Welcome to a new radio series. This time we will talk about the games that have surprised us over the years in the graphics department. Some were so good that we thought they couldn’t get better (spoiler: they just keep getting better). For those of you who have read this section, we have had some technical problems with sound loss. It was fixed, but the speed was too low, so I did my best to fix it, but my voice may sound a bit slower and lower than normal because of this strange phenomenon. Add to that the fact that we lost James in the last ten minutes or so, so yes – it was a roller coaster ride from an episode full of technical problems, but still we have a full show for you. Have fun!

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Radio is a podcast that covers the entire spectrum of the video game world. Unlike the website, we often discuss games and topics that are not related to Nintendo. In other words, even if you’re not the biggest Nintendo fan, we hope you’ll find value in our conversations and topics. This is the condition for this delivery:


0:00 – Paranoid Empire (by: Dr. Vox)


0:38 – Welcome


13:05 – Craig and James – Out (PS4 Pro)

8:48 AM – Ben – Madden NFL 2021 (PS4 Pro)

6.02 p.m. – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009

6.02 p.m. – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009

11:21 PM – Craig – TurboGrafx-16 Mini


6.02 p.m. – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009


18:26 – New administrator of Ambriz sworn in

56:45 – PS5 is likely to be competitive in terms of price.

1:05:23– Super Mario brothers. Thirty-five years old.

1:32:29 – The time of the trial of the warriors of Hyrule was proclaimed

6:02 p.m. – New manager of Ambriz sworn in at 10:00 p.m.

1:37:38 – Ubisoft continues

1:50:39 – Pokémon Twitter Innuendo


18:02 – Children celebrate the 19th anniversary of the Bicesse peace agreement (ocremix.org)


1:55:01 PM – Games that have met us in the graphics department.


2:41:02 – Thanks for listening!


3:03:50 – Konami Colony – Axel OST


Craig: NintendoTimes85

Ben: BenGaming00

James: @MajorLameGamer

Craig has been working in the video game industry since 1995. His works have been published on various media sites. He is currently editor-in-chief and contributes to the Games Age.

Here we go:

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