poison. Various items will help you modify the arena in different ways, allowing you to clear the area quickly. The main features of the game are:

  • Performance is important, winning is secondary – impress the public by causing uncontrollable chaos and get more likes and fame with each kill. The more, the better! In the end, there can only be one winner.
  • Play as a team! – Gather up to 4 friends, fight enemies together and win the hearts of your fans (not literally). Form teams, share the loot (when the time is right, fight for it), and even resurrect your dead partners. There can only be one star, but that star needs help.
  • Monotony is not in the dictionary – procedurally generated maps, countless enemies, a collection of weapons, items and perks – more and more with every episode! Choose one of four available starting classes (Stormtrooper, Engineer, Medic and Tank) and play with your favorite pet (Bunny, Covey, Rusty, Sharky). Discover different combinations of weapons, perks and items that will turn you into a killing machine that the mafia wants to get their hands on! If you don’t want to turn into a red stain on the floor, it’s a good idea to upgrade before moving on to the more difficult chapters in the series to get a head start. Everything you need to create a devouring bloodbath is waiting for you here.
  • Nostalgic Inspiration – The brutality and graphics reflect the bloodlust and madness of the characters, which brings us to the cute and scary characters inspired by Happy Tree Friends and the crazy show that must go on! The post-apocalyptic hype train is picking up speed!
  • Light, camera and action! – Pure hack & slash roguelike until the last episode of the series! Cut, poison, trap, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. A star needs trophies, trophies are dropped by bosses. Now go exterminate everything and become a champion!

word-image-10483 The Crackpet Show will be released on Steam this summer, but the release date has not yet been announced. Following its release on Steam, the game will also be available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for more information on The Crackpet Show, check out the prequel trailer or the gameplay trailer that has already been released. Let us know in the comments below if you’re interested in the Crackpet Show when it comes out or not.

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