Steps to Take if You Overdid it With Cannabis

Steps to Take if You Overdid it With Cannabis


Overdoing it with Cannabis can be a surprisingly scary experience. Thankfully, the odds of you actually being in danger because of smoking too much (or eating too much Cannabis in the form of edibles) are pretty low.

In fact, there are actually zero reports of fatal marijuana overdoses in the United States.

Most of the time, when people feel like they’re overdosing and/or putting themselves in danger because they’re too high, the truth is that they’re not really in danger.

They just feel too high.

With that being said, it’s not always a very good or peaceful feeling. In fact, it can actually be quite unpleasant and terrifying.

Your heart may start to race, you may feel like you’re sinking into the floor or the couch, and you may even start to panic.

You may also suffer from side effects like:

● Anxiety

● Delusions

● Confusion

● Hallucinations

● Nausea

● Vomiting

● And paranoia

So, if you’re starting to feel this way, what should you do about it?

What can you do to help yourself feel better when you’ve overdone it with your favorite green plant?

These are great questions.

Let’s dive into it and discuss it.

  1. Don’t Do Any More

By the time you’re feeling the effects of your strong Cannabis high, you’re already behind the curve.

In other words, don’t do it anymore.

In fact, if you’ve been smoking or consuming edibles at any point within the last half hour, you’re probably going to feel even higher than you do now before it’s all said and done.

Thankfully, there are some ways to come back down from powerful Cannabis high. You can:

● Relax

● Focus on something else

● Eat a snack

● Take a shower

● Go for a walk

● Drink some caffeine

But the number one thing you don’t want to do at this point is consumed any more THC!

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  1. Retreat To A Calm, Peaceful Space

It’s a really good idea to retreat to a quiet, peaceful place where you feel calm and safe.

If you’re at a party, for example, you may want to excuse yourself to a quiet bedroom and just lay down for a little while.

You can even go outside (if it’s safe and not too cold) and lay under the stars for a while.

Make sure that you find your way to a location where you feel secure and where you don’t feel like you’re in danger.

And don’t wander outside if it’s so cold that there’s a danger of freezing.

  1. Don’t Panic

You may be tempted to panic when you start to feel really high—but resist the urge to do so.

It will pass, and you will feel better soon.

This may seem hard to believe when you’re in a state of being so intensely high.

However, it’s true.

You will come up with a plan to help yourself feel better, and you will get through this.

But it’ll take a bit of time for those lingering THC effects to wear off.

  1. Drink Some Water

It’s always a good idea to drink a little bit of water when you start to feel like you’ve gone a little too hard on Cannabis.

It’s easy to get dehydrated, and you definitely don’t want to add that to your growing list of concerns.

You can also drink a bit of orange juice to help bring up those blood sugar levels. This can help you to feel better faster.

So sip on some liquids and chill out until things start to return to normal.

  1. Talk To A Friend

If you’re experiencing some particularly troublesome anxiety, you may want to consider calling a friend and/or a trusted family member and just talk it through with them.

The odds are that after 15 to 20 minutes of conversation, you’ll feel a lot better about the situation, and your high will begin to subside.

And talking to someone in the meantime can help to calm your nerves and just, in-general, make you feel a lot better about the situation.

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Hopefully, this post has given you everything you need to know about what to do if you’ve ever overdone it on Cannabis.

Thankfully, this type of situation doesn’t have to be an emergency, and you can work through it safely and without issue in the vast majority of cases.

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