Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations Guide

In this Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Guide: we inform you about the location of all postcards in Spider-Man : Miles Morales. Collecting cards is the end of the game, and you can only collect them after you have completed the main plot of the game. When you have won the main storyline of the game, go back to your apartment and start your collector hunt. You must follow the instructions on the postcard to find the next one.

Postcard Guide – Spider-Man: Mile Moral

Our Spider-Man: Postcard Locations Moral Moral Moral Miles The manual describes the locations of all postcards in the game.

Postcard number 1 – Harlem

The very first card is automatically detected when you go home at the end of the campaign. Take a map and you will find a clue to find the next map.

Postcard number 2 – Upper West Side

Tip for this card: Overlooking the park, resting on our shoulders, we keep the following note.

Place: Go to the area indicated on the map and look for a large spherical image that some people have in their hands. It’s easy to see. The card is on the shelf of this image.

Postcard number 3 – Downtown

The advice on that map is… At the top of the Empire State you’ll find a pair of blind eyes.

Place: You will now go to the top of the Empire State Building, where you will find various binoculars with which to explore the city. There’s a function marked Not Okay. There’s a postcard downstairs.

Postcard No. 4 – Greenwich

The advice on that map is… Find the fossils hidden beneath the modern fossils. Don’t forget to look up!

Place: The Museum of Modern Art is in Greenwich, and that’s your next stop. Go to the open balcony at the front of the building and you will see a large shell. On this scale is the map.

Postcard No. 5 – Financial district

The advice on that map is… Where money is king, there are great melodies between the lights.

Place: For this map, go to the location indicated on the map and look above a club with festive lights. One of the walls is pink with black hearts. A postcard here above one of the speakers, attached to a light cord.

Postcard No. 6 – Chinatown

The advice on that map is… Under Stuyvesant lives a monster of good food.

Place: When you arrive at the location indicated on this map, look for the giant silver lobster above the entrance to the restaurant. On this Hummer is the map.

A postcard: 7 – Upper East Side

The advice on that map is… No letter will enter this artificial castle without stopping at the gate.

Place: Go to the location indicated on the map and walk to the entrance of the building. It’s got a forged door that’s open and a mailbox. Your card is in this mailbox.

A postcard: 8 – Harlem

The advice on that map is… Under the belt where you learned to fly, your journey is over.

Place: The last card is also in Harlem. Go to the location of the postcard that leads you to the basketball court. The last card is in the stick basket. Take it and prepare to shed a few tears.

If you need extra help in the game, read the following instructions:

This is all for our Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ postcard guide. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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