Sumire – A Beautiful Yet Dark Story Hidden in a Colorful World

Sumire – A Beautiful Yet Dark Story

Sumire is an award-winning video game that was released in Japan last year, and it has now been translated into English. Sumire is a short adventure game where the player controls the protagonist Sumire, a girl who has lost her memories and has to explore the different environments in her school to figure out what is going on.

As a kid, I used to play a lot of games on the Nintendo, from Super Mario Brothers, to Sonic, to Zelda, and Contra. I loved them all, but the only one I couldn’t stop playing was Contra. I played it every single day after school until my mom finally asked me to stop. I don’t know why I was so attached to it, or why it was so hard to put down, when all the other games I had never got into.

Sumire, is a short, visual novel game, that is about the journey of a young girl named Sumire, who has lost her memory. As she attempts to find out who she is and why she’s locked in a mansion with no memories, she falls in love with a handsome man named Shota. With their help, Sumire must navigate the twists and turns of the mansion and find her way back to the real world.

Developed and published by GameTomo, Sumire is a beautiful narrative adventure game centered around a little girl and her beautiful day. Sumire had a difficult past, different problems had affected her in different ways, and now she was too afraid to face her fears, and most of her affairs remained unfinished and there was no completion for her. Sumire lets you take charge of her life for a day and decide how to accomplish all her tasks. Here is our review of the movie Sumire, which explores the beautiful and emotional story of Sumire’s life.

Sumire – A Beautiful Yet Dark Story

The game begins with Sumire, a little girl who is the main character, missing in her home her grandmother who just died. Since his death, Sumire’s life has fallen apart: His father no longer visits him and his mother sleeps most of her time. Sumire’s friends also distanced themselves from her, leaving her alone in her home.

This sounds grim enough, and the intro shows Sumire dreaming of spending time with his grandmother, showing that her death has taken a toll on his mental health. Then she wakes up, goes to her painting and spends some time with it.

Sumire – A Beautiful Yet Dark Story

After a while, she hears a loud bang and as she goes to investigate, she finds a magical seed that she plants and it becomes a talking sunflower. This sunflower encourages Sumire to leave the safety of her home and travel alone to find her grandmother.

The story is not too long, and you can easily finish the game in 3 to 3.5 hours, which is quite possible in one go. However, the issue here is not the length of the story, but the depth and darkness of it.

Sumire’s story depends largely on the choices you make in the game. When you leave the house, you’ll encounter several NPCs, including people who live in their town, as well as some inanimate objects, like a scarecrow, or animals like a frog and a cat. Some of these NPCs will ask Sumire to help them with various things, and it’s up to Sumire to help them or refuse.


These choices determine how selfish you are with yourself or how willing you are to help others in the game. When you do favors for others, you earn coins that you can spend later in the game on various items, such as. B. to buy cosmetic products for yourself.

The sunflower accompanies you throughout your beautiful day, and as you complete different tasks and make decisions, the sunflower changes with you. He gets bigger, and his mood changes too, depending on how Sumire reacts to the things around him. As the story progresses, you will encounter various problems that you cannot initially solve.

These functions include a variety of tasks, such as. For example, going out alone or crossing a river alone. The flower encourages you to face your fears, and eventually you will face them and eliminate them. This also applies to real life, where you can face your fears to get rid of them.


As she begins her journey, Sumire takes out a notebook and writes down everything she needs to do that day before Sunflower disappears forever. All of these tasks are listed for you and you can begin to perform them. How you execute it depends entirely on your free will and your approach to the title.

In addition to the main missions, Sumire notes in her notebook all the NPCs she meets and the assignments they give her. When you deal with them, you have the choice of helping them or ignoring them completely. Whenever you choose an NPC to help you, write it down in your notebook for future reference. You can keep track of all the tasks you need to complete before the end of the day by pressing the Notepad button and going through the details.

Perhaps one of Sumire’s most striking features is its JRPG-inspired graphics and textbook-like presentation of the story. The gameplay really feels like reading a 3D book, with a minimalist user interface and a few varied mini-games that offer a decent change from the usual NPC interactions and movements.

Sumire – A Beautiful Yet Dark Story

Even though there isn’t much activity in the game, it doesn’t feel repetitive at all. I’ve played Sumire over three times, and each time I had fun and excitement. I’ll probably come back to Sumire at some point once I’ve played through a few other games, but it’s something that never gets boring. Everything from the visuals to the soundtrack to the narration is brilliantly done.

Sumire is a moving story about the choices that define your life. Underneath the colorful and beautiful art style of the game lies the harsh reality of this world and how small things can change someone’s life. Sumire’s decision system gives you total freedom to become an angel to everyone around you, or turn into a selfish creature who thinks only of himself.

Every little decision and promise you make in the game, you have to keep or you have to watch the consequences unfold around you, affecting those around you and ultimately determining the end of that wonderful day. Add to that a soundtrack that is as moving as it is soothing, and you have a game that shines. It is very difficult to explain everything in words, because you have to try this game yourself and experience an incredible day in the life of Sumire.

Final decision:

Sumire is a great game about facing your fears, letting it all out and never leaving anything in the middle because it will always come back to haunt you. For the first time in my life, I say in a review that you should go to this movie with a strong heart. Sumire is the perfect combination of stunning visual style, a soothing soundtrack, simple game mechanics, and a story that is gripping enough to make an adult cry. The additional choice system that leads to different scenarios is the icing on the cake, and you have a small but well-constructed game that encourages playing it multiple times, and each time is engaging. If you’re looking for a fun adventure game with a brilliant decision-based storyline, and something you can play to relax, then you’ll like Sumire.

Final score: 9.5/10

Sumire is a Japanese word that means “prism”, and this is a game that uses many different colors in its visual design and music to evoke a feeling of melancholy and beauty. However, it’s actually a story about a young girl who is suffering from an illness that may or may not be fatal.. Read more about sumire switch and let us know what you think.

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