Star Citizen Devs – Ares Inferno & Non-Fighters Are Capital Ships What?!

The recent news that Star Citizen will feature an “Inferno” Capital ship along with other non-combat ships, only to later be followed up with the announcement of the Non-Combat MMO module called “Persistent Universe” has been making waves.

A couple days ago, the Star Citizen team released a video that showed off the hangar module, a new area that players will be able to visit in the game. The hangar will be a safe place for players to hang out, trade, and repair their ships, and it will also offer a peek at the upcoming Persistent Universe, which is the Star Citizen universe that will be accessible to players who don’t have a ship. The hangar is a really interesting addition to the game, and it has important implications for how players will have to travel around the Star Citizen universe.

The new Star Marine non-fighter capital ships that were announced yesterday, are the first that will be able to dock with the Constellation, which is a big deal. The Constellation is a large space station that can be used as a base of operations for other players, and you can have up to 4 players on board at any one time. It will allow players to form large groups and take on missions and freighters from the comfort of their own Constellation.

Welcome to more Star Citizen, the CI and the Star Citizen Forums are ablaze with many questions and devs frantically answering them, so today I’d like to look at a variety of topics, including Ballistic Gatlings, weapon capactiors, ai moving around the ground on planets, and is the Connie now a capital ship?! How large is Crusader, and what parts can you participate in?

Ares Inferno & Non-Fighters Are Capital Ships What

The pace of fire in Ares Inferno

Many people are concerned about the ballistic modifications in Star Citizen, especially with ships like the yet-to-be-released Ares Inferno… Its sole armament is a big but solitary S7 ballistic Gatling… People want to be able to BRTTTTTTttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

To put this weapon together, the ammunition quantity, rate of fire, and sound are all required.

CIG’s YogiKatt said on it:

The maximum firing rate we can get theoretically is 1800. We don’t need to go that far since there isn’t much of a difference in damage performance between utilizing a high RPM and half the RPM with double the damage after you’ve passed a certain point.

Whether it brrrrts or not has less to do with the actual firing rate and more to do with how it is accompanied by audio and vfx.

The ammunition count has yet to be determined. We’ll cross that bridge once it’s ready to fly and the balancing process begins, but you can anticipate… It will have enough of ammunition to threaten or destroy sections of major ships, since that is its intended purpose.

During this 3.14 cycle, the Ares Ion lost a shield in its theoretical balance… However, it will be balanced again to ensure that it fulfills its intended function. It may be fed by more powerful powerplants or have a more powerful shield capacitor, among other things.

Nav mesh for planets – I have a question. What’s preventing CIG from creating a tool to create a nav mesh to cover a planet, or are they already doing so? As a result, nav meshes will enable AI to navigate about a planet’s surface and structures.

This is what CIG’s Figwig was saying:

Hey! I’m not on AI and don’t know much about our Nav meshes, but I can assure you that we won’t be creating navmeshes for the whole globe at once, just as we don’t do it for planet renders or phys meshes. Our planets are enormous, in the thousands of square kilometers range. Even a 40x40km section of our terrain loaded in at once would take up in the neighborhood of 800GB of RAM, according to one of our phys engineers. Consider the implications for the whole planet. Instead, for the planets, we create the render/phys meshes on demand from some set data/seeds, and I expect the navmeshes to do the same. I hope this information is useful.

(Though the figures used here are more for illustration than accuracy.)

Is the Connie now classified as a capital ship?

YogiKatt of the Cloud Imperium sent out a message:

Ares Inferno & Non-Fighters Are Capital Ships What

I’ll happily explain this one:

3.14 was extremely focused on getting the fighter baseline correct, thus we developed performance categories for all fighters and fighter-class ships internally. Any ship that didn’t fall into one of those fighter categories was simply placed into a different “bucket”… in this case, all ships that couldn’t offset their velocity and direction vectors quickly enough to keep up in a turn battle with a dedicated fighter. That obviously isn’t the case for a ship the size of a Connie, and it shouldn’t be.

Anyway, I simply called that other bucket “capital ship” back then. It’s technically incorrect, but we didn’t really need another name, so we went with it, and among the fighting team’s developers, it stuck. It may alternatively be referred to as “non-fighters,” “slow movers,” “big ships,” or “trucks and above.” That’s really all there is to it.

As an aside, when I use unusual-sounding language, don’t read too much into it. As game designers, we don’t utilize names like “CF-337 Panther Repeater”… Instead, we use the dev name “KLWE LaserRepeater S3” since it is much quicker and more descriptive in the context of our everyday work. The lore crew is in charge of the real in-game titles of ship classifications, etc.

I hope this makes sense… Pitchforks in the air?

Elsewhere Yogi went on to say the following about weapon capacitors:

The Constellation Phonix Emerald has been modified by Cloud Imperium to be a better shade or hue of emerald.

Ares Inferno & Non-Fighters Are Capital Ships What

It has a diameter of 14900 kilometers plus 1200 kilometers of atmosphere, according to Divi.

This year’s CitizenCon will be a virtual event on October 9th.

Due to the lack of a physical presence, CI wants to engage the community via a video contest, with the winning films being played in between presentations and surprises throughout the day.

We’re looking for well-produced and engaging in-fiction videos to play during CitizenCon 2951’s developer sessions. So, submit us your inventions for a chance to reach and amuse the whole Star Citizen community all at once. Your in-fiction video may advertise your player organization, an NPC group, an in-game product, a community-driven event, or anything else that comes to mind as a fun in-fiction addition to the program. Commercials may be serious or humorous. You may even send in comedy sketches or short machinima; anything you like, as long as it’s in the spirit of CitizenCon 2951’s Community Booth. Just remember to read the regulations attentively since there are certain essential factors to consider.

They can’t be more than 45 seconds long.

There is a restriction of one submission per participant.

Tumbril Nova Tanks with LTI will be given free by CI to the clips they like and utilize.

Your films will be judged by the CIG jury on the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Observance of lore
  • degree of amusement

Cloud Imperium is also accepting questions for a Star Citizen Live That Vehicle Life – Alpha 3.14 that will be broadcast LIVE on the SC Twitch on Friday, July 23rd at 3 p.m.

The focus of this week’s presentation will be solely on vehicle team-specific 3.14 modifications that are presently being tested on the PTU:

  • Version 2 of Power Management (Capacitor Gameplay)
  • Operator Mode for Missiles
  • Rework on Missile Guidance and Control
  • Ping, Radar, and Scanning
  • Vehicle Balance in General

There are already a few excellent questions:

Will ballistic weapons receive reloads, given how low the ballistic ammunition counts have been reduced?

Why are weapon ranges so limited?

Can we replace the capacitors on our ships in the future?

Participate in that, and while you’re doing it, upvote questions you like the look of… It increases the likelihood of a response!

That concludes today’s look at what the Devs have been discussing and what’s going on with Spectrum.

The Controversial Decision: “It is odd, but it’s true. The big ships are not fighters. They are capital ships. And if you want to know what a capital ship looks like, you should look at the Aries, the Stiletto, the Gladius, the Constellation, and the Dragonfly. These are real battleships, and we’re going to make them fly.”. Read more about crusader ares inferno price and let us know what you think.

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